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Monday 16th Oct 2017

Last week, the #MockDraftArmy--led by the venerable @Rotobuzzguy Howard Bender--kicked into full gear and I did a couple of 12-team mocks, one Standard, and one PPR with 16-player rosters, so this week I tried the same two formats, but with 14 teams instead of 12.

One thing is certain: 14 teams thins out the player pool a lot faster as those two extra teams make a huge difference! In fact, the run on Running Backs in the Standard format was beyond crazy.

In the coming weeks, I will be comparing the 14-team and 12-team results. As for this week, I drafted in the #7 hole in both leagues. Additionally, there are certain players I like, so I have been trying to draft the same players on a regular basis to see the difference in where I can sneak said guys depending upon format.

That makes it interesting this time to see when I got the same basic players in a different format. Additionally, as noted, in 12-team formats, the game is completely different, and we shall indeed explore that as the season nears.

Round MDA 10/STD Rationale    MDA 11/PPR  Rationale   
 1  Julio Jones (WR) Biggest point maker on the board.  Jordy Nelson (WR) #7 is not a forgiving slot, and love Jordy.
 Joe Mixon (RB) Wow, where'd the RBs go? Michael Crabtree (WR)

Should be great opposite Cooper.

Paul Perkins (RB) Main guy, but wow, third round? Julian Edelman (WR) Lots of yards w/Brady.
Julian Edelman (WR) Lots of catches! Paul Perkins (RB)

In PPR he slides a bit.

 Pierre Garcon (WR)

Lots of garbage yards.

Mike Gillislee (RB) #2 RB w/upside.
Theo Riddick (RB) Catches and runs Pierre Garcon (WR) Lots of #4 WR yards.
Jonathan Stewart (RB) Still the main guy and great this late. Theo Riddick (RB) Solid #3 RB who catches passes.
 Derek Carr (QB) Looking for an MVP season. Tyler Lockett (WR) Big year ahead for speedster.
 Martellus Bennett (TE) Should flourish w/Aaron Rodgers. Cam Newton (QB) QB thinned out fast, but Cam is fine!
10   Tyrod Taylor (QB) Big upside for a #2 QB. Martellus Bennett (TE) Dig Bennett, but thinned out pool.
11  Breshad Perriman (WR) Will prove #1 pick value in second year. Jerick McKinnon (RB) Lots of potential for bye week depth.
12   Jalen Richard (RB)
Quick and elusive #5 runner. Tyrod Taylor (QB) Complete package #2 QB.
13  Jason Witten (TE) Steady long-time producer. Jason Witten (TE) Sadly dismissed and a big value here.
14  Jeremy Kerley (WR) With Garcon should get catches. Matt Jones (RB) Looking for depth on bench.
15  Pittsburgh Steelers (DEF) Week 1 Browns game looks fun.  Pittsburgh Steelers (DEF) Same reason as PPR.
16 Mason Crosby (PK) Musical kicker, should get chances! Sebastian Janikowski (PK) Interchangeable parts.

So, stay tuned over the coming weeks with more mocks each week and related analysis as I see what rosters different slots and approaches reveal.

If you want to join the fun, contact Howard via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or @Rotobuzzguy on Twitter.

You can always bug me on Twitter as well @lawrmichaels.

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