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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

jaff decker



JDecker, Oak Lawr Michaels 75 Steve Moyer 14 Jeff Erickson 5 Wolf/Colton 0
JHicks, Det Jeff Erickson 66 Chris Liss 66 Wolf/Colton 36 Jason Collette 6
BPeacock, Hou Chris Liss 56      
JRutledge, Bos Chris Liss 44      
JBonifacio, KC Steve Moyer 21 Jeff Erickson 66 Chris Liss 1  
FMontas, Oak Rob Leibowitz 16      
ONarvaez, CWS Steve Moyer 14      
KKela, Tex Steve Moyer 14 Chris Liss 5    
TDuffey, Min Larry Schechter 8      
HHembree, Bos Rob Leibowitz 7      
JCRamirez, LAA Wolf/Colton 6 Mike Podhorzer 3    
CWhitley, TB Wolf/Colton 6      
RWeeks, TB Jason Collette 6 Chris Liss 1 Wolf/Colton 0  
RPressly, Min Larry Schechter 2      
MClevinger, Cle Jason Collette 2      
MMahtook, Det Seth Trachtman 1 Jeff Erickson 5    
JAdduci, Det Wolf/Colton 1      
SSelsky, Bos Chris Liss 1      
MHernandez, Bos Seth Trachtman 0 Wolf/Colton 1    


PBourjos, TB Lawr Michaels 25 Jeff Erickson 1 Chris Liss 1
AWilson, Det Chris Liss 9    
YPetit, LAA Rob Leibowitz 3    
NVincent, Sea Rob Leibowitz 2    
ZPutnam, CWS Rob Leibowitz 2    
CColon, KC Jeff Erickson 1 Wolf/Colton 0  
DRobertson, TB Jeff Erickson 1    
MBelisle, Min Rob Leibowitz 1    
MOlson, Oak Chris Liss 1    
TomHunter, TB Rob Leibowitz 1    
ZMcAllister, Cle Rob Leibowitz 1    
CGentry, Bal Wolf/Colton 0    
JMay, CWS Wolf/Colton 0    
SPeterson, TB Wolf/Colton 0    

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

Perhaps part of the fun, not to mention interest, in summarizing the LABR moves and the Tout moves each week is that Tout allows a $1000 a year to blow on free agent pick-ups while LABR reduces the seasonal budget by 90%, giving just 100 clams to try and buy the same commodities.

So, while five bucks was as far as the prices were pushed for LABR moves this past week for the rights to Angels reliever Blake Parker, Parker was snatched up already in Tout by Mike Podhorzer for a buck, leaving Cam Bedrosian owner Chris Liss with a hole and the leading filler gone. Still, Chris went $56 to get Brad Peacock to replace the Camster.

Even with that, the high priced spread this week was Oakland's "new" outfielder, Jaff Decker who has been threatening rosters since he was drafted #1 by the Padres in 2008. I went $75 for Decker, whom I think will get some good playing time, but a week ago, Decker went in LABR for $2 a week ago to BBHQ's Dave Adler.

Elsewhere among the Tout moves, Liss also spent $44 on Josh Rutledge to spell the 10-day DL stint of Miguel Cabrera, but Jeff Erickson was really the big spender going $66 for John Hicks, whom Jeff thinks might also get some at-bats while Miggy recuperates.

On the lower end, meaning the teen dollar range which would be expensive in LABR, Omar Narvaez went to Steve Moyer for $14, who spent a like amount on Keone Kela, and upped the ante to $21 for Jorge Bonifacio, while Rob Leibowitz spent $16 on Athletcs current long-man Frankie Montas.

However, there were a few low-end buys that were interesting speculations. Team Wolf/Colton went after JC Ramirez and Larry Schechter went $8 on Tyler Duffey (who went for $3 in LABR), Seth Trachtman snatched up Mikie Mahtook for just a buck while this week's leader, Jason Collette spent six bucks on his newest hometown fave, Rickie Weeks.

Todd's Take

Piggy-backing on Lawr's point between the LABR and Tout Wars budgets, everyone assumes a $5 bid in LABR is equivalent to a $50 bid in Tout Wars. I suppose this is the case, but there's a couple major differences. Using 5 and 50 doesn't work as well as 50 and 500. The big difference is a $50 bid in LABR leaves just 50 $1 bids whereas a $500 bid leaves 500 such acquisitions. Not to mention, Tout Wars allows $0 bids. The National Fantasy Baseball Championship uses the $1000 budget, but no $0 bids (the way it should be, in my not so humble opinion). For me, a $5 LABR bid should equate to more than $50 in Tout Wars and the NFBC.

enrique hernandez 



EHernandez, LAD Andy Behrens 91 Steve Gardner 75 Todd Zola 37 Scott Wilderman 32
    Craig Mish 19 Mike Gianella 14 Tristan H. Cockcroft 1
    Derek Carty 0    
SVanSlyke, LAD Todd Zola 37 Scott Wilderman 12 Steve Gardner 2 Derek Carty 0
MCain, SF Todd Zola 37 Phil Hertz 2    
ACordoba, SD Todd Zola 27 Mike Gianella 14 Steve Gardner 8 Scott Wilderman 5
    Craig Mish 2 Derek Carty 0 Phil Hertz 0
ZEflin, Phi Brian Walton 23 Todd Zola 17 Phil Hertz 7 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
TRivera, NYM Steve Gardner 18 Andy Behrens 51 Mike Gianella 14 Phil Hertz 0
PErvin, Cin Mike Gianella 14      
CTaylor, LAD Scott Wilderman 13 Todd Zola 33 Phil Hertz 0 Derek Carty 0
PKivlehan, Cin Steve Gardner 2      
AEllis, Mia Phil Hertz 1      
RStripling, LAD Grey Albright 1      
TAdleman, Cin Tristan H. Cockcroft 0 Brian Walton 12 Phil Hertz 0  
JGrimm, ChC Derek Carty 0      
NRamirez, SF Derek Carty 0      
JWeaver, SD Phil Hertz 0      
CHeisey, Was Derek Carty 0 Steve Gardner 2    
RRivera, NYM Derek Carty 0 Phil Hertz 0    
ERomero, Was Phil Hertz 0      


LSardinas, SD Mike Gianella 14 Scott Wilderman 2  
CDArnaud, Atl Steve Gardner 8 Todd Zola 3 Scott Wilderman 1
MBowman, StL Brian Walton 1    
AAmarista, Col Phil Hertz 0    
DLaw, SF Phil Hertz 0    
JUrena, Mia Phil Hertz 0    
MGarza, Mil Phil Hertz 0    
PGosselin, Pit Phil Hertz 0    
KQuackenbush, SD Derek Carty 0    

Brian Walton's Commentary

Two home runs and three RBI over 15 at-bats made Kike Hernandez the league’s top target this week. Though five owners made their top offer for the Dodgers utiltyman, only one could be the winner. That is Andy Behrens of Yahoo at $91.

Another Dodger, Scott Van Slyke, has long been a power threat, though his at-bats have been sporadic. While the outfielder is batting just .182 to date, Todd Zola’s $37 bid suggests he sees better results ahead.

Speaking of $37, that was Lord Zola’s number for a blast from the past, Giants pitcher Matt Cain. Though the club is off to a rough opening to the season, it is due to the offense. Cain has quietly put together two strong starts in a row, allowing just two runs in his last 12 innings.

Todd's Take

As Brian notes, some slug actually bid on Matt Cain. Oh wait, that was me. Like in Mixed LABR, I'm saddled with replacing Madison Bumgarner. Obviously, I'm not counting on Cain to do that, but with two starts in pitcher-friendly AT&T, I'll take my chances this week.

Injuries to Lucas Duda and Jhonny Peralta left a couple of hitting holes, filled by Scott Van Slyke and Allen Cordoba. Van Slyke starts against some lefties so I'm hoping he gets some action early in the week with the Dodgers drawing Ty Blach and Matt Moore. They conclude the week against three Philly righties, so I'll hope for a couple of pinch-hitting at bats. I discussed Cordoba in the LABR report. In brief, there's a pathway to playing time with Erick Aybar off to a slow start.

trevor rosenthal



TRosenthal, StL Scott Pianowski 99 Scott Swanay 2    
BNorris, LAA Bret Sayre 73 Scott Pianowski 53 Brent Hershey 51  
KWong, StL Bret Sayre 64 Scott Pianowski 59 Tim Heaney 22 Gene McCaffrey 17
    Scott Swanay 4    
ASimmons, LAA Scott Pianowski 55 Fred Zinkie 5 Scott Swanay 3  
AHicks, NYY Scott Pianowski 49 Scott Pianowski 39 Scott Swanay 6  
JBarnes, Mil Tim Heaney 48 Al Melchior 36    
KGlover, Was Scott Swanay 44 Zach Steinhorn 32 Jeff Zimmerman 22 Derek Van Riper 1
JCRamirez, LAA Al Melchior 44      
JWilson, Det Jeff Zimmerman 42 Scott Swanay 14    
TBlach, SF Fred Zinkie 42 Al Melchior 32    
ARomine, NYY Ron Shandler 32 Tim Heaney 4    
WMiley, Bal Derek Van Riper 22 Tim Heaney 11    
LMorrison, TB Tim Heaney 22 Scott Engel 11 Derek Van Riper 1 Al Melchior 1
MPrado, Mia Al Melchior 21 Tim Heaney 8    
RTorreyes, NYY Scott Engel 19 Scott Swanay 2    
DVogelbach, Sea Fred Zinkie 18      
ERamirez, TB Brent Hershey 17      
CHerrmann, Ari Tim Heaney 13      
ARosario, NYM Fred Zinkie 5      
JMercer, Pit Scott Swanay 3 Gene McCaffrey 0    
YEscobar, LAA Derek Van Riper 1      
JHardy, Bal Gene McCaffrey 0      


MBoyd, Det Scott Swanay 28 Fred Zinkie 3  
JSmoak, Tor Bret Sayre 24 Tim Heaney 22 Scott Engel 11
AVizcaino, Atl Jeff Zimmerman 22    
ARomine, Det Al Melchior 16    
KKela, Tex Scott Swanay 13    
AGarcia, Atl Tim Heaney 8 Al Melchior 1  
GGarcia, StL Al Melchior 6    
YGomes, Cle Tim Heaney 4    
BPeacock, Hou Scott Pianowski 3    
ARosales, Oak Scott Swanay 3    
SGennett, Cin Scott Swanay 2 Gene McCaffrey 0  
EAybar, SD Scott Swanay 2    
TKahnle, CWS Scott Swanay 1    
BHand, SD Bret Sayre 1    
AAvila, Det Tim Heaney 1    
AWarren, NYY Scott Swanay 0    
HHembree, Bos Scott Swanay 0    
NVincent, Sea Scott Swanay 0    

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

In a relatively quiet FAAB week, at least in terms of total dollars spent, a trio of speculative closers stands out. Trevor Rosenthal, the most expensive purchase for this week at $99, used to be an elite fantasy closer until midway through last season, when things fell apart, largely due to control problems. But he's pitched well so far this year, the most noteworthy stat being his 11-to-0 K/BB ratio across 5 1/3 innings. Meanwhile, Seung-Hwan Oh, who was dominant last season as Rosenthal's ninth inning replacement, hasn't been nearly as sharp so far this year, though he has tossed four scoreless innings after allowing runs in four of his first five appearances. Maybe Rosenthal will not return to his old role this year. Or maybe Oh's inconsistency will continue. Either way, it's worth the 99 bucks to take a flier on the former St. Louis stopper.

Cam Bedrosian has been outstanding as the Angels closer so far (6 2/3 scoreless innings, nine strikeouts). But a groin strain has now landed him on the DL, which is good news for Bud Norris, who picked up the save for the Halos on Saturday. However, Blake Parker could figure into the saves mix as well, and Bedrosian's injury might not be too serious, so Norris' fantasy relevance might be short-lived.

Finally, I was about to go two straight weeks without making a FAAB bid until the Nats turned to Koda Glover, not Shawn Kelley, for the save last night. And Glover proceeded to earn his second save in as many days. Perhaps this was simply a situation of Kelley, who has undergone two Tommy John surgeries, needing an additional rest day. Or maybe deep down, Dusty Baker would really prefer to leave Kelley in the eighth inning. So, I figured a token bid of $32 on Glover was in order, though I was not going to be surprised if the winning bid was in the triple-digits. The strange thing is that I almost won Glover, but he instead went to Scott Swanay, who just so happens to be the owner of Shawn Kelley. I guess that's the way it should be.

Todd's Take

Granted, it's not especially relevant, or helpful to your game play, but stuff like this fascinates me. There's not much difference between Trevor Rosenthal, Jacob Barnes and Koda Glover. All three are speculative closers, though most would likely peg Glover with the best chance to lead the trio in saves the rest of the campaign. Oddly, no one bidding on Glover bid on Barnes, and vice versa. For Scott P, it was Rosenthal or bust while Scott S preferred Glover to Rosenthal, and won him.

 aaron altherr



AAltherr, Phi Corey Parson 79 Adam Ronis 39 Perry Van Hook 17 Rudy Gamble 14
TBlach, SF Perry Van Hook 56 Corey Parson 4 Greg Ambrosius 2  
TMotter, Sea Corey Parson 46 Perry Van Hook 17 Adam Ronis 12 Anthony Perri 7
TCahill, SD Ray Murphy 42 Greg Ambrosius 0    
WMiley, Bal Tom Kessenich 36 Scott White 23 Charlie Wiegert 2  
BNorris, LAA Greg Ambrosius 27 Adam Ronis 27 Jeff Boggis 26 Corey Parson 2
MPina, Mil Jeff Boggis 26      
MDavidson, CWS Perry Van Hook 17 Corey Parson 12    
DMesoraco, Cin Scott White 17      
MGonzalez, Hou Tim McCullough 15      
AHicks, NYY Perry Van Hook 13 Corey Parson 41 Tom Kessenich 11 Corey Parson 6
CRichard, SD Anthony Perri 12      
YAlonso, Oak Adam Ronis 12      
ARosales, Oak Ray Murphy 10      
JLowrie, Oak Tim McCullough 9      
YEscobar, LAA Ray Murphy 3 Corey Parson 3    
JChacin, SD Greg Ambrosius 0      


WMerrifield, KC Perry Van Hook 17
DNava, Phi Perry Van Hook 4
RGrossman, Min Perry Van Hook 4
DVogelbach, Sea Adam Ronis 2
EEscobar, Min Perry Van Hook 2

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Eleven Touts participated in this relatively active week of bidding. There were two prmary sets of targets: emerging bats and starting pitchers.

Starting with the sticks, the high bid was for Phillies fly chaser Aaron Altherr whose hot week spurred Corey Parson to put up $76, hoping for continued playing time. Parson also dropped $46 on Taylor Motter, fresh off his Sunday grand slam. Motter began the season as a fantasy outfielder, picking up shortstop eligibility as he's filling in for the disabled Jean Segura. It will be interesting to see if Motter gets full time at bats in the outfield (or possibly first base) when Segura returns next week.

Next comes starting pitchers, featuring a duo enjoying a double dip. I placed the high bid on Ty Blach of the Giants, spending $56 for his home pair against the Dodgers and Padres while hoping he grabs the job and stays in the rotation beyond the 6-8 weeks that the MadCyclist will be on the DL. Ray Murphy put $42 on Padre starter Trevor Cahill, with Tom Kessenich winning Orioles hurler Wade Miley and his two-start week for $36. Miley has impressed thus far, sporting a 1.89 ERA and 0.84 WHIP, supported by 24 whiffs in 19 innings.

With Martin Prado and Adeiny Hechevarria back on the left side of the Marlins infield, I need to replace Miguel Rojas, my temporary replacement for the vacationing Josh Dondaldson. Newly acquired Pale Hose 3B/DH Matt Davidson ($17) will be inserted. Also wanting to upgrade at least one of my struggling outfielders, Travis Jankowski was selected to walk the plank and cede his spot to Yankees Aaron Hicks for $13, my third choice behind Altherr and Motter.

Todd's Take

Sure, now that I'm off Altherr, he does what I thought he'd do for a couple of years. Odubel has done what I expected Altherr to do, but injuries got in the way. With Howie Kendrick sidelined, it's Altherr's time to shine. At least I have him on my first-place Scoresheet team, hashtag humblebrag.

michael conforto



MConforto, NYM Clay Link 124 Dr. Roto 65 Vlad Sedler 59
JVargas, KC Michael Beller 84 Paul Sporer 2  
JBandy, Mil Jake Ciely 64    
TMancini, Bal Dr. Roto 55 Jake Ciely 37 Andrea LaMont 32
KPillar, Tor Dr. Roto 45    
MEstrada, Tor Howard Bender 41 Jake Ciely 6  
PCorbin, Ari Kyle Elfrink 35 Vlad Sedler 8  
BMcCarthy, LAD Andrea LaMont 33 Vlad Sedler 13  
RDavis, Oak Andrea LaMont 32    
JMontgomery, NYY Howard Bender 31    
JReddick, Hou Kyle Elfrink 25 Dr. Roto 31  
DPomeranz, Bos Vlad Sedler 23    
CKuhl, Pit Vlad Sedler 18 Howard Bender 21  
JPanik, SF Vlad Sedler 16    
RSchimpf, SD Michael Beller 14    
JBarnes, Mil Clay Link 6    
TRosenthal, StL Jake Ciely 6 Peter Kreutzer 1  
JLeclerc, Tex Peter Kreutzer 1 Paul Sporer 0  
TClippard, NYY Paul Sporer 0 Peter Kreutzer 0  
WPeralta, Cin Paul Sporer 0    


AAltherr, Phi Dr. Roto 31  
WMiley, Bal Andrea LaMont 27  
JZimmermann, Det Kyle Elfrink 22  
WChen, Mia Kyle Elfrink 21 Vlad Sedler 4
KWong, StL Dr. Roto 15  
LChisenhall, Cle Kyle Elfrink 15  
AToles, LAD Dr. Roto 12  
JHellickson, Phi Howard Bender 11  
ASenzatela, Col Howard Bender 7  
AWainwright, StL Vlad Sedler 7  
JHahn, Oak Vlad Sedler 6  
BNorris, LAA Clay Link 5  
MGonzalez, CWS Howard Bender 3  
ZPutnam, CWS Paul Sporer 0  

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

Even in the 12 team mixed pool there was a decided lack of excitement this week.

Well, Clay Link was righteously excited about Michael Conforto, who might possibly conceivably have a chance at regular playing time. If he keeps hitting the way we all knew he could he will.

But otherwise this week's adds were not an exciting set. But what was a little exciting were the releases.

Dansby Swanson. Luke Gregerson. Nick Markakis. Daniel Norris. Joaquin Benoit. Jaime Garcia. Gio Gonzalez. Alex Wood. Stephen Pearce.

These are not all stars, but all have played at a high quality or have recently come with high expectations. It surprises that there isn't room on a six-man reserve list (plus DL guys) for some of these. But I'm not looking closely.

In a 12 team mixed league, who you roster and how you handle your reserves has to be idiosyncratic. As much potential as those names above have, there are plenty of other marginal players who are performing better right now. Which is why each week we come back to the free agent list to replenish.

I suspect I'll be bidding on some of those names in the future, though probably not next week.

NOTE: Howard Bender and I have renewed our match bet of last year. The winner of this week's H2H matchup between Bender and Rotoman gets to stay at home with pride, while the loser visits a local haunt carrying a sign that the winner is really a winner. We'll revisit the results next week, and look for a picture on Facebook (and elsewhere).

Todd's Take

As alluded to last week, you can't tell me the bids here on Conforto and elsewhere on Motter weren't at least partially a result of a strong Sunday performance. Well, you can tell me, but I won't believe you. The lesson is keep that in mind when ruminating on an amount. Not that I won't believe you... recency effect. 


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