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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

bruce rondon



TClippard, CWS Jason Collette 262 Patrick Davitt 199 Rob Leibowitz 81 Larry Schechter 63
    Nando DiFino 40 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 36 Seth Trachtman 18
BRondon, Det Patrick Davitt 99 Jason Collette 26 Seth Trachtman 4  
DPhelps, Sea Jason Collette 54 Nando DiFino 11 Jeff Erickson 5 Seth Trachtman 1
CMoran, Hou Patrick Davitt 39      
DRobinson, Tex Jason Collette 24      
ChSmith, Oak Larry Schechter 16 Jeff Erickson 1    
MGonzales, Sea Jeff Erickson 15 Seth Trachtman 1    
TWade, NYY Seth Trachtman 15 Steve Moyer 0    
DMarrero, Bos Jeff Erickson 11      
JLeclerc, Tex Nando DiFino 11 Jason Collette 13    
LGregerson, Hou Patrick Davitt 9      
PBridwell, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8 Larry Schechter 15 Seth Trachtman 1  
ARomine, NYY Patrick Davitt 1      
AWarren, NYY Seth Trachtman 0      


PBourjos, TB Patrick Davitt 39                                                                           
BTreinen, Oak Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8      
TWhite, Hou Jason Collette 6      
DMachado, Det Jason Collette 6      
CPennington, LAA Seth Trachtman 5      
BBurns, KC Patrick Davitt 4      
JPhegley, Oak Patrick Davitt 1      
CValdez, Tor Jeff Erickson 1      
DButera, KC Patrick Davitt 0      
EAdrianza, Min Seth Trachtman 0      
EGonzalez, Cle Seth Trachtman 0      
SCishek, Sea Patrick Davitt 0      

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

It's the hunt for saves everywhere as Tyler Clippard, who managed a 16% FAAB outlay in LABR took a relatively large jump in Tout Wars with Jason Collette jumping that number to 23.6% ($236) in an effort to keep pace with league leader Mike Podhorzer. In fact, in an effort to keep a strong pen, Collette also bagged David Robertson ($16) along with new Mariner David Phelps ($54) meaning Jason spent $306 of his FAAB budget yesterday.

Still, the most moves were made by Patrick Davitt who played musical chairs with four roster spots, acquiring Bruce Rondon ($99), Luke Gregerson ($9), Andrew Romine ($1) and finally made a tough move grabbing the promising Houston third sacker Chris Moran ($39) who unfortunately was felled by his own foul ball for an indefinite period of time.

Jeff Erickson made a pair of moves picking up Marco Gonzalez ($15) and Devin Marerro ($11), and in a week with a lot of pitching opportunities in the free agent pool, starters Parker Birdwell ($8 to Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton) and Chris Smith ($16 to Larry Schechter) look like the moves that might indeed slip through at the lowest investment cost with the highest long-term potential.

Todd's Take

Anatomy of a first-place team: league leader Mike Podhorzer has the FAAB hammer, by a healthy 278 units. In this injury-riddled season, I was curious how he's able to pull this off. Mike didn't go complete stars and scrubs, but he did invest $47 in Mike Trout. And, for a total of $50, he bought Trout and Aaron Judge. Yup, a $3 Judge.

On the pitching side, Mike took a couple risks with Felix Hernandez and David Price, for a combined $29. That's worked out, but not as well as a $2 purchase on one of my favorite guys to watch, Luis Severino. Copping Craig Kimbrel for $18 didn't hurt, nor did a $2 FAAB pickup of Jacob Faria.

Before you ask Mike for the lottery numbers, he left the March auction with Matt Duffy, Greg Bird, Nate Karns, Matt Shoemaker and Tyler Skaggs, further proof that anything can happen in this game.

This league is far from over. I'm just fascinated how many different ways there are to skin this proverbial cat and the league leader with the FAAB hammer piqued my cat-like curiosity.

jd martinez



JDMartinez, Ari Derek Carty 867 Scott Wilderman 867 Craig Mish 700 Steve Gardner 505
    Todd Zola 463 Andy Behrens 437 Mike Gianella 14
SDoolittle, Was Lenny Melnick 375 Scott Wilderman 375 Craig Mish 174 Brian Walton 150
    Derek Carty 117 Mike Gianella 14  
ASenzatela, Col Andy Behrens 251 Scott Wilderman 15    
RMadson, Was Steve Gardner 237 Scott Wilderman 175 Brian Walton 100 Derek Carty 31
    Mike Gianella 14    
BPhillips, Mil Todd Zola 113 Scott Wilderman 31 Derek Carty 31 Craig Mish 14
HeSanchez, SD Phil Hertz 27 Scott Wilderman 27    
DNava, Phi Grey Albright 3 Todd Zola 43 Scott Wilderman 3  
COGrady, Mia Mike Gianella 1      
ACordoba, SD Todd Zola 0 Scott Wilderman 0    
AWojciechowski, Cin Scott Wilderman 0      
MRojas, Mia Mike Gianella 0 Scott Wilderman 0    
MMoroff, Pit Derek Carty 0 Scott Wilderman 0    


CKelly, StL Scott Wilderman 12                                                                           
AAlcantara, Cin Scott Wilderman 0      
FCordero, SD Todd Zola 0      
PKivlehan, Cin Todd Zola 0      
PMaton, SD Mike Gianella 0      
TKelly, Phi Todd Zola 0      
VCaratini, ChC Scott Wilderman 0      

Brian Walton's Commentary

As I also mentioned in the LABR report, FAAB leader Derek Carty would have burned his cash last week on Jose Quintana, had he remembered to bid. Instead, he was the recipient of new Diamondbacks outfielder J.D. Martinez this week, a player that Carty felt better fit his team’s needs, anyway. Carty’s $867 bid topped the owner with the second-most money, Tristan H. Cockcroft.

Having too little FAAB to compete for Quintana or Martinez, I decided to try to slip in and grab Washington’s new closer. But, who is it? Is it lefty Sean Doolittle, righty Ryan Madson or someone the Nats have yet to acquire?

Given that uncertainty, I did not go all-in on either, and as a result, got neither. I am not sure I am upset, though. It took $612 to land the duo, with Doolittle drawing $375 and Madson $237.

But who will get the saves? Looking at owner bidding behavior, we are unsure. One owner bid the same on both relievers. Another bid on Doolittle only. Another three (including me) offered more for Doolittle. Another bid more on Madson. It is worth noting that this latter owner is Steve Gardner, who lives in the DC area.

Another big-money free agent this week is starter Antonio Senzatela, acquired by Andy Behrens for $251. The Rockies starter had been released by league leader Grey Albright three weeks ago. Since then, the 22-year old has allowed five earned runs in six innings. The only other offer for his services was for just $15.

Todd's Take

What's worse than spending a big chunk of FAAB on an unopposed Brett Phillips when you mean to spend it on Jose Pirela, then drop Phillips a couple weeks later? How about dropping another 131 units on the same Phillips when 31 would have sufficed.

At least this time, I meant to click on Phillips as he's reportedly going to be given a decent look, even though the Brewers are still hanging around for a playoff berth. Keon Broxton was sent to the minors, paving the way for Phillips to see near-regular playing time. As is the case with a lot of prospects, his ability to put bat to ball will be the determining factor whether he makes it. In his first stint with the Brewers, Phillips fanned nine times in 16 trips to the dish. After being recently recalled, he's whiffed just five times in 18 plate appearances, but let's wait for a few (hundred) more precincts to be counted. But, when you're in my desperate stead, without a chance to get a better crossover player, these are the chances necessary to take.

rafael devers



RDevers, Bos Ray Flowers 201 Fred Zinkie 150 Tim Heaney 77 Derek Van Riper 77
0 0 Scott Swanay 34 Al Melchior 8  
ZDavies, Mil Jeff Zimmerman 57 Ray Flowers 34 0  
JHeyward, ChC Derek Van Riper 37 Ray Flowers 34 Scott Pianowski 11  
BRevere, LAA Zach Steinhorn 36      
TClippard, CWS Scott Swanay 35      
ASwarzak, CWS Scott Swanay 35 Jeff Zimmerman 12 Scott Engel 0 Fred Zinkie 0
NSyndergaard, NYM Fred Zinkie 20      
JHammel, KC Ray Flowers 19 Scott Pianowski 5    
ChSmith, Oak Derek Van Riper 15      
AMeyer, LAA Fred Zinkie 15 Derek Van Riper 15 Fred Zinkie 10 Al Melchior 7
    Scott Engel 3    
TBarnhart, Cin Jeff Zimmerman 12      
KBarraclough, Mia Jeff Zimmerman 12 Scott Engel 7 Al Melchior 7  
BPhillips, Mil Al Melchior 8      
WDifo, Was Bret Sayre 6      
RMontero, NYM Al Melchior 6      
JBlash, SD Scott Pianowski 5 Ray Flowers 31 Scott Engel 1  
HeSanchez, SD Scott Pianowski 3      
MMahtook, Det Scott Engel 2 Ray Flowers 11    
BRondon, Det Al Melchior 2      
CAsuaje, SD Fred Zinkie 0      
JHoffman, Col Fred Zinkie 0 Fred Zinkie 10    
AWilson, Det Scott Engel 0      


SLeon, Bos Jeff Zimmerman 15                                                    
AFrazier, Pit Ray Flowers 11 Derek Van Riper 1                           
APresley, Det Ray Flowers 11                             
BMoss, KC Ray Flowers 11                             
BTreinen, Oak Jeff Zimmerman 10                             
CRupp, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 10                             
PBridwell, LAA Ray Flowers 4 Fred Zinkie 0                           
TWilliams, Pit Ray Flowers 4 Fred Zinkie 0                           
AEllis, Mia Jeff Zimmerman 2                             
ONarvaez, CWS Jeff Zimmerman 2                             
SRomano, Cin Al Melchior 1                             
ASanchez, Det Fred Zinkie 0                             
BBoxberger, TB Fred Zinkie 0                             
BCecil, StL Jeff Zimmerman 0                             
DBarnes, Tor Fred Zinkie 0                             
TomHunter, TB Fred Zinkie 0                             
TRogers, Min Fred Zinkie 0                             

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

As it turned out, Rafael Devers' stay in Triple-A lasted less than two weeks. The Red Sox, in dire need of an upgrade at third base, have turned to their own top prospect to address the issue rather than giving up a valuable asset in a trade. In 86 games between Double-A and Triple-A this season, Devers batted .311 with 20 homers, 60 RBI, 54 runs scored and a .377 OBP, and the hope is that he can perform well enough to serve as Boston's everyday third baseman going forward. Ray Flowers' hope is that his 201 FAAB dollars will not go to waste on a guy who struggles mightily and gets sent back down to the Minors, a scenario which I think is unlikely.

How far has Jason Heyward fallen? Far enough to land him on the waiver wire in a deep mixed league. But, he's batting .313 with one home run, nine RBI, eight runs scored and a steal in 14 games since returning from the DL, so grabbing the fallen star for the modest cost of 37 FAAB bucks could prove to be a wise move by Derek Van Riper.

One particularly interesting acquisition was Fred Zinkie's purchase of Noah Syndergaard, who was recently released in exchange for a large ($290) FAAB redemption. Syndergaard has begun a throwing program, so there's growing optimism that he will indeed return this season. However, being that they are out of postseason contention, the Mets will be careful not to rush him back. The bottom line here is that Zinkie was willing to make a one-week sacrifice of a starting roster slot with the potential reward being a few starts from Thor in September.

Delino DeShields has done a nice job for me as my fifth outfielder, but he's hardly playing these days. Since DeShields has been one of my main stolen base sources, this is a problem. Ben Revere has been playing fairly regularly of late, and he's pretty good at stealing bases. Hopefully, the lineup switch from DeShields to Revere will net me a few extra steals, at least in the short term.

Todd's Take

To embellish Zach's note on Devers, the Red Sox plan on platooning Devers with Deven Marrero with the lefty-swinging Devers being on the strong side of the time share. Devers will hit at the bottom of the order and it wouldn't be surprising if Marrero came in late for defensive purposes.

Is this still mixed league worthy? Maybe, in today's injury-riddled climate. Just realize we're not looking at a full time player. I expect Devers to receive about 60 to 65 percent of the playing time at the hot corner. Considering he'll be in the lower third of the order, that's about 160 plate appearances. 

tyler clippard



TClippard, CWS Anthony Perri 154 Scott White 10   0
RDevers, Bos Scott White 85      
GParra, Col D.J. Short 85 Adam Ronis 47 Anthony Perri 34 Perry Van Hook 23
    David Gonos 21    
SGreene, Det Tim McLeod 59 Scott White 0    
MGonzalez, CWS Perry Van Hook 23      
TBarnhart, Cin Adam Ronis 2      
BStewart, LAD Greg Ambrosius 2      
JMcCann, Det Corey Parson 0      


PBridwell, LAA Tim McLeod 9                                                                           
JBandy, Mil Adam Ronis 0      

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The high bid for the night was $154 by Anthony Perri hoping that Tyler Clippard is in line for some saves for the White Sox.

Back from the DL and playing well despite a crowded outfield in Coors, Gerardo Parra drew several bids with D.J. Short winning at $85.

The best two start pitcher I could find for next week was Miguel Gonzalez who is inconsistent to say the least but desperate teams will try anything so put $23 and rostered him. The Cubs and Indians can be beat so hopefully he isn't facing Kluber in his second start.

Todd's Take

Note, Parra missed the last two games with a bruised calf. The Rockies don't feel it's serious. Also note, the club just wrapped up a week-long home stand and is now slated for a road series in St. Louis then DC.

On the surface, it looks like a quiet week in the Draft league, especially compared to the Auction. However, nine owners placed bids, which is a god number.

nick castellanos



RDevers, Bos Jake Ciely 178                                                    
NCastellanos, Det Andrea LaMont 77      
AMeyer, LAA Peter Kreutzer 67 Dr. Roto 20    
HRyu, LAD Peter Kreutzer 54      
NWilliams, Phi Dr. Roto 47      
BPhillips, Atl Howard Bender 46      
MBoyd, Det Stephania Bell 25      
CSpangenberg, SD Dr. Roto 22      
MFiers, Hou Vlad Sedler 15      
AKnapp, Phi Jake Ciely 13      
PCorbin, Ari Jake Ciely 9      
ASwarzak, CWS Andrea LaMont 3      
CGreen, NYY Andrea LaMont 0      


JCotton, Oak Peter Kreutzer 52                                                                           
FGalvis, Phi Howard Bender 36      
RMontero, NYM Peter Kreutzer 34      
JGarcia, Atl Peter Kreutzer 32      
ACabrera, NYM Howard Bender 26      
KBarraclough, Mia Stephania Bell 20      

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

The big bid in Tout this week was Jake Ciely's claim of Rafael Devers, the uber-prospect who is the new third baseman for the Red Sox. Another third baseman, the Tigers Nick Castellanos, caught the attention of Andrea LaMont. After a slow start to the season Castellanos has been hitting better of late. He's not a huge OBP guy. LaMont also picked of backup closer in Chicagoland, White Sox version, Anthony Swarzak, for a song. He's on the trading block, however, but all he needs is for Tyler Clippard to fail and to not be traded this week to have real value.

Two interesting pick ups are Nick Williams, young and raking right now, but with an apparent hole in his wing waiting to be discovered, and inveterate veteran Brandon Phillips, who is often hurt but often gets healthy and has been productive for years. Williams goes to Dr. Roto, Phillips to Howard Bender.

What about me? I had Clayton Kershaw and Steven Strasburg get hurt on Sunday, with no real medical information about their conditions at bid time. So I replaced them both. It looks like Strasburg may avoid the DL, so I reactivated him, but Kershaw is out for 4-6 weeks. I bought Alex Meyer and Hyun-Jin Ryu to replace them. They were two of the highest K-rate starters out there, but losing Kershaw changes everything.

Todd's Take

While it bugs me Castellanos changed from Nick to Nicholas, messing up some v-lookups (there are times ID numbers can't be used, especially pulling from DFS player lists), he's been an interesting case study with the new Stacast data. Everyone looks at his league-leading exit velocity and cries bad luck with hit rate. Keep in mind, launch angle is the second part of that equation and many of Castellanos well hit balls hit the ground. teams can defense him well and throw him out. That said, more hard hit balls grounder should get through, not to mention Castellanos can adjust and elevate more batted balls. That's what's happening lately. In fact, he's one of my favorite targets, along with Jonathan Schoop, in keeper leagues.



0 #2 Todd Zola 2017-07-24 22:31
Quoting Jeff Zimmerman:
Might need to recheck the Mixed Auction awarded and un-awarded bids. I won both Bearclaw and Barnhart.

Thanks Jeff -- fixed.
0 #1 Jeff Zimmerman 2017-07-24 18:07
Might need to recheck the Mixed Auction awarded and un-awarded bids. I won both Bearclaw and Barnhart.

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