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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

adeiny hechevarria



AHechavarria, TB Larry Schechter 276 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 116 Lawr Michaels 93 Mike Podhorzer 8
    Seth Trachtman 1    
AMoore, Sea Larry Schechter 135      
AClaudio, Tex Patrick Davitt 79      
BRevere, LAA Patrick Davitt 50 Mike Podhorzer 13    
PBlackburn, Oak Lawr Michaels 47 Larry Schechter 43 Seth Trachtman 4  
DMarrero, Bos Jason Collette 33 Seth Trachtman 1 Mike Podhorzer 0  
BBoxberger, TB Jason Collette 32 Rob Leibowitz 3    
WHarris, Hou Patrick Davitt 19      
TWade, NYY Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 16 Steve Moyer 11 Seth Trachtman 2 Mike Podhorzer 2
MMahtook, Det Mike Podhorzer 3      
JhoPeralta, Bos Mike Podhorzer 2      
MCastro, Bal Nando DiFino 1      
NFeliz, KC Nando DiFino 1      
LMartin, Sea Nando DiFino 1      


MMinor, KC Jason Collette 6 Nando DiFino 1                                                  
PKozma, Tex Jason Collette 1      
CGentry, Bal Mike Podhorzer 0      
JPhegley, Oak Mike Podhorzer 0      
SCishek, Sea Patrick Davitt 0      

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

A prelude to holiday fireworks paved the FAAB road with Larry Schechter putting $276 on new Rays shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, making his costly gambit for at bats worth 27% of his total balance. For perspective, in AL LABR, the shortstop pulled 22% making both expenditures in the same ball park.

But, Schechter did not stop there, also spending $135 on Andrew Moore hoping the at-bats and innings push his team into gear.

Elsewhere, Patrick Davitt also pulled out a wad of cash, spending $50 on Ben Revere and an additional $79 on Rangers hurler Alex Claudio and then $19 more on Astros pitcher Will Harris.

I spent $47 hoping for some good stuff out of Paul Blackburn, with second placer Jason Collette making a pair of buys in Deven Marrero ($33) and Brad Boxberger ($32). Additionally, Collette and I consummated our second swap of the season with Jason sending me Cameron Maybin in exchange for Rays pitcher Alex Cobb.

Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton went the Yankees route grabbing Tyler Wade for $16, but the ever vigilant Mike Podhorzer is working to protect his lead with the buys of Mikie Mahtook, who is now starting for just $3 and new Red Sox Jhonny Peralta for a couple of bucks.

Todd's Take

Especially during a season where finding helpful pitching from free agency is both difficult and necessary, Andrew Moore is an interesing pick-up. He debuted a few weeks back, but was sent back to Triple-A Tacoma since the Mariners didn't need a fifth starter until this week. On the farm, Moore has pitched to a 3.06 ERA and .94 WHIP, with 48 K and 8 BB in 53 IP. Despite fashioning excellent ratios throughout his minor league career, Moore isn't thought of as a top prospect. Southpaws that top out in the low 90s are crafty. Righties doing the same are off-the-radar. Backed by Safeco Field  with a good defense and supported with a decent offense, Moore is more than just an AL only play, he's viable as a streamer in mixed formats.

stephen vogt 



SDyson, SF Phil Hertz 203 Mike Gianella 171 Craig Mish 126 Brian Walton 66
    Tristan H. Cockcroft 60 Grey Albright 21  
SVogt, Mil Tristan H. Cockcroft 111 Phil Hertz 187 Steve Gardner 98 Andy Behrens 76
    Craig Mish 54 Todd Zola 47 Grey Albright 31
    Derek Carty 16    
DSantana, Atl Steve Gardner 80 Grey Albright 8 Scott Wilderman 1  
JHwang, SF Grey Albright 73 Tristan H. Cockcroft 60 Steve Gardner 58 Todd Zola 47
    Mike Gianella 33 Scott Wilderman 11 Andy Behrens 0
TraThompson, LAD Craig Mish 43 Andy Behrens 11 Scott Wilderman 1 Grey Albright 1
AMejia, StL Craig Mish 31 Derek Carty 0 Andy Behrens 0  
PEspino, Mil Scott Wilderman 6      
MTauchman, Col Craig Mish 2      
ASanchez, Was Craig Mish 2 Derek Carty 0    
PKivlehan, Cin Scott Wilderman 2      
KYates, SD Scott Wilderman 1 Phil Hertz 0    
JBlevins, NYM Grey Albright 0      
JGrimm, ChC Grey Albright 0      
MReynolds, NYM Derek Carty 0      


KTomlinson, SF Steve Gardner 46                                                    
BStewart, LAD Phil Hertz 8      
RMcMahon, Col Phil Hertz 2      
RRivera, NYM Craig Mish 1 Grey Albright 0    
TLyons, StL Tristan H. Cockcroft 1      
TKelly, Phi Phil Hertz 1      
VCaratini, ChC Tristan H. Cockcroft 0 Grey Albright 0    
PSewald, NYM Scott Wilderman 0      
ZDuke, StL Grey Albright 0      

Brian Walton's Commentary

In looking at injured Giants closer Mark Melancon, like most owners, I tried to determine a proper balance. We don’t know if he will come back from a second disabled list stint due to shoulder problems but we also are unsure if Hunter Strickland or Sam Dyson or someone else will get the saves in the interim.

With Melancon my only closer in this league, I made a balanced bid of $66 for free agent Dyson. It was blown out of the water by three others, led by Phil Hertz of BaseballHQ at $203.
There is a new head of the catching hierarchy in Milwaukee, as the Brewers acquired discarded Oakland backstop Stephen Vogt this past week. That has pushed Manny Pina to second-fiddle and Jett Bandy to the hangar for maintenance. This led to bidding from two-thirds of the league, won by Tristan H. Cockcroft of ESPN at $111.

Jae-gyun Hwang was a popular darkhorse pick this spring, but it has taken almost half the season for the Giants to bring the third baseman up from Triple-A. For a last-place San Francisco team that needs a spark (or two), Hwang could provide it. On the other hand, playing time ahead is sketchy with Eduardo Nunez’ return very close. Gray Albright made the $73 addition.

Though shut out of the big-boy bidding this time, I feel a bit better in that I had stashed new Phillies outfielder Nick Williams among my reserves all season long and am getting two players off the DL, including Rockies ace Jon Gray.

Todd's Take

I also had my antennae pointed at Vogt and Hwang, but wasn't nearly aggressive enough to get the job done. I was actually looking at Vogt for UT/SW, it's that bad. The tempered bids were a result of being close enough to the trade deadline to hope for a difference maker, even if it is for fewer weeks. Already carrying three closers (Oh, Iglesias and Maurer - I didn't say good closers, I stayed out of the Dyson bidding.

sam dyson



SDyson, SF Ron Shandler 203 Scott Pianowski 69 Scott Engel 53 Tim Heaney 30
    Scott Swanay 29 Al Melchior 16  
CFrazier, NYY Ray Flowers 191 Brent Hershey 110 Fred Zinkie 20  
KMarte, Ari Gene McCaffrey 137 Al Melchior 12    
SFeldman, Cin Scott Pianowski 31 Scott Engel 9    
VVelasquez, Phi Tim Heaney 27      
MGivens, Bal Zach Steinhorn 26 Scott Swanay 17    
EHernandez, LAD Brent Hershey 21      
AMoore, Sea Fred Zinkie 21 Al Melchior 2    
MMinor, KC Scott Swanay 18 Zach Steinhorn 18    
JLeclerc, Tex Scott Engel 16 Al Melchior 1    
ASanchez, Det Fred Zinkie 13      
SPearce, Tor Al Melchior 12 Derek Van Riper 0    
RNolasco, LAA Scott Pianowski 11      
CEdwards, ChC Zach Steinhorn 8 Fred Zinkie 0    
ABarnes, LAD Brent Hershey 3      
DNava, Phi Al Melchior 2      
CKuhl, Pit Al Melchior 2      
OAlbies, Atl Fred Zinkie 1      
AMejia, Min Derek Van Riper 0      


BStewart, LAD Ron Shandler 57                                                    
SDrew, Was Gene McCaffrey 27      
LGregerson, Hou Zach Steinhorn 23      
KBarraclough, Mia Zach Steinhorn 22      
MBowman, StL Scott Engel 19      
HStrickland, SF Ron Shandler 18      
NWilliams, Phi Tim Heaney 16 Brent Hershey 4    
PBaez, LAD Zach Steinhorn 13      
JChacin, SD Scott Engel 11 Fred Zinkie 0    
ECarrera, Tor Brent Hershey 5      
VCaratini, ChC Brent Hershey 2      
JLocke, Mia Fred Zinkie 0      
YPetit, LAA Fred Zinkie 0      

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

After saving 38 games for the Rangers last season, Sam Dyson has been a mess for much of 2017, so much so that Texas designated him for assignment last month. Strangely enough, Dyson has now found himself back in a ninth inning role, with the Giants, and he's 2-for-2 in save chances for his new club. Barring a meltdown, Dyson figures to remain San Francisco's closer for however long Mark Melancon is sidelined, which could be awhile. Although 203 FAAB bucks is quite a chunk of change to fork over for a shaky stopper, winning bid amounts carry minimal importance at this stage of the season, when owners have a pretty clear idea as to their team's needs. You either get the guy you need or you don't, and it's better to get him than not to get him.

I was actually expecting Clint Frazier to be this week's most expensive FAAB purchase, and he fell just short. Frazier's impressive big league debut on Saturday that included a home run and a double was followed by an 0-for-3 showing (one walk) on Sunday. But just by watching him play, it's clear that he's ready for the big leagues, and the Yankees probably would not have called him up for a short-term tryout. Still, with Jacoby Ellsbury now back, it's tough to envision how they can find everyday at-bats for Frazier once Matt Holliday and Aaron Hicks return. Something will be figured out, but this is a situation worth monitoring.

My plan last week to purchase at least one and preferably two high-end setup men to help out in ERA and WHIP was foiled when Scott Pianowski grabbed all three of my targets. So I was back at it this week and the results were better, as I did manage to scoop up my top two choices in Mychal Givens and Carl Edwards Jr. As I currently reside near the bottom of the pack in both ERA and WHIP, I'll now have a little more flexibility in deciding which blowup-prone starting pitchers to bench in a given week without sacrificing much in the strikeout department.

Todd's Take

FINALLY! The national nightmare is over as Ketel Marte is back in the bigs! Long-time followers know this is a tongue-in-cheek comment, emanating from being more optimistic than most -- OK, than everyone -- coming into the season. It's that Marte is anything special, when I gravitate towards a player it's more a playing time feel than skills appreciation. I read the team leaves poorly; the Diamondbacks sent Marte to Triple-A. At Reno, admittedly a great hitting environment, Marte slashed an impressive .338/.391/.514, earning the call. Of course, the move was instigated after Nick Ahmed was shelved with a broken hand. Chris Owings and Brandon Drury remain the Snakes starting keystone combo, but if Marte can pick up the playing time given to Ahmed, he'll be useful in NL only. I don't see him as mixed-worthy yet, but stranger things have happened -- especially this season.

 kevin gausman



KGausman, Bal Ray Murphy 204 Adam Ronis 117 Tim McLeod 105 D.J. Short 35
    Corey Parson 16 Rudy Gamble 11 Perry Van Hook 0
RTapia, Col Rudy Gamble 133 Perry Van Hook 21 Tim McLeod 2 Greg Ambrosius 0
SDyson, SF Adam Ronis 114 Scott White 34 Corey Parson 31  
CFrazier, NYY Scott White 104 Perry Van Hook 27 Adam Ronis 23 Greg Ambrosius 0
AMejia, Min Corey Parson 12      
AHanson, CWS Tim McLeod 8      
TomHunter, TB Greg Ambrosius 5      
JTomlin, Cle Rudy Gamble 3      
ABarnes, LAD Perry Van Hook 0      
DSpan, SF Greg Ambrosius 0      
HStrickland, SF Perry Van Hook 0      


KMarte, Ari Adam Ronis 13                                                                           
JHellickson, Phi Corey Parson 2      
ABradley, Ari Perry Van Hook 0      
AKnapp, Phi Perry Van Hook 0      
CVazquez, Bos Perry Van Hook 0      
KSmith, CWS Perry Van Hook 0      
TBarnhart, Cin Perry Van Hook 0      
BParker, LAA Greg Ambrosius 0      
DSantana, Atl Greg Ambrosius 0      
JBonifacio, KC Greg Ambrosius 0      
JLeclerc, Tex Greg Ambrosius 0      
NWilliams, Phi Greg Ambrosius 0      

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The normal two factors for very high bids were present this week:

Newly promoted prospect, check. Clint Frazier went for $104 to Scott White.

New closer, check. Sam Dyson went for $114 to Adam Ronis.

They were joined by a $204 winning bid on resurgent Orioles starter Kevin Gausman from Ray Murphy. Rudy Gamble also joined the big spenders landing Rockie outfielder Raimel Tapia for $133.

Those of us in the budget groups took different routes. I need to again replace a catcher with Tom Murphy sent down by Colorado and got my first choice of $0 bids with Austin Barnes who had a great week for the Dodgers. I also went the $0 path to get a pitcher and got my second choice, Hunter Strickland, temporarily closing for the Giants. I did put in small bids for both Frazier and Tapia but chose not to go all in with questions of future playing time for both and not needing an extra outfielder.

Todd's Take

Paying attention to the little things yields big benefits. Not only do the Rockies play seven games this week, they're all at home. Further, Carlos Gonzalez is still banged up, hence the aggressive bid on Tapia.

I wonder how much the bidding would have been on Gausman if he didn't show his old form against the Jays Sunday afternoon?

This has been a particularly trying season for those of us taxed with providing rest-of-season projections with pitchers. My working theory is not all fly balls are created equal. Some are generated from hitting underneath the ball, usually on a high pitch. Others emanate from squaring up a pitch with an uppercut stroke, often on lower pitches, where the swing path and the ball's movement are on the same line, transferring maximum energy to the ball, elevating exit velocity. Both types (and varying kinds in-between) have always existed. My contention is the current landscape where there's no shame in whiffing has helped shift the ratio of fly balls to include more of the hard-hit variety. In turn, this has effectively broken any algorithm regressing HR/FB, since the empirical calculation relied on a different proportion of fly ball styles.

Further, I believe not all pitchers are affected by this equally. Those working lower in the zone have a greater chance of seeing their home run totals soar. This helps explain the plight of Rick Porcello, Masahito Tanaka and Gausman. To be fair, this isn't the only factor, but the increase in homers isn't linearly distributed across the pitching inventory,

For the record, I believe the power spike results from a confluence of factors, including balls being manufactured in a different factory, not so coincidental with the home run increase. This isn't to say MLB is behind the change, but it's entirely possible for the ball to meet specifications yet be a little harder, or have slightly lower laces.


josh reddick



JReddick, Hou Jake Ciely 64 Paul Sporer 38 Dr. Roto 7 0
SGennett, Cin Paul Sporer 38 Paul Sporer 27                           
DLamet, SD Jake Ciely 17 Paul Sporer 7    
LCastillo, Cin Jake Ciely 16 Paul Sporer 11 Dr. Roto 7  
ZGodley, Ari Paul Sporer 8      
MPina, Mil Peter Kreutzer 6      
OArcia, Mil Vlad Sedler 4      
LChisenhall, Cle Paul Sporer 4      
DSpan, SF Jake Ciely 2 Paul Sporer 2    
JBlevins, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0      


BPhillips, Atl Paul Sporer 6                                                                           
TBarnhart, Cin Peter Kreutzer 5      
TWolters, Col Peter Kreutzer 4      
MClevinger, Cle Paul Sporer 3      
ACabrera, NYM Vlad Sedler 1      
KMarte, Ari Vlad Sedler 1      
TTulowitzki, Tor Vlad Sedler 1      
AFrazier, Pit Paul Sporer 1      
AEscobar, KC Vlad Sedler 0      
AChafin, Ari Peter Kreutzer 0      
CGreen, NYY Peter Kreutzer 0      
PMaton, SD Peter Kreutzer 0      

Todd's Take

I'm seeing a lot of Josh Reddick activity in mixed leagues. How about this at the midpoint of the season: .309-8-33-7-50. Standing out are seven steals and 50 runs. Obviously, doubling this for the second half isn't wise, but the point is Reddick is perceived a a platoon option, but he's producing enough when he plays to be in most mixed lineups.

Enjoy the holiday. Remember, the key to a happy and safe 4th is making sure you're around on the 5th, preferably with your full complement of digits.

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