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Friday 15th Dec 2017

I try to be ambivalent about changes to the rules in baseball.

To a large degree, I think the game is so beautiful and perfect as it is, that there is no need to change.

I am indeed against Instant Replay being used (same with football because, as stated, the human element is what makes the game interesting and worth discussing). And, while I can accept the DH, I like the game better without it. And, no question that I like baseball to be played on grass.

But, I have to say, I love Interleague Play. It is so much fun.

For example, last Saturday I found myself scoring Saturday night's Giants game with the Athletics. And, I am very used to seeing both these teams play against their league indiginous opponents, which means I am used to seeing the Orioles play Oakland, and the Pirates square off against the Giants.

But watching the locals square off is fun. It always sells out. There are always a bunch of zealots rooting for each team. And, the whole area gets kind of jacked up with energy. Just the same, I like watching the Cubs and White Sox play, and the Yankees and the Mets, and the Dodgers and the Angels. Because those rivalries are like the local one.

Of course it is equally fun to see the Phillies and Red Sox go at it at Fenway, or during the past week Oakland face of the Cubs--meaning my home and my adopted home were going at it--at the Friendly Confines.

Last Tuesday I scored the Giants and the Orioles do battle, and though the game itself was pretty ho-hum, it was still a gas seeing Adam Jones patrol centerkn and get a real good look at Matt Wieters from my spot in the booth, directly behind home plate.

Not too mention Tuesday afforded the two teams with orange and black colors, in fact on Monday the Giants management help a "Halloween in June" event where orange and black costumes were solicited. Fun.

Next week I get to watch the Red Sox play at ATT, and then the Buccos take on the Athletics at McAfee, and again those match-ups will be a blast because, well, even with TV and cable, they are match-ups we don't get to see on a regular basis.

I confess to generally not being much of a Bud Selig fan (though we cannot blame him for astroturf or the DH), but kudos to interleague play. It helps immagination become reality. At least for me.


0 #1 Ryan Carey 2010-06-23 01:50
Hey Lawr - while I appreciate your enthusiasm at getting to see the cross town rivals play - outside of the 4 cities where this can occur, causing sellouts the fact is that many inter league matchups are duds at the box office.

And just this week I have read a couple good articles on the inequities in interleague schedules that unfortunately will likely impact more than one divisonal race this season.

Look at the NL West. The Dodgers face(d) the NYY, BOS, DET and Angels (six games) while the first-place SD Padres are face(d) BAL, TOR, TB and SEA (six games).

The Dodgers are 2-7 in interleague play so far; the Padres 7-5. That's a 3 1/2 game difference in the standings; the Padres hold a two-game lead over LA in the West.

For me - while I don't mind interleague - I think we've got way too much at this point. I'd like to see it shrunk to two series per team a year - one right before the All Star Break and one after it - that's it.

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