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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

taylor motter



TMotter, Sea Lawr Michaels 125 Jason Collette 21 Jeff Erickson 10 Larry Schechter 4
    Seth Trachtman 2 Steve Moyer 1  
AAlmonte, Cle Wolf/Colton 102 Nando DiFino 27 Seth Trachtman 3 Steve Moyer 1
JLeclerc, Tex Lawr Michaels 100 Nando DiFino 15 Jeff Erickson 1 Wolf/Colton 0
CCoghlan, Tor Nando DiFino 56 Wolf/Colton 102 Larry Schechter 22 Jason Collette 21
    Mike Podhorzer 17 Seth Trachtman 12  
CPinder, Oak Larry Schechter 23      
TBarnette, Tex Wolf/Colton 22 Steve Moyer 7 Jeff Erickson 1 Patrick Davitt 0
BHoneywell, TB Jeff Erickson 7 Jason Collette 7    
RGoins, Tor Seth Trachtman 6 Larry Schechter 13    
THouse, Tor Nando DiFino 3      
DSantana, Min Seth Trachtman 3 Steve Moyer 0    
KHigashioka, NYY Mike Podhorzer 2      
MFreeman, Sea Jeff Erickson 2      
DMachado, Det Seth Trachtman 1      
JMarisnick, Hou Steve Moyer 1      
BNorris, LAA Lawr Michaels 0      
ACashner, Tex Seth Trachtman 0 Nando DiFino 22    
MBarnes, Bos Steve Moyer 0 Wolf/Colton 22    
ERamirez, TB Patrick Davitt 0      
TClippard, NYY Patrick Davitt 0 Lawr Michaels 3 Steve Moyer 0  


CWhitley, TB Wolf/Colton 22  
ZMcAllister, Cle Nando DiFino 5  
RWeeks, TB Seth Trachtman 3  
MClevinger, Cle Seth Trachtman 1  
BPeacock, Hou Wolf/Colton 0 Patrick Davitt 0
CPerez, LAA Mike Podhorzer 0  
JDecker, Oak Steve Moyer 0  
JHolder, NYY Patrick Davitt 0  
LHendriks, Oak Wolf/Colton 0  
ONarvaez, CWS Mike Podhorzer 0  
SPeterson, TB Steve Moyer 0  
TomHunter, TB Steve Moyer 0  
TZych, Sea Wolf/Colton 0  

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

I found myself in an unfamiliar position in AL Tout this past week, for my team came out of the blocks uncharacteristically hot Week 1, and then turned cold as Foreigner ice Week 2. Normally, with a team having a strong start, I would sit back and not meddle, allowing my players to simply do their thing the first month and see what shakes out.

However, fear of being caught flat-footed and being too passive this early came over me so I opened up the FAAB wallet to the tune of $225 this week, first dropping $125 on Seattle's Taylor Motter, and then adding potential saves with Jose LeClerc for $100, and finally grabbing Bud Norris to help quell the injuries to Sonny Gray and Aaron Sanchez.

Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton also thought about spending, buying Abraham Almonte for $102 to go with Tony Barnette for $22, while Nando DiFino made a couple of purchases with Chris Coghlan ($56) and TJ House ($3). Larry Schechter put up the next load of cash, looking to Oakland prospect Chad Pinder ($23) while last year's champ, Seth Trachtman, added four players with Ryan Goins ($6), Danny Santana ($3), Dixon Machado ($1), and Andrew Cashner for a $0 bid.

Jeff Erickson added solid pitching prospect Brett Honeywell ($7) with the final move worthy of interest this week. Jeff also added Mike Freeman ($2) to his roster.

Todd's Take

Last week, my Z Files column for Rotowire (co-posted for Mastersball Platinum subscribers) discussed how you guys can use these FAAB reports. Some of the ideas revolved around looking at past reports to get a feel for bidding patterns. What's your league market for closers? Starting pitchers? Are there owners more aggressive, so if you have a similar need, it's necessary to also big strong? Another trick I'm kicking myself got omitting is bidding on players with a great game really close to the bidding deadline.

Taylor Motter is an example, though his mark was made on Saturday, not Sunday. He's of obvious interest, filling in for the injured Jean Segura. The problem is, due to a recent homer, and hot streak in general, he's very much on the radar thus likely commands a decent bid, probably more than he's "worth", if there is such a thing. Some feel this is a flaw of the FAAB system, others, like me, embrace it, feeling it adds to the intrigue, and charm.

 melvin upton jr



MUpton, SF Craig Mish 113 Lenny Melnick  111 Mike Gianella 33
BStassi, Phi Andy Behrens 22    
AHanson, Pit Derek Carty 12 Mike Gianella 6  
JCosart, SD Derek Carty 7    
MDunn, Col Mike Gianella 2    
JHoover, Ari Craig Mish 1 Phil Hertz 0  
TLyons, StL Brian Walton 0    
PBaez, LAD Brian Walton 0    
RStephenson, Cin Phil Hertz 0    
HeSanchez, SD Phil Hertz 0    


RStripling, LAD Phil Hertz 0 Brian Walton 0
CHatcher, LAD Brian Walton 0  
FSalas, NYM Brian Walton 0  
JTorres, SD Brian Walton 0  
LAvilan, LAD Brian Walton 0  
MBowman, StL Brian Walton 0  
EHernandez, LAD Derek Carty 0  
JBarrett, Ari Phil Hertz 0  

Brian Walton's Commentary

This was a week for offense in National League Tout Wars as all three double-digit purchases are hitters.

Jarrett Parker’s broken collarbone has opened up left field opportunity in San Francisco. Though he is in Triple-A now, Melvin Upton could receive the call soon. In a pitched battle, Craig Mish of Sirius XM edged Lenny Melnick, $113 to $111, for Upton’s services.

Philadelphia’s Brock Stassi is first-base eligible and has been getting some starts at the position ahead of Tommy Joseph, and has also seen time in the outfield. That opportunity is worth $22 to Andy Behrens of Yahoo. Surprisingly, no one else put in a bid.

Middle infielder Alen Hanson was taken on draft day, then cut loose. Derek Carty paid $12 to add the Pirates’ youngster, doubling the next-closest offer.

Todd's Take

In the LABR report, I remarked how a brain cramp caused a moment of agita, irked I didn't bid on Chris Marrero to replace my injured Jarrett Parker, before realizing I was commenting on NL LABR, not NL Tout.

Well, upon further review, the lactic acid had yet to clear from my gray matter as I don't own Parker in NL Tout either! I do own Gorkys Hernandez, which may have contributed to my confusion (insert you're in too many leagues retort here).

For those wondering how Upton Jr. looks in the minors, he's still in extended spring training. He'll likely join Triple-A Sacramento before heading to AT&T Park. If you're in a deep league, and can afford to wait, Upton Jr. should get a chance for some extended playing time in the mess that is left field for the Giants.

avisail garcia



AGarcia, CWS Tim Heaney 188 Scott Engel 127 Ron Shandler 45 Ray Flowers 33
    Scott Swanay 28 Fred Zinkie 4  
RGrossman, Min Scott Pianowski 87 Al Melchior 32 Ray Flowers 19 Fred Zinkie 4
TMancini, Bal Scott Engel 87 Scott Pianowski 71 Derek Van Riper 45 Al Melchior 32
    Joe Pisapia 28    
CHeadley, NYY Scott Pianowski 77 Scott Engel 57 Ray Flowers 19 Fred Zinkie 10
    Derek Van Riper 2    
AGarrett, Cin Joe Pisapia 77 Brent Hershey 63 Scott Engel 47 Tim Heaney 47
    Jeff Zimmerman 42 Scott Swanay 18 Ray Flowers 14
    Fred Zinkie 3    
CAnderson, Mil Tim Heaney 47 Derek Van Riper 33 Ray Flowers 13 Fred Zinkie 1
MPina, Mil Scott Engel 44 Tim Heaney 36 Derek Van Riper 3  
JMontgomery, NYY Joe Pisapia 38 Tim Heaney 37 Fred Zinkie 3  
LChisenhall, Cle Brent Hershey 37      
AFrazier, Pit Ray Flowers 37      
DFreese, Pit Jeff Zimmerman 37 Al Melchior 22 Fred Zinkie 0  
DHolland, CWS Derek Van Riper 27 Tim Heaney 37    
TBarnette, Tex Tim Heaney 26      
ABradley, Ari Scott Swanay 24 Tim Heaney 26 Scott Pianowski 22 Bret Sayre 0
MFiers, Hou Ray Flowers 17 Scott Pianowski 3 Bret Sayre 0  
MGonzalez, Hou Scott Engel 17 Scott Engel 27    
AAsher, Bal Al Melchior 13      
DGarneau, Col Gene McCaffrey 8      
RNolasco, LAA Scott Pianowski 7 Ray Flowers 14    
MMaldonado, LAA Al Melchior 6      
JLeclerc, Tex Al Melchior 6 Tim Heaney 11    
TMotter, Sea Derek Van Riper 5 Tim Heaney 36 Fred Zinkie 0  
JChavez, LAA Bret Sayre 4      
YEscobar, LAA Fred Zinkie 0      
HSantiago, Min Fred Zinkie 0      


JWinker, Cin Tim Heaney 108  
MPerez, Tex Tim Heaney 37 Bret Sayre 4
WFlores, NYM Tim Heaney 36  
LMorrison, TB Scott Pianowski 33 Derek Van Riper 5
AHicks, NYY Scott Pianowski 22  
ASenzatela, Col Tim Heaney 22  
ARomine, NYY Scott Engel 21  
ACashner, Tex Tim Heaney 11  
MDavidson, CWS Scott Engel 7  
TRosenthal, StL Tim Heaney 6  
TZych, Sea Tim Heaney 6  
RChirinos, Tex Scott Engel 2  
AVizcaino, Atl Jeff Zimmerman 1  
BHand, SD Fred Zinkie 0  
DPhelps, Mia Bret Sayre 0  
KSuzuki, Atl Al Melchior 0  
LGregerson, Hou Jeff Zimmerman 0  

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

It's hard to believe that Avisail Garcia is still just 25 years old, as we've been waiting for him to realize his potential for quite some time now. Maybe his red-hot start to 2017 that has included 20 hits over his first 43 at-bats to go along with two homers and ten RBI will prove to be merely a modest hot streak within another disappointing season. Or maybe Garcia has indeed turned the corner and will be a steady mixed league asset going forward. I'm curious to find out, and there was certainly plenty of interest in him among the Mixed Auction touts.

Among the several potentially useful starting pitchers who were purchased this week, Derek Holland intrigues me the most. This is a guy who has been a quality big league starter when healthy. The problem is that he's rarely been healthy since registering a 3.42 ERA to go along with 189 strikeouts in a 33-start 2013 campaign. Well, Holland's first season with the White Sox has gone nicely so far, and he's a two-start pitcher for this week, though the matchups (@NYY, vs. CLE) aren't exactly favorable. But as a $27 FAAB purchase, there's definitely long-term profit potential here, if he can stay healthy.

Todd's Take

The Z's are of like mind with respect to Holland, though I'm not concerned about the Bronx affair, despite the Yankees hot start. Most of the Yankees better bats swing from the left side.

Trey Mancini's certainly worthy of attention, but let's keep this in mind: Steven Wright, Ben Taylor, Ryan Tepera and Matt Dermody, not exactly Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz and Avery. Even before the power surge, Mancini was looking at more at bats than the soft side on the platoon avails, but the Orioles still have options so regular run isn't a sure thing.

 francisco liriano



FLiriano, Tor Adam Ronis 233 Scott White 167 Corey Parson 112 D.J. Short 100
    Greg Ambrosius 68 Anthony Perri 36 Ray Murphy 24
CAnderson, Mil Tim McLeod 95 Jeff Boggis 61 Tom Kessenich 14 Perry Van Hook 8
JMontgomery, NYY Tim McLeod 76 Corey Parson 16 Tim McCullough 2 Perry Van Hook 2
DFreese, Pit D.J. Short 75 Scott White 27 Adam Ronis 7 Perry Van Hook 0
LChisenhall, Cle Perry Van Hook 47 D.J. Short 10 Corey Parson 9 Greg Ambrosius 0
TMancini, Bal David Gonos 42 Adam Ronis 14 D.J. Short 10 Corey Parson 8
    Greg Ambrosius 0    
CSabathia, NYY Anthony Perri 36 Tim McLeod 17 Corey Parson 8  
ASimmons, LAA Ray Murphy 24      
JHahn, Oak Corey Parson 16 D.J. Short 10    
TKoehler, Mia David Gonos 14      
NAoki, Hou D.J. Short 10      
ZCozart, Cin Corey Parson 8 Perry Van Hook 0    
ABradley, Ari Tom Kessenich 7      
MMaldonado, LAA Jeff Boggis 5      
DODay, Bal D.J. Short 5      
TChatwood, Col Perry Van Hook 3      
TPlouffe, Oak Greg Ambrosius 3 D.J. Short 10    
NHundley, SF Corey Parson 2 Jeff Boggis 5    
TRosenthal, StL Greg Ambrosius 0      
MRojas, Mia Perry Van Hook 0      


JLeclerc, Tex Tim McLeod 21 Perry Van Hook 3  
RGrossman, Min Perry Van Hook 17 D.J. Short 7  
TMotter, Sea Perry Van Hook 13 Perry Van Hook 0  
MGonzalez, Hou D.J. Short 10    
YAlonso, Oak David Gonos 6 Adam Ronis 1 Perry Van Hook 0
DHolland, CWS Perry Van Hook 3    
WMiley, Bal Perry Van Hook 1    
MUpton, SF Greg Ambrosius 1    
CHerrmann, Ari Corey Parson 1    
MPina, Mil Corey Parson 1    
ONarvaez, CWS Corey Parson 1    

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Toronto pitcher Francisco Liriano impressed many with his performance this week, but none more than Adam Ronis, who bid $233 to get the southpaw for his home start versus the Red Sox this week. Ronis wasn't the only one interested as seven of the Mixed Draft touts bid on Liriano, including four triple-digit offers.

Brewers starter Chase Anderson, off two excellent early starts, also drew several bids but was won by Tim McLeod for $95. McLeod also added Yankee rookie hurler Jordan Montgomery for $76.

I made a bid for Anderson but was some eighty units short, but did get my second choice Tyler Chatwood for $3, off an excellent start in San Francisco. Interestingly, the Rockies and Giants meet again next weekend in Colorado so I am hoping Chatwood can duplicate his effort.

My outfielders haven't been great so I was delighted Lonnie Chisenhall was activated from the DL and swinging well. It took $47 to roster the Indians fly chaser. I also needed to replace disabled third sacker Josh Donaldson and again resorted to the $0 list of good candidates. My first two choices, David Freese and Zack Cosart, drew bids so I got my third choice, Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas. Rojas qualifies at all four infield positions, contributing runs and RBI with a decent average - even better in OBP leagues like Tout.

Todd's Take

Apparently, not many are as intrigued as I with "The Dutch Oven." Seven starting pitchers were picked up this week, with Holland drawing just one contingency try.

Another trick I forgot to include when discussing how to use these reports pertains to trade targets. You can often discern what types of players your league mates favor by their FAAB bids. Some prefer seasoned veterans with a track record of success while others are more willing to take a chance on an unproven player. For example, Tim McLeod bid on Chase Anderson and Jordan Montgomery, but not Francisco Liriano. On the other hand, Adam Ronis went hard after Liriano, but didn't place a bid on Anderson or Montgomery. I obviously could be wrong, but this tells me Adam would be more interested in dealing for a veteran while Tim may bite on a youngster. This helps frame trade talks, along with expediting the process, focusing on the most likely targets from the jump.

 ervin santana



ESantana, Min Howard Bender 69      
MMoreland, Bos Clay Link 68 Vlad Sedler 48 Kyle Elfrink 33 Peter Kreutzer 0
FRodney, Ari Andrea LaMont 61 Howard Bender 9    
MLeake, StL Howard Bender 59 Howard Bender 49 Kyle Elfrink 37  
JCastro, Min Kyle Elfrink 39 Jake Ciely 4 Peter Kreutzer 0  
WPeralta, Mil Clay Link 31      
GGonzalez, Was Andrea LaMont 31 Kyle Elfrink 37    
CDevenski, Hou Paul Sporer 31 Howard Bender 49 Clay Link 24 Jake Ciely 6
JGarcia, Atl Kyle Elfrink 29      
AGarrett, Cin Jake Ciely 26 Howard Bender 39    
NMarkakis, Atl Dr. Roto 20 Peter Kreutzer 0    
JHarrison, Pit Vlad Sedler 12 Peter Kreutzer 0    
CHeadley, NYY Jake Ciely 5      
JPolanco, Min Peter Kreutzer 0      
HKendrick, Phi Peter Kreutzer 0      
TMotter, Sea Peter Kreutzer 0      
MPina, Mil Peter Kreutzer 0      
LDuda, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0      


ASenzatela, Col Howard Bender 42
CSabathia, NYY Howard Bender 29
ATriggs, Oak Clay Link 25
JJeffress, Tex Howard Bender 19
SSchebler, Cin Dr. Roto 11
AWarren, NYY Paul Sporer 8
RStripling, LAD Paul Sporer 8
AToles, LAD Dr. Roto 6
AEscobar, KC Vlad Sedler 3
JTorres, SD Clay Link 1
JGallo, Tex Clay Link 1
ABarnes, LAD Peter Kreutzer 0
ARomine, NYY Peter Kreutzer 0
ASimmons, LAA Peter Kreutzer 0
CBYoung, Bos Peter Kreutzer 0
JLowrie, Oak Peter Kreutzer 0
JPanik, SF Peter Kreutzer 0
NAoki, Hou Peter Kreutzer 0
RGrossman, Min Peter Kreutzer 0
TBarnette, Tex Clay Link 0
TWolters, Col Peter Kreutzer 0
YDiaz, Cle Peter Kreutzer 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

I'm starting with me again.

I had so many needs (DL Trea Turner, Get out of Souza and Pillar in an OBP league, To Heck with Maldonado, Improve Jarrod Dyson), but the available replacements weren't of that much quality. Nice, but not significantly better than others. So I decided to bid $0 on everyone.

I won J Polanco (MI), H Kendrick (OF), T Motter (OF), M Pina (C), and L Duda (UT). The only one of these who wasn't my first pick was Motter, I had Nick Markakis ahead of him, but Dr. Roto put $20 on Markakis. I'm happy to have Motter for free.

Did I improve my team? I built a team to win OBP, SB and Runs, plus ERA, WHIP and K/9.

I won those last three cats the first week (and tied Wins) against Michael Beller. I also crushed his offense across the board. So I have six wins, he has none.

Up this week is Jake Ciely. My offense bettered him in all five cats last week, but we can't count on that. We also can't count that any single player in an amorphous pool is going to make the difference this week, so I went kind of mainstream. I liked winning homers, so Lucas Duda should help. I like scoring runs, so all the at bats I added with $0 bids should help.

Apart from my block of $0 bids for five guys, everyone spent money on their improvements. I like a lot of the money buys, I wish I could have added Chris Devenski, and nobody spent much. But getting into the bidding seems to have made them all spend. I hope they're as happy as I am.

Todd's Take

Peter mentioned his six wins. Let's review the scoring as the league plays by some unique rules. Keeping in mind there's also a roto-scoring component that will come into play later in the season, here's the scoring, taken from the Tout Wars Constitution:

For Tout Wars Head To Head, the categories shall be:

Hitting: OBP, R, HR, RBI, Steals
Pitching: Wins, ERA, WHIP, Strikeouts per 9 innings, Saves

In Head to Head, during each period contesting teams will compete in every individual category and two Wins will be given to the team that wins the most hitting categories, and two Losses will be given to the team that loses the most hitting categories. Similarly, wins and loses will be given to the teams that win and lose the most pitching categories. In case of a tie, the wins and loses will be split between the two teams. Each period, two additional wins will be given to the team that wins the most overall categories and two additional losses will be given to the team that loses the most categories. Again, in the case of a tie, the overall wins and losses will be split between the two teams.

As you can see, it's prudent to tailor team make-up to the rules as winning 3-2 gets you all the hitting or pitching points. This helps explains some of the odd-looking bids in a 12-team league, such as Chris Devenski. Obviously, Devenski is a one of the better middle relievers, but normally, even the best set-up men aren't useful in 12-team leagues with straight roto-scoring. However, for clubs in the format, looking to capture the three ratio categories on the pitching ledger, the Astros reliever is gold.



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