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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.



BFarmer, Det Jeff Erickson 187 Chris Liss 96 Lawr Michaels 79 Seth Trachtman 65
    Jason Collette 51 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 36 Steve Moyer 6
KVargas, Min Chris Liss 84 Nando DiFino 62 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 36 Seth Trachtman 34
    Lawr Michaels 33 Mike Podhorzer 13  
PBourjos, TB Lawr Michaels 37      
CBergman, Sea Chris Liss 34 Jeff Erickson 35    
NTurley, Min Jason Collette 17 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8    
DGossett, Oak Seth Trachtman 11      
JJunis, KC Chris Liss 11 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8    
RTorres, KC Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8      
ABibensDirkx, Tex Steve Moyer 6      
AHanson, CWS Nando DiFino 3      
JDiaz, TB Jason Collette 1      
RWeeks, TB Rob Leibowitz 0      
TFeatherston, TB Steve Moyer 0      


MMahtook, Det Lawr Michaels 28                                                    
CGreen, NYY Jason Collette 1 Chris Liss 1    
NGoody, Cle Jason Collette 1      
JPazos, Sea Chris Liss 1      
NVincent, Sea Chris Liss 1      
MMartinez, TB Steve Moyer 0      
TZych, Sea Seth Trachtman 0      
APresley, Det Rob Leibowitz 0      
DRobertson, Cle Rob Leibowitz 0      

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

As with AL LABR, pitching was the focus within the Tout Wars moves this last week with RotoWire's Jeff Erickson leading the spendthrifts, having spent $187 for the rights to Buck Farmer. Defending champ Seth Trachtman spent $11 on Athletics Daniel Gossett, while the second-place squad, manned by Jason Collette, grabbed Nik Turley ($17) and Jumbo Diaz

Chris Liss also went for arms, acquiring Christian Bergman for $34 and Jake Junis for $11. Chris also spent $74 on Kenys Vargas making his FAAB price tag for the week $129.

I tried to stop the damage on injured Kevin Kiermaier cost by purchasing Peter Borjous for $37, while Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton picked up Ramon Torres with Nando DiFino collecting a player I like a lot--Alen Hanson, late of Pittsburgh, now of Chicago and the Pale Hose.

Todd's Take

Nik Turley and Jake Junis are a couple of unknown, but intriguing names, not only for AL only but also mixers as both have a chance to stick with injury-riddled rotations.

Turley only lasted four innings in his MLB debut, giving up four runs on eight hits to the Giants in AT&T. However, he fanned four with no walks, suggesting he was the victim of some bad batted ball luck. Admittedly old for both Double-A and Triple-A, the 27-year old southpaw was crushing both levels, fanning 84 to 15 walks in 52 1/3 combined innings, allowing just two homers.

Junis was called up earlier this season but could stick if he pitches like he did in his last start, minus the homers as he allowed three runs in seven innings, all long balls in Petco Park. The 24-year old righty earned the promotion with a 2.34 ERA and .97 WHIP with Triple-A Omaha, fanning 57 with eight free passes in 42 1/3 frames.

brett phillips



BPhillips, Mil Todd Zola 117 Phil Hertz 41 Mike Gianella 36 Tristan H. Cockcroft 12
JPirela, SD Brian Walton 112 Steve Gardner 88 Phil Hertz 68 Craig Mish 41
    Tristan H. Cockcroft 41 Mike Gianella 24 Derek Carty 12
    Grey Albright 6 Scott Wilderman 2  
SNewcomb, Atl Phil Hertz 86 Brian Walton 83 Mike Gianella 81 Todd Zola 67
    Tristan H. Cockcroft 51 Craig Mish 47 Scott Wilderman 22
EDiaz, Pit Phil Hertz 82      
NPivetta, Phi Andy Behrens 61      
CHuffman, StL Todd Zola 47      
TMoore, Mia Phil Hertz 34 Scott Wilderman 32 Tristan H. Cockcroft 12 Grey Albright 5
    Craig Mish 1 Derek Carty 0  
JCamargo, Atl Scott Wilderman 11 Derek Carty 0 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0  
TAdleman, Cin Scott Wilderman 8 Phil Hertz 7    
JHazelbaker, Ari Tristan H. Cockcroft 0      
PKivlehan, Cin Derek Carty 0 Scott Wilderman 11 Phil Hertz 2 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0


MGonzales, StL Phil Hertz 14                             
RRaburn, Was Tristan H. Cockcroft 0 Scott Wilderman 0 Derek Carty 0  
BZiegler, Mia Phil Hertz 0      
ERomero, Was Phil Hertz 0      
JGrimm, ChC Scott Wilderman 0      

Brian Walton's Commentary

The big money came out in NL Tout this weekend, as four players went for more than $80 and the two triple-digit players went to Mastersball competitors.

Heading the list is Milwaukee outfielder Brett Phillips, who Lord Zola acquired for $117. The top prospect made his MLB this past week and has the talent to grab at-bats with Ryan Braun out and Keon Broxton struggling.

I topped eight other owners by going $112 for infielder/outfielder Jose Pirela of San Diego. Promoted to the bigs on June 6, the 27-year old had raked in Triple-A, with a .331 average, .387 OBP, 13 home runs and 42 RBI in 48 games. His first week with the Padres was exceptional, with an 11-for-22 mark at the plate, including three doubles, two home runs and five RBI - from the leadoff position.

The other two top-dollar players went to the same owner, Phil Hertz of BaseballHQ. Atlanta’s Sean Newcomb ($86) made his MLB debut on Saturday and threw 6 1/3 innings of four-hit ball, with seven strikeouts and two walks, while allowing just an unearned run. A rotation spot for the lefty looks to be his for the taking.

Hertz added Elias Diaz of Pittsburgh on an uncontested bid for $82. Originally called up at the start of the month with Chris Stewart was injured, Diaz has been seeing semi-regular playing time behind the plate with starter Francisco Cervelli sidelined with a concussion, and has performed admirably.

Todd's Take

Brian is too kind, justifying my Phillips purchase despite knowing the real story. Though, he also knew I'd share, so here goes. I was very lucky Phillips was listed alphabetically above Jose Pirela, else I may be explaining why I spent $117 bones on an injured scrub, out for the season. No excuses, just an explanation, I carelessly clicked on Phillips and even more carelessly didn't check the bid to make sure it was right. I can use Phillips, but suspect Lewis Brinson will get the look and not Phillips. Another example of do as I say, not as I do.

pat neshek



MSmith, TB Scott Pianowski 313 Fred Zinkie 254 Derek Van Riper 159 Zach Steinhorn 158
    Joe Pisapia 148 Scott Swanay 87 Scott Engel 29
    Tim Heaney 25    
PNeshek, Phi Joe Pisapia 128 Scott Pianowski 89 Derek Van Riper 79 Scott Swanay 45
    Zach Steinhorn 28 Tim Heaney 3  
BFarmer, Det Joe Pisapia 118 Jeff Zimmerman 89 Fred Zinkie 67 Scott Engel 32
    Ray Flowers 17 Tim Heaney 5  
JHoffman, Col Al Melchior 103 Scott Swanay 87 Zach Steinhorn 36 Fred Zinkie 30
    Scott Engel 17 Ray Flowers 17 Tim Heaney 5
KFreeland, Col Zach Steinhorn 67 Fred Zinkie 30    
JPirela, SD Scott Pianowski 60 Derek Van Riper 57 Fred Zinkie 1  
SNewcomb, Atl Scott Swanay 48 Zach Steinhorn 34 Fred Zinkie 30 Scott Engel 4
    Tim Heaney 3    
MAlbers, Was Scott Swanay 45 Scott Engel 33 Zach Steinhorn 27 Fred Zinkie 0
JNicasio, Pit Scott Swanay 45      
EDiaz, Pit Ray Flowers 37      
ACashner, Tex Scott Engel 31 Zach Steinhorn 23    
CUtley, LAD Zach Steinhorn 23      
JUrena, Mia Jeff Zimmerman 20      
JHammel, KC Ray Flowers 17      
JMercer, Pit Scott Engel 17      
AMeyer, LAA Scott Engel 11      
AJackson, Cle Al Melchior 8      
SGaviglio, Sea Scott Engel 8      
SGennett, Cin Tim Heaney 5 Scott Engel 16    
SFeldman, Cin Fred Zinkie 2 Ray Flowers 14    
EButler, ChC Fred Zinkie 2 Zach Steinhorn 18    
JMcGee, Col Zach Steinhorn 1      


JFaria, TB Joe Pisapia 78                                                    
MJoyce, Oak Zach Steinhorn 16      
MMaldonado, LAA Ray Flowers 11      
ABarnes, LAD Ray Flowers 6      
CGimenez, Min Ray Flowers 6      
RChirinos, Tex Ray Flowers 6      
CRuiz, Sea Ray Flowers 4      
NHundley, SF Ray Flowers 4      
FCordero, SD Tim Heaney 3      
BParker, LAA Zach Steinhorn 1 Fred Zinkie 0    
JSmith, Tor Zach Steinhorn 1      
BPhillips, Mil Tim Heaney 0      
DDescalso, Ari Tim Heaney 0      
KKela, Tex Fred Zinkie 0      

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

The question heading into this weekend's FAAB bidding was more about how much Mallex Smith would go for as opposed to whether or not he would be the most expensive purchase. The answer? 313 bucks. Smith can flat out run, and he's always posted solid OBP numbers while in the Minors. In other words, he could be a fantasy force as long as he's getting regular at-bats, which should not be an issue for the foreseeable future with Kevin Kiermaier expected to miss 6-8 weeks due to a fractured hip.

On the closer front, the mystery continues in Philadelphia and Washington. Pat Neshek recorded the most recent save for the Phillies while Koda Glover is now on the DL and Matt Albers has been the most reliable Nationals reliever so far this season. I'd rather spend $45 on Albers than $128 on Neshek, but I'm not overly optimistic regarding the long-term mixed league value of either pitcher.

With eight quality starts in his last nine outings, Kyle Freeland has been one of the more consistent hurlers in the game for quite some time now. The Rockies rookie is a two-start pitcher this week with a pair of favorable matchups (@PIT, vs. SF), so I was surprised that there wasn't more interest in him. Maybe it's the low strikeout rate (5.7 K/9), but for a reasonable $67 price tag, I'll take my chances.

As for my other additions, Chase Utley might just be a temporary solution at CI for me until Justin Bour returns, but he has quietly been productive this year, productive enough to deserve a spot on deep mixed league rosters, especially OBP leagues. The Jake McGee addition enables me to start him this week instead of Matt Moore at Coors Field. It's as simple as that.

Todd's Take

The times, they are a-changin'. For years, it was hard to imagine one, let alone two Rockies starting pitchers being sought after in mixed league free agency. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the bar has been lowered as the league ERA is on the rise, sitting at 4.27, .4 runs higher than just five years ago. More importantly, the Rockies own the league's best road ERA, a tidy 3.31. Chew on that.

 sean newcomb



SNewcomb, Atl Jeff Boggis 201 Tim McLeod 113 Scott White 47 Corey Parson 31
    D.J. Short 30 Greg Ambrosius 0  
JHarrison, Pit D.J. Short 120 Greg Ambrosius 68 Adam Ronis 47 Scott White 22
    Perry Van Hook 17 Tim McLeod 16 Tom Kessenich 7
PNeshek, Phi Perry Van Hook 69 Al Melchior 103 Scott White 37 Corey Parson 30
    Adam Ronis 18    
JHader, Mil Tom Kessenich 67      
JBiagini, Tor D.J. Short 60 Adam Ronis 18 Perry Van Hook 11 Tim McLeod 8
    Scott White 4 Greg Ambrosius 2 Corey Parson 2
TPham, StL Rudy Gamble 43 D.J. Short 40 Tim McCullough 31 Corey Parson 11
    Charlie Wiegert 7 Scott White 4 Perry Van Hook 3
JFaria, TB Tim McLeod 37 Scott White 7 Greg Ambrosius 6 Adam Ronis 4
MAlbers, Was Corey Parson 28 Adam Ronis 18 Scott White 17  
BFarmer, Det Scott White 17 Al Melchior 83 Charlie Wiegert 12 Tim McLeod 2
SGennett, Cin Perry Van Hook 17      
HKendrick, Phi Tim McLeod 14 Perry Van Hook 17 Charlie Wiegert 7 Adam Ronis 4
SGaviglio, Sea Perry Van Hook 11      
BLively, Phi Tim McLeod 7      
BJohnson, Bos Charlie Wiegert 7 Greg Ambrosius 1    
DSmyly, Sea Rudy Gamble 6      
JPirela, SD Tim McLeod 3 Adam Ronis 3    
MMontgomery, ChC Greg Ambrosius 2 Perry Van Hook 2    
ALind, Was Greg Ambrosius 2      
CAdams, NYY Scott White 1      
MMinor, KC Greg Ambrosius 0 Greg Ambrosius 1    


JHoffman, Col Al Melchior 103                             
JNicasio, Pit Perry Van Hook 23 Corey Parson 2 Greg Ambrosius 1                         
AJackson, Cle Al Melchior 8                             
ECarrera, Tor Perry Van Hook 7 Greg Ambrosius 1                           
TMoore, Mia Perry Van Hook 7                             
CGreen, NYY Perry Van Hook 4                             
FGalvis, Phi Tim McLeod 1                             
TAdleman, Cin Corey Parson 1                             
PCorbin, Ari Greg Ambrosius 0                             

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Twelve of the 15 Touts placed bids this cycle, leading to multiple bids on many players. The high bid was $201 for Atlanta starting pitcher Sean Newcomb. Six teams bid on the rookie with numbers all over the lot. The low ones probably question whether the recently promoted top prospect will even stay in the rotation. Tim McLeod was the tough luck runner up with a bid of $113, which would win most nights.

Josh Harrison was a surprise on the free agent list, with seven teams bidding on the versatile Pirate. D.J. Short won Harrison at $120.

A new closer usually garners a ot of attention so I was surprised Pat Neshek, the new Phillies closer, got only three bids. I might have been more suprised my $69 winning bid was several dollars more than the other two bids combined.

Derek Holland has gotten stale on my bench so I put in a group of small bids for a successor and won my second choice, Sam Gaviglio of the Mariners for $11. Joe Biagini, my first choice with a like $11 toss, went for $60 to D.J. Short.

Another surprise was winning my second choice on the outfielder list. I didn't expect to get Harrison for $17 nor figured to get Scooter Gennett for that price. I feel 2B/OF eligibility and hitting in Great American Ballpark, on top of the four homer game, should have elicited more bids.

Todd's Take

As was discussed in the companion LABR report, my sense is Hector Neris has been put in what amounts to time-out and won't be stripped of the closer role for very long.

NFBC's Tom Kessenich follows the Brewers so he's in tune with the club. Tom may feel (as I do) Hader may start in the bullpen, but it won't be long before the club moves him to the rotation. The other angle is Milwaukee has a twin bill on Tuesday so Hader may grab a one-and-done start, then Tom can decide what to do next week. Something to keep in mind is Hader was working out of the bullpen before he was called up, perhaps to conserve innings as the Brewers are surprisingly in playoff contention, albeit just over two months into a six-month marathon.

mallex smith



MSmith, TB Vlad Sedler 179 Dr. Roto 170    
JHoffman, Col Jake Ciely 95 Peter Kreutzer 36 Dr. Roto 25 Vlad Sedler 2
PNeshek, Phi Andrea LaMont 56 Vlad Sedler 37    
JRoss, Was Vlad Sedler 34      
MAlbers, Was Vlad Sedler 29      
MFoltynewicz, Atl Dr. Roto 25 Vlad Sedler 12    
TBeckham, TB Dr. Roto 23      
BFarmer, Det Peter Kreutzer 11 Vlad Sedler 12    
TWolters, Col Peter Kreutzer 11      
CCron, LAA Vlad Sedler 6      
CSabathia, NYY Clay Link 6 Vlad Sedler 12    
WFlores, NYM Andrea LaMont 6      
JLeclerc, Tex Peter Kreutzer 6      
AAvila, Det Andrea LaMont 2      
AMeyer, LAA Vlad Sedler 1      


TMancini, Bal Dr. Roto 23                                                                           
EDiaz, Pit Peter Kreutzer 11      
JReddick, Hou Vlad Sedler 6      
JSmith, Tor Peter Kreutzer 6      
AChafin, Ari Peter Kreutzer 4      
WRamos, TB Andrea LaMont 3      
ASlater, SF Vlad Sedler 2      
BParker, LAA Peter Kreutzer 2      
MZunino, Sea Andrea LaMont 2      

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

I sometimes wonder if we're all getting better at bidding as we go along.

Last night, Vlad Sedler put down a bid of $179 on Mallex Smith, a former prospect, recently a bit tarnished, who is now suddenly given a chance at regular playing time and is off to a good start with lots of steals. What's not to like?

Dr. Roto saw $170 and bid it, for a heartbreakingly close loss. And no one else bid a farthing. Because their teams are so good they don't need a speedy outfielder? Or because they didn't want a speedy outfielder who was going to cost so much?

The other bid of consequence this week was for Jeff Hoffman, another touted arm out of the Rockies system. He's off a run of three quality starts, and draw a 95 bid from Jake Ciely. I had the second highest bid of 36. Not heartbreaking, like the Smith loss, but I was hoping in the face of Coors Field the bidding would be more modest.

The thing about Hoffman is that those three quality starts all came on the road, against Philly, San Diego, and the Cubs. We have yet to see how he'll react when the balls start carrying, but with 34 strikeouts in 27 innings, and only three walks, we were willing to take our chances.

Jake was willing to take a bit more of one.

Todd's Take

While this is true in all leagues, it's even more apropos in category-driven head to head formats. There's a chance the limited interest in Smith was due to team construct, with owners more concerned about the other categories than speed. Dr. Roto obviously wanted another burner. if I was in this league and had some spare steals, I'd be making an appointment to talk with Dr. Roto.


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