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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

In the Bay Area, the San Francisco Giants were famous for starting the season hot through April and May, but come the summer months, the team fell into a "June swoon" it seemed every year.

We did pass the first big milestone of the season with Memorial Day, and if your team is indeed swooning with the coming of the hot weather, maybe we can help with some suggestions for your roster.

I cannot really recommend Alcides Escobar and his .183-0-12 line, but the KC shortstop's career mean over 10 years is .258-4-50 with 22 steals. That means if Escobar just finishes the season hitting .250, and hits the rest of those decade-long means, he will hit .285-4-30 with 22 steals, which might be lofty, but getting close is certainly not impossible with 100 games left. The Royals continue to push Escobar to the top of the order, and he does have nine hits over his last six games, so do keep an eye on him.

The Nats drafted Brian Goodwin in the first round of the 2011 draft, but the outfielder has pretty much languished since, posting a .253-52-249 line, making a brief (22 games: .286-0-5) visit to the Show last year. Injuries forced the hand of the team and Goodwin returned, having a big game Friday when he singled twice, tripled, and homered off the Athletics to give him a season line of .303-1-5 over 15 games and 33 at-bats. Goodwin might not stay on as a starter, but he could get 10 or so at-bats a week as a #4 guy in Washington and be of help in an NL-only format.

With both Cameron Maybin and Mike Trout on the DL, the Angels hit some desperate straits, but 32-year-old Eric Young, Jr. climbed aboard with a hot start, hitting .348-1-2 with a pair of swipes over his first week back in The Show. He's for sure a solid grab in an AL format (and if his hot bat continues, every format).

The Angels also sought help from pitcher Parker Bridwell, a ninth-round pick of the Orioles in 2010. That means 687.6 minor league innings with a pedestrian 33-46, 4.70 ERA with a 1.41 WHIP. Bridwell did whiff 623, so it appears control is a lot of the issue and the O's did give Bridwell a look (3.3 innings, five hits and five runs). Don't bite.

Another rookie hurler you might have noticed is Eric Skoglund, the Royals third-round selection in 2014. Skoglund comported himself well following a stint at Central Florida, going 15-18, 3.74, moving up through the Minors and arriving at Kauffman last week. Skoglund did well enough in his first start with 6.3 shutout innings and a win over the Tigers, but things were different in his second outing as Cleveland pounded the rookie for four runs over a pair of innings. Skoglund whiffed 266 over 310.6 minor league innings, meaning he is not a dominant starter, so probably best to shy away. Maybe Skoglund becomes a decent fourth starter, but not much more.

I have to admit I was one of those who thought veteran Yankee Brett Gardner was on the downhill slide, but over May, Gardner has seriously lit it up, contributing with a .327-9-21 line. So, Gardner has hardly had it.

One pitcher I do like is Silvino Bracho, a 23-year-old Venezuelan who collected 283 whiffs over just 198.6 minor league innings. Bracho has been up and down this year, struggling in the Majors (0-2, 6.18 over 39.3 innings) but has been so dominant in the Minors (2-1, 1.64 with four saves) that something has to give. Bracho, who has 90 minor league conversions and if he gets the hang, only Fernando Rodney seems to be in his way.

Finally, back to the Bay Area, the decimated Giants promoted 25-year-old Dominican Orlando Calixte, who has produced a somewhat dubious minor league line of .249-63-274 over 719 minor league games, with a .304 OBP. Calixte had a nice first game in the Majors, with a couple of hits and RBI, but Calixte is just filler. Young Jr. is the guy to go for should you need some outfield production.

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And, you can always harrangue me all you like @lawrmichaels.

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