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Friday 19th Jan 2018

I was sort of pissed last week when the Masters began.

I had picked big hitter Dustin Johnson to lead my DraftKings DFS Golf squad as we headed into the Masters, but Johnson slipped on some stairs a couple of days before the tournament began and tweaked his back, putting participation in jeopardy. Johnson said he was unsure whether or not he would be able to play.

I let things ride Wednesday night, but when I awoke Thursday morning I decided to adjust my roster and replace Johnson, moving around the golfers on my squad. 

This was just about 6 AM, Pacific Time, yet when I logged into DraftKings to make my moves, it was too late for by 9 AM, Eastern Time, the first foursomes were on the links and it was too late. That meant I was stuck with an empty slot before the weekend even began, and though admitedly the remainder of my selections were terrible, once I lost my most expensive player without a swing, it pretty much meant there was no way I would finish in the money on Masters Weekend.

The reality is this is not a new issue for me, as I equally resent leagues where the FAAB deadline is Midnight, Sunday, for that is just 9 PM Sunday where I live, and I tend to write and think along with spending time with Diane and often friends and family Sunday evenings. So, even if we are out, 9 is kind of early to have to remember for final moves and gyrations.

But, cerrtainly within the universes of LABR and Tout Wars, Midnight in New York is the rule of the land, and that is that.

I have lobbied to get this time changed, but without a whole lot of success. But, I am wondering if there might be some other ways to handle the issue. Here are some thoughts on how we might adjust that somewhat intransigent line.

Sunday night/Monday morning 1 AM ET: Of course, my brain went to Midnight California time, but that means 3 AM in the Big Apple and that deadline is really no fairer than 9 PM my time. But, move things back just an hour, and suddenly that extra hour helps me out, and well, New York is the City that Never Sleeps. Asking to stay up an extra hour ain't much.

Friday afternoon, 3 PM ET: Yikes, has Michaels lost his mind? Kind of, but not really. In the middle of the day at the end of the work week might seem like a strange time, but it adds an element of consciousness to the equation. As in we would have to set our iPhone pushes to remind us, but that sort of puts part of the process on equal time footing. Similarly, if you have until 7 PM ET to make moves, this allows for setting the roster up for the weekend. 

One might argue that Monday is the best day as that day begins the playing week, but the reality is that day is really arbitrary, for once a cycle of acquisitions and drops is in place, it doesn't matter any longer. For, players get hurt and go down and are brought up when they are far more than according to the day of the week.

Also, in addition to that Friday deadline, there could always be the rule to reset a lineup Monday morning, meaning the only real change is the time the transactions are processed.

Tuesday Midnight ET FAAB/Wednesday Game time open Waiver Pool: I suspect there are flaws in this one, but there are always adjustments. But I was thinking about how most of my football leagues work, and was wondering if there was a mid-week way to invoke the same kinds of moves, and opening the pool after the FAAB process adds a potentially fun wrinkle.

Daily Moves, 12 Midnight ET: Rather than weekly FAAB, owners could simply make moves, including FAAB purchases, nightly, just like big league clubs get to do. This adds an interesting edge with respect to how to manage FAAB over the course of the season, and allows for daily replacements, meaning a much more fluid free agent pool.

And, some leagues already operate under a variation of this guise. For example, the BARF League allows for daily roster moves, but we can pick up free agents only after a Sunday night waiver deadline that clears Monday morning.

I realize leagues and rules are--and always will be--both quirky and specific to the league and players, so real standardization of much of anything Fantasy is much sillier than trying to cure world hunger. However, making those rules even all the way around makes for a better and more competitive league.

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