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Tuesday 23rd Jan 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier

rickie weeks jr



RWeeks, TB Nando DiFino 77 Jeff Erickson 31 Chris Liss 1 Jason Collette 0
YDiaz, Cle Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 52 Jeff Erickson 17 Chris Liss 1  
MCanha, Oak Seth Trachtman 42 Jeff Erickson 31 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1  
AMeyer, LAA Chris Liss 41      
CPennington, LAA Seth Trachtman 21      
MBolsinger, Tor Seth Trachtman 5      
DMarrero, Bos Jason Collette 3      
LMaile, Tor Mike Podhorzer 3      
MMinor, KC Jason Collette 2 Rob Leibowitz 0 Mike Podhorzer 0 Larry Schechter 0
JFaria, TB Mike Podhorzer 2      
MOhlman, Tor Mike Podhorzer 0      
JHoyt, Hou Mike Podhorzer 0      
BPeacock, Hou Rob Leibowitz 0      
HHembree, Bos Rob Leibowitz 0      
RTepera, Tor Larry Schechter 0      


WGarcia, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 22
CBergman, Sea Seth Trachtman 5
KSmith, CWS Mike Podhorzer 0
JGraterol, LAA Mike Podhorzer 0

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

Relative to the half-dozen AL LABR moves yesterday, Tout was a veritable flea market of free agent activity Mother's Day even. Of course, there are a couple of significant differences between the leagues, the first being LABR allows $100 of FAAB while Tout jumped that total to $1000. but, LABR does allow for six reserve players, while Tout just four, and that means a deeper free agent pool of potential help to sift through.

So, some spirited spending took place, with Rickie Weeks being the high priced spread going for $77 to Nando DiFino, followed on the price list by Yandy Diaz ($52) to team Wolf/Colton. Seth Trachtman picked up Oakland outfielder Mark Canha ($42), while Chris Liss dropped $41 on Angels hurler Alex Meyer.

From there the price drop off was significant. Mike Bolsinger ($5) moved to team Trachtman while league leader Mike Podhorzer adjusted four roster spots with buys of Luke Maile ($3), and Mike Ohlman ($0) covering potential Jays backstops and then Jacob Faria ($2) and James Hoyt ($0). Current runner-up Jason Collette made a pair of purchases (Deven Marrero, $3, Mike Minor, $2).

Rob Leibowitz and Larry Schechter finished off the spending spree with $0 bids Brad Peakcock, Heath Hembree, and Ryan Tepera donning new uniforms, at least for the week.

Todd's Take

An underused ploy in AL and NL Tout is auctioning off impending drops likely to be bid on the following week. FAAB is a tradable commodity, why not alert your competitors you intend to release so-and-so, asking for FAAB offers. The idea is someone will probably prefer a pre-emptive trade so they don't have to cross their fingers they submit the highest offer into the Bidmeister. Granted, it's rare one has the depth to pull this off, but a great example is Rickie Weeks Jr. I bet he would have garnered a FAAB offer close to the 77 he sold for. Who knows, maybe even more if there are multiple owners interested.

eddie butler



EButler, ChC Lenny Melnick  195 Brian Walton 84 Phil Hertz 32 Scott Wilderman 2
    Tristan H. Cockcroft 2    
MSzczur, SD Lenny Melnick  151 Andy Behrens 81 Brian Walton 63 Todd Zola 47
    Scott Wilderman 18 Mike Gianella 14  
ZGodley, Ari Brian Walton 84 Andy Behrens 71 Scott Wilderman 2 Tristan H. Cockcroft 2
JCandelario, ChC Mike Gianella 63 Scott Wilderman 13 Brian Walton 13  
PNeshek, Phi Andy Behrens 19 Craig Mish 11    
JHoffman, Col Craig Mish 16      
JLagares, NYM Brian Walton 13 Scott Wilderman 1    
GMarquez, Col Brian Walton 12 Phil Hertz 12    
DNava, Phi Mike Gianella 9 Brian Walton 12 Scott Wilderman 6 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
MReynolds, NYM Steve Gardner 0      
JNicasio, Pit Tristan H. Cockcroft 0      


DSantana, Atl Brian Walton 12 Lenny Melnick  11 Mike Gianella 6
TLaStella, ChC Mike Gianella 4    
TMoore, Mia Brian Walton 3    
BEibner, LAD Brian Walton 2    
LSims, Atl Brian Walton 1    
MRojas, Mia Steve Gardner 0    
TKelly, Phi Mike Gianella 0    

Brian Walton's Commentary

It has never been about me in NL Tout this season. Perhaps that is part of my problem, as I came into the week with the second-most money at $925 and $60 more coming back in a rebate for the loss of Andrew Toles. With eight players on the disabled list, including three in the last week, it was clearly time to spend. Therefore, I bid $84 each for pitchers Zach Godley and Eddie Butler and $64 for outfielder Matt Szczur. I only won one of my targets.

Arizona starter Godley joined my roster after firing seven one-run innings at the Tigers on Wednesday. With reports of increased velocity this season, the 27-year old is lined up for a two start week ahead against the Mets and Padres. It will be a massive overpay unless he delivers and can hold his rotation spot.

Butler, a former Rockies prospect and now a member of the Cubs, was recalled from Triple-A, and was in his words, “effectively wild” as he threw six two-hit shutout innings at the Cardinals on Friday. If he keeps it up, the fifth spot in Chicago’s rotation should be his. Lenny Melnick’s $195 winning bid made me a very distant second.

Speaking of Cubs, Matt Szczur went from the 25th man in Chicago to a potential outfield starter in San Diego. Interest was high in NL Tout, with Melnick’s $151 offer besting Andy Behrens by $70.

In a big Cubs week, third baseman Jeimer Candelario is seeing his first extended action in the bigs. It is hard to see meaningful playing time ahead, but heating up after a very quiet .063 start could help the top prospect’s chances of sticking around. Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus submitted the winning bid of $63.

Todd's Take

I talked a little about Butler in the LABR reports, but for those checking just the Tout version, Butler may not stay up long, but he's sure to be back as Brett Anderson isn't likely to stay healthy and the Cubs seem to like Mike Montgomery in a relief role. Getting out of Coors obviously helps Butler, as will working with Chris Bosio. The Cubs offense should eventually get going. Their defense remains very good. All that's missing is the element most yearned for by fantasy gamers - strikeouts. Butler no longer profiles as a dominant starter, but he'll miss ample bats to be effective. If you're in a mixed league, keep in mind the lower strikeout potential.

ian happ



EButler, ChC Joe Pisapia 188 Tim Heaney 36 Scott Engel 9  
IHapp, ChC Derek Van Riper 153 Al Melchior 58 Jeff Zimmerman 0  
DLaw, SF Derek Van Riper 67 Scott Pianowski 63 Tim Heaney 16  
ZGodley, Ari Scott Engel 46 Jeff Zimmerman 45 Al Melchior 44 Joe Pisapia 42
    Scott Swanay 28 Ron Shandler 27 Tim Heaney 26
    Derek Van Riper 23 Brent Hershey 11 Fred Zinkie 3
DDietrich, Mia Scott Pianowski 44 Tim Heaney 11 Scott Engel 2  
TRivera, NYM Al Melchior 28 Scott Pianowski 13 Tim Heaney 11 Scott Engel 3
GMarquez, Col Tim Heaney 26      
TClippard, NYY Zach Steinhorn 22      
ERamirez, TB Ron Shandler 21 Tim Heaney 7    
ECarrera, Tor Scott Swanay 14      
MMontero, ChC Tim Heaney 13 Gene McCaffrey 7    
PValaika, Col Tim Heaney 11      
NAhmed, Ari Scott Engel 7      
CRasmus, TB Scott Engel 7 Derek Van Riper 19    
MAlbers, Was Scott Pianowski 3      
YGallardo, Sea Fred Zinkie 3      
ARosales, Oak Scott Swanay 2      
MMinor, KC Tim Heaney 0      


JSoria, KC Zach Steinhorn 16
AAlmora, ChC Scott Swanay 13
CaJoseph, Bal Tim Heaney 13
GHeredia, Sea Scott Swanay 13
JSmith, Tor Zach Steinhorn 5
DODay, Bal Tim Heaney 0
EEscobar, Min Scott Engel 0
JuGuerra, Mil Tim Heaney 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Filling in for the injured Brett Anderson in the Cubs rotation, Eddie Butler was impressive on Friday, blanking the Cardinals over six innings. Butler, a former top prospect in the Rockies organization, is still only 26, so the "upside" tag hasn't expired just yet. But I can't get excited about a guy with a 6.26 ERA and 1.74 WHIP across 165 1/3 big league innings.

The runner-up award for this week goes to another Cub, 22-year-old Ian Happ. Drafted in the first round by the North Siders in 2015, Happ was hitting .298-9-25 through 26 games for Triple-A Iowa upon his callup on Saturday, and he did indeed homer in his first big league game. The problem is that his stay with the Cubs is expected to last only a few days. Still, I do like this move for Derek Van Riper, as he can play Happ for a few games before stashing the stud prospect with the hope that he gets another opportunity sooner rather than later.

A little over a week ago, my closers were Aroldis Chapman and Francisco Rodriguez, so I'm now left with zero closers. Instead of weakening other areas of my team by making multiple trades for closers, I'm leaning towards punting saves, a strategy that I really hate to follow. But I'm left with little choice at this point. The downside of playing so many starting pitchers is that your ERA and WHIP might suffer, so I figured that grabbing Tyler Clippard, a high-end setup man who could help with my ratios, was a good idea. The added bonus with Clippard is that he's now second in line for saves.

Todd's Take

I handle the weekly pitching rankings for Rotowire. My comment for Zack Godley was, "Given shot for 5th spot, like his chances to keep the job." Based on the interest here with ten owners clicking in bids for the Dbacks righty, I'm not alone. Shelby Miller's injury opened up a spot in the desert. Braden Shipley got the first chance, now it's Godley's turn. Godley generates ground balls, which plays well in Chase Field. His skills aren't especially strong, but he should hover around the league norm in whiffs and walks. Remember, we're talking 5th starter here, not a stud. Though, his double-dip this week is enticing, first entertaining the Mets then visiting Petco Park.

derek law



ZGodley, Ari Tom Kessenich 168 Corey Parson 38 Perry Van Hook 37 Adam Ronis 12
    Greg Ambrosius 3    
EButler, ChC Tim McLeod 111 Tom Kessenich 68 Corey Parson 37 Perry Van Hook 23
    Greg Ambrosius 0    
BGamel, Sea Tim McLeod 53 Adam Ronis 11    
TBauer, Cle Greg Ambrosius 44      
CRasmus, TB Ray Murphy 32 Tim McLeod 25 Charlie Wiegert 5  
DValencia, Sea Ray Murphy 32 Adam Ronis 1    
JChavez, LAA Anthony Perri 23      
DLaw, SF Adam Ronis 22 Tim McLeod 62 Charlie Wiegert 9 Corey Parson 5
    Greg Ambrosius 4    
JNelson, Mil Corey Parson 21      
ONarvaez, CWS Rudy Gamble 18 Corey Parson 0    
JUrena, Mia Perry Van Hook 7      
FRivero, Pit Tim McLeod 6      
IHapp, ChC Charlie Wiegert 6 Adam Ronis 2    
MGarza, Mil Corey Parson 5 Corey Parson 14    
JPolanco, Min Adam Ronis 5      
RHanigan, Col Perry Van Hook 0      
TBarnhart, Cin Corey Parson 0      


LGarcia, CWS Adam Ronis 11  
RRivera, NYM Rudy Gamble 7 Perry Van Hook 0
JTomlin, Cle Perry Van Hook 7 Greg Ambrosius 1
WPeralta, Cin Tim McLeod 5  
MMinor, KC Greg Ambrosius 4  
JSmoak, Tor Adam Ronis 4  
TRivera, NYM Adam Ronis 3  
MSierra, StL Charlie Wiegert 2  
PValaika, Col Adam Ronis 2  
BJohnson, Bos Greg Ambrosius 1  
ABarnes, LAD Perry Van Hook 0  
AKnapp, Phi Perry Van Hook 0  
ISuzuki, Mia Perry Van Hook 0  
JSucre, TB Perry Van Hook 0  
RChirinos, Tex Perry Van Hook 0  
GMarquez, Col Greg Ambrosius 0  
CHerrmann, Ari Corey Parson 0  
CArroyo, SF Adam Ronis 0  
NAhmed, Ari Adam Ronis 0  

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

A pair of new starting pitchers were the headliners in the mixed draft league with the Diamondbacks Zack Godley going for $168 to Tom Kessenich while Tim McLeod added Eddie Butler for $111.

I bid modestly for both Godley (good two-start week) and Butler but settled for new Marlins starter Jose Urena for $7 which will prove to be a bargain if his start this coming week matches his previous two efforts.

With Russell Martin on the 10 day DL, I merely submitted a list of the decent backstops available in a zero dollar queue, winning first choice Ryan Hanigan, COL. Sadly it looks like at least another month before Tom Murphy ascends from my growing DL list.

Todd's Take

Ben Gamel has been quietly productive while Mitch Haniger heals on the DL. The lefty swinger has been hitting second versus right-handers though he's dropped to the bottom third of the order versus southpaws. Guillermo Heredia has also hit well while manning left field. Haniger is out for at least two more weeks, but if Heredia and Gamel continue producing, they'll be faced with a dilemma, how to keep everyone in the lineup.

zack godley 



DMesoraco, Cin Jake Ciely 135    
HNeris, Phi Andrea LaMont 130 Dr. Roto 25  
DLaw, SF Howard Bender 62 Vlad Sedler 19  
TMancini, Bal Kyle Elfrink 57    
LPerdomo, SD Vlad Sedler 24 Jake Ciely 0  
ZCozart, Cin Clay Link 22    
DGregorius, NYY Jake Ciely 20    
BGamel, Sea Vlad Sedler 19    
ZDavies, Mil Dr. Roto 15    
MCabrera, CWS Vlad Sedler 13    
ZGodley, Ari Dr. Roto 10 Vlad Sedler 6 Jake Ciely 5
JCRamirez, LAA Vlad Sedler 9    
DStraily, Mia Vlad Sedler 6    
EButler, ChC Clay Link 5 Dr. Roto 25  
LMorrison, TB Peter Kreutzer 4    
TPham, StL Peter Kreutzer 3    
YGomes, Cle Andrea LaMont 3    
JHoyt, Hou Peter Kreutzer 0    


KFreeland, Col Andrea LaMont 51
DSpan, SF Vlad Sedler 15
AGriffin, Tex Dr. Roto 10
JBiagini, Tor Dr. Roto 10
JHoover, Ari Kyle Elfrink 7
JMusgrove, Hou Vlad Sedler 6
MBoyd, Det Vlad Sedler 6
JPolanco, Min Clay Link 5
MClevinger, Cle Clay Link 4
BParker, LAA Vlad Sedler 3
CKuhl, Pit Vlad Sedler 3
LChisenhall, Cle Vlad Sedler 3
WMerrifield, KC Vlad Sedler 3
CaJoseph, Bal Andrea LaMont 2
MGivens, Bal Vlad Sedler 2
DPhelps, Mia Dr. Roto 1
JARamirez, Atl Dr. Roto 1
DHolland, CWS Jake Ciely 0
JSmith, Tor Peter Kreutzer 0
MDunn, Col Peter Kreutzer 0
TRivera, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

The two big buys for the week:

Devin Mesoraco, C, Cin: He's been hurt for so often and so long, you have to be skeptical about his chances, and to top things off he was pulled from Sunday's game with a mild hamstring issue. The team says they're being careful, he said he could have played through it, but his season-high major league at bats in the last three years is 50. He's more than 60 percent there this year, optimism is not a solid option. At the same time, he's been hitting a little this year, unlike the last two years, and appears to be healthier (or have the potential to be healthier). He's worth a shot, always, if you have a bum catcher.

Hector Neris, RP, Phi: The Phillies didn't want Neris to be their closer, but when you have the best stuff in the pen it is hard not to ease past Joaquin Benoit, especially after Jeanmar Gomez was hurt. Neris hasn't put up outasight strikeout numbers yet, which along with the lack of definition in the Phils pen is why he was a free agent at this point.

In more Closer news, Howard Bender lost Aroldis Chapman this week, and spent not a lot to pick up Derek Law to replace him. Rightfully so, Law has not been dominant and is backed up by Hunter Strickland, who will be called on if Law struggles. But Law has the job right now, and the talent to get it done. Howard did well.

In other Closer news, two of my setup guys (Corey Knebel and Addison Reed) became closers this week, plus Shawn Kelley returned from the DL. This is the potential when you staff a team with high strikeout rate short relievers who don't have a closing role for cheap (Kelley was cheap, too, because he was thought not to be the closer in Washington at the start of the season). On the first day of the year I had three closers? Corey Knebel earned a save, and Kelly and Addison Reed earned two blown saves, allowing five runs in one total inning pitched. That capped a horrible week for Team Rotoman. There better be better days ahead.

Todd's Take

It's been rare the activity in the H2H league matches the other mixed leagues. Perhaps it's just the available inventory Maybe it's the league getting a better feel for their team, the scoring and how to maximize their chance to win their weekly battle. As a strategy-honk, I hope it's the latter and we continue to see the participants scratch and claw for the necessary category juice.

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