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Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

bruce maxwell



BMaxwell, Oak Chris Liss 133 Jason Collette 11 Patrick Davitt 11  
TAustin, NYY Mike Podhorzer 113 Jeff Erickson 101 Nando DiFino 72 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 16
DFister, Bos Larry Schechter 33 Rob Leibowitz 28    
DHolmberg, CWS Jason Collette 32      
DGossett, Oak Lawr Michaels 28 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8 Seth Trachtman 4 Steve Moyer 0
RTejada, Bal Larry Schechter 17 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1    
JSucre, TB Nando DiFino 12      
AEngel, CWS Jason Collette 11 Mike Podhorzer 13 Seth Trachtman 1  
SPeterson, TB Jeff Erickson 10   0  
SGreene, Det Chris Liss 5 Jason Collette 4 0  
ASanchez, Det Seth Trachtman 4 Larry Schechter 13 0  
NGoody, Cle Jason Collette 4 Patrick Davitt 0 0  
RTorreyes, NYY Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1   0  
CGreen, NYY Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0   0  
DBarnes, Tor Patrick Davitt 0 Chris Liss 1 0  
TZych, Sea Patrick Davitt 0 Steve Moyer 0 0  
JPazos, Sea Steve Moyer 0 Patrick Davitt 0 0  


NMartinez, Tex Jason Collette 32                             
TFeatherston, TB Larry Schechter 16      
DMarrero, Bos Larry Schechter 12 Jeff Erickson 1 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0  
JPhegley, Oak Chris Liss 11 Jeff Erickson 1    
YPetit, LAA Jason Collette 6      
PJanish, Bal Larry Schechter 3      
AMoore, Sea Seth Trachtman 2      
DRobertson, Cle Jeff Erickson 1      
MMahtook, Det Jeff Erickson 1      
DRobinson, Tex Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0      
CShreve, NYY Patrick Davitt 0      
MMinor, KC Patrick Davitt 0      
NVincent, Sea Patrick Davitt 0      
TRogers, Min Patrick Davitt 0      

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

Rob Leibowtiz and Jeff Erickson consummated a swap at the FAAB dealine as Rob sent strikeout wiz Brad Peacock to Jeff for Alex Colome. Leibowitz is trying to push out of the bottom third of the league. He should get a boost from Franklin Barreto, drafted as a reserve pick, thus keeping the newly promoted Athletic out of the FAAB pool. Jeff had a closer to spare as he tries to scramble out of the middle of the pack.

Oakland, who is indeed advancing their kids, was the target of FAAB with catcher Bruce Maxwell going to Chris Liss for $133, while I picked up Daniel Gossett for $28 in what feels a desperate attempt to stabilize my pitching (considering I have the second best pitching totals in the league, that is indeed an indictment of pitching this year).

Still, the best lesson for any of us was within league leader Mike Podhorzer's purchase of Tyler Austin for $113, an aggressive move by a team in first place, with a commanding lead. The message being Mike is not half-stepping, meaning if you are in first, and can step on the throats of your opponents, do so.

The number of players culled between $10-$40 was huge compared to LABR, with Erickson also grabbing Shane Peterson ($10), Larry Schechter going $17 on Ruben Tejada, and $33 for Doug Fister (see, we are indeed desperate for arms), while Jason Collette acquired David Holmberg for $32 and Pale Hose outfielder Adam Engel for $11 along with hurler Nick Goody for $4.

Nando DiFino is similarly trying to move up and is hoping Jesus Sucre ($12) will fill his Derek Norris hole. The remaining moves were all lesser, but was no less a desperate search for arms as Seth Trachtman gambled $4 on Anibal Sanchez while Liss went $5 for Shane Greene, two hurlers with solid careers of erratic pitching.

Todd's Take

It's fitting Nando copped Sucre to fill the roster void created by Norris' release considering Sucre will now play second-fiddle to Wilson Ramos, whose activation forced Tampa's release of Norris. Sucre's playing time increased over the past couple of weeks. He could continue to see more at bats while Ramos gets up to speed, but eventually, Ramos will be the bell cow backstop.

Sticking with the catcher theme, Maxwell's acquisition was a result of Oakland cutting ties with two-time All-Star receiver Stephen Vogt. Chances are, the club will stick with their Strat-o-Matic approach and run a strict platoon behind the dish. As such, Maxwell should enjoy the majority of the at bats with Josh Phegley continuing to squat when a southpaw is in the hill for the opposition.

cameron perkins



CPerkins, Phi Lenny Melnick 125 Andy Behrens 55 Todd Zola 47 Derek Carty 0
LCastillo, Cin Brian Walton 120 Craig Mish 77 Grey Albright 1  
RJones, SF Todd Zola 67 Lenny Melnick 85 Andy Behrens 63 Craig Mish 57
    Mike Gianella 14 Grey Albright 0  
RRaburn, Was Andy Behrens 61 Todd Zola 13    
GGarcia, StL Todd Zola 47 Mike Gianella 5 Andy Behrens 0  
CDArnaud, SD Todd Zola 27      
TWilliams, Pit Steve Gardner 24      
LVoit, StL Brian Walton 13      
PMaton, SD Phil Hertz 11 Mike Gianella 10 Grey Albright 3  
GKontos, SF Andy Behrens 1      
BMorrow, LAD Craig Mish 1 Grey Albright 1    
CStewart, Pit Derek Carty 0      
RMontero, NYM Phil Hertz 0 Steve Gardner 0    
CAsuaje, SD Derek Carty 0 Grey Albright 0    
LAvilan, LAD Grey Albright 0      
JFamilia, NYM Grey Albright 0      


KTomlinson, SF Todd Zola 21                                                                           
BStassi, Phi Todd Zola 17      
JGrimm, ChC Steve Gardner 5      
RMcMahon, Col Phil Hertz 1      
AEllis, Mia Derek Carty 0      
DMcGowan, Mia Steve Gardner 0      
JarGarcia, Mia Grey Albright 0      
LTorrens, SD Derek Carty 0      

Brian Walton's Commentary

My prize in NL Tout this week was Cincinnati rookie pitching prospect Luis Castillo. I went in with guns blazing and got my man. I incorrectly gauged that it would take $120 to get the job done, however, when $78 would have been enough. If only he did not pitch for the Reds, the price would have been higher, as the 24-year old put up solid Triple-A numbers, a 2.58 ERA and an 81/13 K/BB ratio over 80 1/3 innings.

Castillo was not the highest-priced player in this FAAB run, however. That honor goes to Cam Perkins of the Phillies dreawing a $125 offer from Lenny Melnick. Despite a debut week of two singles in 19 at-bats and no walks, the 26-year old should be given a bit of time to show he is a better roster option than released outfielder Michael Saunders. Whether or not that would be good enough to stay in the majors is an open question, however.

Todd's Take

It was find at bats anywhere week for me with Yangervis Solarte joining Adrian Gonzalez on the shelf. Hopefully, reinforcements are on the way with A.J. Pollock reembarking on his rehab stint, Ben Zobrist getting closer to returning as well as the possibility Jhonny Peralta's stay in Triple-A Pawtucket isn't long and he helps to fill the Red Sox void at the hot corner. Tout Wars allows owners to keep accruing stats for players changing leagues, so long as they remain on your roster.

Garcia and D'Arnaud are just placeholders; I'm curious to see how Ryder Jones power plays in AT&T Park. At Triple-A Sacramento, the 23-year old was slugging a robust .553. Jones is filling in for Eduardo Nunez, who finally succumbed to a sore hamstring.

luis castillo



LCastillo, Cin Joe Pisapia 244 Ron Shandler 67 Gene McCaffrey 37  
BSnell, TB Derek Van Riper 67 Jeff Zimmerman 17    
DGossett, Oak Ron Shandler 57 Scott Engel 33    
MJoyce, Oak Scott Pianowski 44 Fred Zinkie 2 Jeff Zimmerman 1  
RGrichuk, StL Derek Van Riper 41 Ray Flowers 37    
BGoodwin, Was Ray Flowers 37 Scott Pianowski 23 Derek Van Riper 17 Al Melchior 11
    Jeff Zimmerman 5 Fred Zinkie 2  
KKela, Tex Bret Sayre 34      
MOlson, Oak Al Melchior 24 Jeff Zimmerman 5    
BMaxwell, Oak Ray Flowers 23 Derek Van Riper 0    
BParker, LAA Scott Pianowski 22 Zach Steinhorn 10 Bret Sayre 0  
DSpan, SF Jeff Zimmerman 20 Derek Van Riper 7    
WHarris, Hou Scott Pianowski 17 Zach Steinhorn 10    
HBailey, Cin Joe Pisapia 17 Derek Van Riper 3    
DPaulino, Hou Jeff Zimmerman 17 Bret Sayre 3 Fred Zinkie 0  
RMadson, Oak Scott Pianowski 13 Zach Steinhorn 10    
ABibensDirkx, Tex Scott Engel 11      
TAustin, NYY Derek Van Riper 0 Derek Van Riper 17 Al Melchior 11  
RChirinos, Tex Derek Van Riper 0 Ray Flowers 17    


JMarisnick, Hou Scott Pianowski 33 Jeff Zimmerman 14                                                  
JBrugman, Oak Scott Pianowski 20 Derek Van Riper 7    
PBridwell, LAA Ron Shandler 18      
JAlbMartinez, StL Ray Flowers 17      
ASlater, SF Jeff Zimmerman 15 Derek Van Riper 7    
EHernandez, LAD Jeff Zimmerman 15      
TBarnhart, Cin Ray Flowers 11      
ABarnes, LAD Ray Flowers 7 Derek Van Riper 0    
EDiaz, Pit Ray Flowers 7 Derek Van Riper 0    
JPhegley, Oak Ray Flowers 7      
DFister, Bos Jeff Zimmerman 5      
PDeJong, StL Jeff Zimmerman 3      
AAlmora, ChC Jeff Zimmerman 0      
AEscobar, KC Jeff Zimmerman 0      
AHanson, CWS Derek Van Riper 0      
CEdwards, ChC Bret Sayre 0      
JChacin, SD Scott Pianowski 0      
JIglesias, Det Jeff Zimmerman 0      
JJay, ChC Derek Van Riper 0      
JPolanco, Min Jeff Zimmerman 0      
TRivera, NYM Jeff Zimmerman 0      

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Chasing wins and strikeouts is no fun, especially in deeper leagues. I'm finding this out the hard way. Since deciding to punt saves following Francisco Rodriguez's ninth inning demotion and the injury to Aroldis Chapman, I've been regularly using a lineup with at least eight starting pitchers. Well, this approach has resulted in my ERA increasing by more than one-third of a run since the beginning of June. I've had enough of this madness. Hopefully, adding a pair of high-end late-inning relievers will help to lower my ratios back to respectability.

I also learned the hard way a $10 bid wasn't good enough as Will Harris, Blake Parker and Ryan Madson all went for higher bids. I guess I'm not the only one tired of streaming low-end starters.

Not everyone has given up on starting pitching as the top three purchases were arms. Luis Castillo was the hot commodity, The returning Blake Snell was next with Daniel Gossett the last of the trio.

Next was another trio, this time outfielders. Old stand-by Matt Joyce earned the highest bid, with returning Randall Grichuk next. Brian Goodwin's power surge garnered attention as well.

Todd's Take

Everyone has their own philosophy, but I don't like to mess around when I need something, especially in a mixed league where you can usually get by with low FAAB totals heading into the second half. Zach's the defending champ, he knows what he's doing. This isn't a slight on him. Perhaps a different approach would have been to bid a little more on the top choices, then list a bunch of $0 bids on a long string of contingencies, making sure a couple are purchased.

I love this stuff. Six different owners bid on the three starting pitchers - but only one owner bid on more than one. Just another reminder we all see things differently.

 eric sogard



FBarreto, Oak Scott White 217 Rudy Gamble 118 Adam Ronis 112 Anthony Perri 103
    Tom Kessenich 69 Corey Parson 52 Charlie Wiegert 18
    Greg Ambrosius 13    
ESogard, Mil Tom Kessenich 69      
AVizcaino, Atl Anthony Perri 43 Scott White 11 Corey Parson 4  
EEscobar, Min Rudy Gamble 38      
LCastillo, Cin D.J. Short 35 Greg Ambrosius 23 Corey Parson 11  
AMoore, Sea Greg Ambrosius 23      
BGoodwin, Was Corey Parson 22 Adam Ronis 3    
TAustin, NYY Rudy Gamble 16 Corey Parson 1    
BMaxwell, Oak D.J. Short 15 Tom Kessenich 4 Scott White 0  
MClevinger, Cle Greg Ambrosius 13 Jeff Boggis 11    
PCorbin, Ari Charlie Wiegert 12 Jeff Boggis 11    
AMiranda, Sea Jeff Boggis 11      
CKuhl, Pit Tim McLeod 9      
PMaton, SD Corey Parson 5 Tim McLeod 3 Greg Ambrosius 0  
TDArnaud, NYM Tom Kessenich 4 D.J. Short 14    
JAlbMartinez, StL Perry Van Hook 3      
AEngel, CWS Greg Ambrosius 3      
MOlson, Oak Adam Ronis 3 Corey Parson 1 Greg Ambrosius 1 Scott White 0
ERosario, Min Anthony Perri 2 Greg Ambrosius 0    
PDeJong, StL Greg Ambrosius 0 Rudy Gamble 7 Adam Ronis 3  


ABibensDirkx, Tex Charlie Wiegert 12                                                    
YEscobar, LAA Rudy Gamble 11 Tom Kessenich 2                                                  
JLeclerc, Tex D.J. Short 10                                                    
KVargas, Min Rudy Gamble 7 Corey Parson 1                                                  
RDickey, Atl Charlie Wiegert 6                                                    
TAdleman, Cin Charlie Wiegert 6                                                    
JIglesias, Det Rudy Gamble 5                                                    
FGalvis, Phi Rudy Gamble 4                                                    
JPolanco, Min Rudy Gamble 4                                                    
MMaldonado, LAA Tom Kessenich 3                                                    
DSpan, SF Tom Kessenich 2                                                    
KBarraclough, Mia Anthony Perri 2                                                    
PKivlehan, Cin Perry Van Hook 2                                                    
MLeiter, Phi Corey Parson 1                                                    
MMontero, ChC Tom Kessenich 1                                                    
BParker, LAA Greg Ambrosius 0                                                    
DGerman, NYY Greg Ambrosius 0                                                    
JBrugman, Oak Greg Ambrosius 0                                                    
JMercer, Pit Greg Ambrosius 0                                                    

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

In many redraft leagues, rookies brought up early get a lot of attention - especially when they play in the middle infield. Today's highest bid was for new Oakland shortstop Franklin Barreto, won by Scott White for a healthy $217.

New closers or even potential new closers are always sought after, hence Anthony Perri rostering Arodys Vizcaino for $43 in hopes of more save chances in Atlanta.

Eric Sogard has done very well in Milwaukee prompting Tom Kessenich to spend $69 to add him this week. However, things may get very crowded in the Brewers lineup with Jonathan Villar on rehab and Ryan Braun always a threat to resurface.

Part of that logjam is my Jesus Aguilar, grabbed last week to fill in for Chris Davis. Aguilar had a tough week and is slated for fewer at bats this week, so I swapped him for Cardinals OF/1B Jose Martinez for the same $3 bid it cost to get Aguilar.

Todd's Take

Has anyone seen Eric Sogard and Scooter Gennett in the same room? I've talked about this before, riding streaks goes against my DNA. I understand players get hot, but I don't believe we can predict when the clock strikes midnight and I'm starting a pumpkin as my middle infielder. This admittedly hurts my game play, especially in shallower leagues. That said, in a season like we're experiencing, warm bodies getting playing time are in short supply. Guys like Sogard and Gennett will eventually run out of pixie dust, but so long as they're producing, they'll play. In the case of Sogard and Gennett, both are hitting from the two-hole in power-friendly venues, so there's something to hang my analytical hat on. If you go this route, just be ready with an exit strategy. 

frankin barreto



FBarreto, Oak Dr. Roto 118 Vlad Sedler 13                                                  
MMaldonado, LAA Peter Kreutzer 71 Jake Ciely 0    
ESogard, Mil Jake Ciely 47 Vlad Sedler 3    
BMaxwell, Oak Dr. Roto 23      
KYates, SD Peter Kreutzer 7      
KKela, Tex Vlad Sedler 7 Jake Ciely 17    
BParker, LAA Peter Kreutzer 5      
MFoltynewicz, Atl Clay Link 4 Vlad Sedler 3    
EEscobar, Min Vlad Sedler 4      
SNewcomb, Atl Vlad Sedler 1      


NPivetta, Phi Jake Ciely 27 Vlad Sedler 3                                                  
MDavidson, CWS Dr. Roto 23      
MPina, Mil Peter Kreutzer 23      
PMaton, SD Dr. Roto 10      
MClevinger, Cle Clay Link 3      
JBlevins, NYM Peter Kreutzer 2      
LCastillo, Cin Vlad Sedler 2      
AChafin, Ari Peter Kreutzer 1      
DBarnes, Tor Peter Kreutzer 1      
DHernandez, LAA Peter Kreutzer 1      
MStrahm, KC Clay Link 1      
TTulowitzki, Tor Vlad Sedler 1      
ZGodley, Ari Vlad Sedler 1      
TBarnhart, Cin Peter Kreutzer 0      

Todd's Take

Prospects promoted to the bigs are the mixed league equivalent of deadline deals in AL and NL only formats, so it's not surprising to see a healthy bid on Barreto a he may push Marcus Semien to second base when the incumbent shortstop returns.

A two-homer game drew some attention for Martin Maldanado, however, he's had a solid first half in a season where catcher production is gross. Further, he's playing a lot, already on the verge of a career high number of at bats. Ironically, the man he was dealt for, Jett Bandy, who's been, well, jettisoned to the minors.

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