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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Ray Murphy might be employing "RAYQ" as he leads the Tout DFS competition by a hefty 30 points as we move to Week 3, but @RotoLady Andrea Lamont eeked out a win over Howard Bender, besting @RotoBuzzGuy by .15 of a point, 146.25 to 146.10, showing just how important a whiff or steal can be.

What is interesting about Andrea's total is she picked a winner in Cole Hamels (22.4 points), but not so with Justin Verlander (5.85). However, Joey Gallo (30), Corey Seager (24) and A.J. Pollock (24) picked up the gauntlet, besting Howard, who rode Corey Kluber's 44.5 points to go along with Pollock to make it close.

RotoWire's Vlad Sedler (@rotogut) finished a distant third at 130.25, also on the back of Kluber, complemented by Mike Trout and his 21 points, and that was good enough to put Vlad at second overall with 244.75, following Ray's 274.4, with the RotoBuzzGuy holding third at 243.6 points.

Check the standings here. Log into the site every Friday and we each provide a couple of picks we like for the evening.

For the archivists, the Touts play a daily game against one another every Friday at DraftKings. Lord Zola is the curator of this fine mess, which breaks the season into five four-week cycles, with the two teams garnering the most points over each advancing to a final championship that includes the Tout collecting the most points over all 20 weeks.

Remember to go to the Tout Wars site for our Friday picks. And, tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, featuring Justin Mason and me every Thursday night starting April 27 at 9 PM ET.

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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