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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

If Week 2, Cycle III of Tout Wars Daily proved to be confounding, Week 3 proved to be a statistical helter skelter. Jeff Erickson took top honors, powered by pitchers Michael Fulmer (26.15) along with Alex Wood (26.5), a pair of hurlers who were selected on eight and nine teams, respectively, but paired only one other time by Howard Bender, who finished fourth for the week with 132.65 points. 

Big scorers for the week also proved to be Ray Murphy (137.65) and Derek Van Riper (143.35), but chaos largely ruled a Friday of which Derek Carty tweeted, "Last night might have been the worst of the whole year, not just Fridays lol. Curious what kind of cusion I'm going to have going into Week 4."

Well, the unofficial answer is none as Erickson's night vaulted him into first with 346.4 points to Carty's 342.3 second-place hold, with Vlad Sedler (327.4) third, Mike Beller (326.7) fourth, while Scott Pianowski holds down the five slot with 317.3 points.

Elsewhere, anything can happen with bad weeks hampering Todd Zola (275.9), Lenny Melnick (220.95), Andrea Lamont (297.1) and Jeff Boggis (295.5), but clearly a big week like that of the Rotowire honcho is indeed a tonic for the troops.

Cycle III, Week 3 commences this Friday. You can check the standings here. Log into the site every Friday and we each provide a couple of picks we like for the evening.

For the archivists, the Touts play a daily game against one another every Friday at DraftKings. Lord Zola is the curator of this fine mess, which breaks the season into five four-week cycles, with the two teams garnering the most points over each advancing to a final championship that includes the Tout collecting the most points over all 20 weeks.

Remember to go to the Tout Wars site for our Friday picks. And, tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, hosted by me, with Justin Mason and featuring Lord Z every Thursday night at 8 PM ET. 

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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