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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Apparently like rust, Touts never sleep, for now that baseball season is here, once again the Weekly DFS contest among the crowd has begun again and this space might actually become year round. For, we initiated Fout Wars as part of DFS football last season, riffing off Tout and paying homage to the former Chargers QB, Dan.

For now each Wednesday (and I promise to post earlier next week!), we will review the standings, maybe grab a stray comment or two, and even look at the weekend series. Although, you can log into the Tout Wars site every Friday and we each provide a couple of picks we like for the evening.

For the archivists, the Touts play a daily game against one another every Friday at DraftKings. Lord Zola is the curator of this fine mess, which breaks the season into five four-week cycles, with the two teams garnering the most points over each advancing to a final championship that includes the Tout collecting the most points over all 20 weeks.

Typically, the group ran a run-through last Wednesday, and I kind of echo the sentiments of Jeff Zimmerman, who blew away the crowd with 162 points, and was dismayed he got his big week during exhibition season. Since I finished second to Jeff, I get what he means.

This time, BBHQ's Ray Murphy led the league with 150.8 points, buoyed by strong starts from Julio Teheran and Michael Wacha, each of whom earned 16.9 points to go with a gaudy 28 Jonathan Villar-generated points. Lenny Melnick finished a somewhat distant second with 129.45, riding Johnny Cueto (23.55) along with Teheran, just nosing ahead of Brian Walton's 129.05. Dallas Keuchel (28.5) helped Brian's team to the top troika.

In a tough week, with 26 teams, I still finished near the bottom of the pack with a somewhat respectable 86.2 points, just a hair behind Jeff Boggis with 87.8 points.

Looking to the weekend, the Mets and Nationals mix it up in what could be the chess match series, and Pittsburgh and the Yankees play interleague games, which should prove interesting with a young team of New York upstarts facing a more veteran team that is somewhat decimated.

Furthermore, that series has what looks to be the killer matchup as Michael Pineda vies for a third consecutive strong start against the Bucs and Jameson Taillon (1-0, 0.90).

Remember to go to the Tout Wars site for our Friday picks. And, tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, featuring Justin Mason and me every Thursday night starting April 27 at 9 PM ET.

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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