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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Vlad Sedler has been screaming at us since the DailyTout season began that he was here to stay, but it wasn't till this last week that the RotoWire writer's presence could not be denied.

In fact, just last week I wrote, "It is worthy of note how consistent Mr. Sedler has been, having finished fourth overall after Cycle I with 474.35 total points." Vlad finished second last week with 132.45 points to Mike Beller's 156, but Friday belonged to Sedler alone who took top honors with 142.6 points.

Riding the bats of Jake Lamb (36 points) and David Peralta (21) coupled with strong pitching from Alex Wood (23.1) and Taijuan Walker (20.5), Vlad bested Beller and his 129.65 points, keeping the pair firmly entrenched in the top two slots halfway through Cycle II.

Mike Gianella (129.35), Steve Gardner (122.65) and Derek Carty (120.65) made up the remainder of the Top 5 from last Friday.

Cycle II continues this coming Friday. You can check the standings here. Log into the site every Friday and we each provide a couple of picks we like for the evening.

For the archivists, the Touts play a daily game against one another every Friday at DraftKings. Lord Zola is the curator of this fine mess, which breaks the season into five four-week cycles, with the two teams garnering the most points over each advancing to a final championship that includes the Tout collecting the most points over all 20 weeks.

Remember to go to the Tout Wars site for our Friday picks. And, tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, featuring Justin Mason and me every Thursday night at 9 PM ET.

And, tune into The Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network this Thursday, as our special guest is Derek Carty, who romped Cycle I and who will discuss The BAT, his system for DFS success.

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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