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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

With no vested interest in any teams, these NHL playoffs have been a delight to watch, and my lack of sleep is at the forefront. My playoff beard grows greyer each season, but after 25 playoff years and four Stanley Cups with my Wings, this is a welcome change for once. Here are a few players who have really caught my eye thus far.

Phil Kessel ($6400, Pittsburgh Penguins): With six points so far and two multi-point games, Kessel and his comrades are having no issue in the scoring department. Stopping the pucks seems to be the issue in this series, and as long as Columbus is playing the Pens, I’m stacking Penguins regardless of the costly lineup. Kessel is third in these playoffs with 17 shots as well. 

Alexander Radulov ($5400, Montreal Canadiens): Radulov has been the one constant for the Habs offense after being shut out in Game 1. He has two goals and four assists in the last three games, which is good for a three-way tie for second in scoring in these playoffs with the aforementioned Kessel and his teammate Jake Guentzel at six points. In this epic goalie battle, it’s nice to find the one constant on the offensive end, so play Radulov with confidence. 

Be sure to reach me @PolkaPat to talk anything hockey and read my rantings at Fighting Chance Sports as well. 

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