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Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

Here we are at the DFS challenge with our pals at RealTime Sports, where you can match up against my Mastersball mates and me, and prove to your friends that you are surely a better player than I!

Tune in here daily, as Lawr and I pick up the Mastersball gauntlet where you can play our daily 50/50 game ($5) or come right after Lawr on Fridays in the free Beat the Experts contest. Beat Lawr and you win $2, and hold the mantle of beating an Expert!

Whit Merrifield ($3800): Not only does he possess the whitest name in North America, Whit now owns a 15-game hitting streak. No, Joe DiMaggio’s streak isn’t in any jeopardy yet, but Matt Boyd’s ERA may be with Merrifield crushing lefties thus far to the tune of an even .400 batting average, while raising that average almost 100 points from April to May. There is only a 30% chance of rain for this tilt, otherwise a nice spring evening in Kansas City.

Antonio Senzatela ($6100): Now sitting at 7-1 with a 3.19 ERA, has Senzatela proven to the fantasy world he may be better than a Coors Curse? I know I was waiting and he has proven me wrong, with six quality starts so far. Antonio is up in Seattle tonight where the weather will not be a factor in Safeco Field. Do not go looking for a double-digit strikeout performance from Senzatela, as he only has 37 whiffs so far in 62 innings pitched, but another quality start and killer run support will be there.

You can always give me a yell @PolkaPat, and read more of my goodies at Fighting Chance Sports.

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