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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

austin romine



ARomine, NYY Chris Liss 88 Steve Moyer 2
JMontgomery, NYY Chris Liss 45  
JWilson, Det Jeff Erickson 13 Steve Moyer 2
PHughes, Min Jason Collette 5  
CGimenez, Min Jason Collette 2 Steve Moyer 0
ZBurdi, CWS Jason Collette 2  
BParker, LAA Mike Podhorzer 1  
DCovey, CWS Seth Trachtman 0  
JSaltalamacchia, Tor Steve Moyer 0  


RWeeks, TB Jeff Erickson 13
AAlmonte, Cle Jeff Erickson 13
CPerez, LAA Steve Moyer 0
DButera, KC Steve Moyer 0
YPetit, LAA Seth Trachtman 0

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

After the first week player frenzy in AL Tout, Week 2 was modest beyond comparison,with just six owners generating a total of nine moves.

The big roster shakeup came from Jason Collette, who first traded Wilson Ramos to Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf in exchange for JaCoby Jones and Joe Kelly, and then acquired the rights to Chris Gimenez ($2), Zack Burdi ($2), and Phil Hughes ($5).

However, the big spender was Chris Liss, who dropped $88 on Austin Romine and another $45 on Jordan Montgomery. Additionally, Jeff Erickson went $13 on Tigers reliever Justin Wilson.

In particular, the Romine moves gets more interesting in that Gary Sanchez is owned by Steve Moyer who went as far as $2 for Romine, settling for Jarrod Saltalamacchia for a $0.

It will be interesting how these moves works out, depending upon the length of time Sanchez stays sidelined.

Todd's Take

With so much action on crappy catchers this week, I'm a little surprised Kyle Higashioka didn't garner a contingency bid. Higashioka will back up Austin Romine while Sanchez is on the DL. Higashioka put himself on the radar in the spring. Romine will obviously play more, but it's not like he's, well, Sanchez. If Higashioka hits, he could steal a couple starts a week.

It's always nice when colleagues do your work for you. Rotojunkie, Rotowire, Fangraphs contributor and all-around great guy Jason Collette sent me his take on the trade completed with Colton and the Wolfman:

"I watched Burdi pitch in Charlotte the other night and he was hitting 100 and dominating hitters. His future is bright and he won't be in Charlotte too long. Both Robertson and Jones could be dealt this year to open the path for him.

Since I went cheap on pitching in the draft, grabbing starters to stream in there each week is key to help me make up stats. Adding Hughes gives me another guy to play the matchup game with. Since Soto is off to a hot start in Chicago, Narvaez isn't getting any playing time so I'm going to keep throwing darts at a second catcher until one hits.

Speaking of second catcher, it's why I made a deal for Ramos. If I can keep catcher afloat until June, I just traded for a AL C1 and gave up a guy I picked up in reserves and an end game reliever. I like Burdi's future more than Kelly's given the path in front of Burdi is more fluid".

Selfishly, I hope JC is right about Zack Burdi. The potential closer was highlighted on the Baseball HQ/Ron Shandler spring First Pitch Forum tour so I grabbed him in several keeper formats.

 kyle freeland



KFreeland, Col Craig Mish 76 Brian Walton 12 Grey Albright 1  
SDrew, Was Steve Gardner 67 Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0 Brian Walton 0
    Derek Carty 0    
JMathis, Ari Andy Behrens 46 Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0  
PNeshek, Phi Grey Albright 11 Craig Mish 1    
TRosenthal, StL Phil Hertz 10 Craig Mish 6 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0  
NFranklin, Mil Todd Zola 7 Phil Hertz 25 Grey Albright 1 Derek Carty 0
JLagares, NYM Phil Hertz 5      
JMcGee, Col Brian Walton 3      
JRiddle, Mia Craig Mish 1      
ASenzatela, Col Grey Albright 1 Craig Mish 2 Derek Carty 0  
TMoore, Mia Brian Walton 0 Phil Hertz 0    
RMontero, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 0 Grey Albright 1    
SVanSlyke, LAD Derek Carty 0 Andy Behrens 31 Todd Zola 3  
CRichard, SD Derek Carty 0 Grey Albright 1 Craig Mish 1  
JGrimm, ChC Derek Carty 0      


CDArnaud, Atl Steve Gardner 12 Brian Walton 0  
FSalas, NYM Brian Walton 2    
EHernandez, LAD Grey Albright 1 Derek Carty 0 Phil Hertz 0
BStassi, Phi Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0  
PKivlehan, Cin Grey Albright 1 Derek Carty 0  
TRivera, NYM Grey Albright 1 Brian Walton 0  
PBaez, LAD Grey Albright 1    
JSmoker, NYM Grey Albright 1    
LSardinas, SD Derek Carty 0 Brian Walton 0  
RStripling, LAD Phil Hertz 0 Brian Walton 0  
AAmarista, Col Phil Hertz 0    
CAdames, Col Steve Gardner 0    
JDeLaRosa, Ari Brian Walton 0    
MCabrera, Atl Phil Hertz 0    
MDunn, Col Brian Walton 0    
PGosselin, Pit Phil Hertz 0    

Brian Walton's Commentary

Needing a pitcher this week, I put in a tepid $12 bid for Rockies starter Kyle Freeland. Already owning Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson, I could not bring myself to rostering a third Colorado starter. Craig Mish of SiriusXM saved me from myself with an aggressive $76 winning offer.

Also needing an infielder this week, I noticed Stephen Drew had the most at-bats of any appropriate free agent with 11 to date this season. The fact the veteran has just one hit (.091) can be written off to the small sample, but I still could not bring myself to make more than a $0 bid. However, Steve Gardner of USA TODAY put $67 on the table to secure the 34-year-old’s services, who is Washington’s top infield reserve and could play more short-term, depending on the severity of Trea Turner's leg injury.

Jeff Mathis is not only seeing regular time behind the plate for Arizona, but the veteran backstop is off to a fast start with the bat. Yahoo’s Andy Behrens’ winning bid was $46.

A couple of former closers and former teammates drew speculative bids of $11 and $10, respectively. Someone has to take over for struggling closer Jeanmar Gomez in Philadelphia and if Pat Neshek gets a shot, Gray Albright’s money will have been well spent. Trevor Rosenthal is scheduled to come off the disabled list on Monday. Though the role of St. Louis’ hard-thrower is unclear, Phil Hertz of BaseballHQ made a pre-emptive strike.

Todd's Take

Calling back to the NL LABR report, note the increased interest here for Freeland, Senzatela and Richard. Fantasy Baseball 101: Know Thy Rules.

Wanting to fill the swingman spot vacated by the demoted Ketel Marte <sniff>, occupied by a pitcher in Weel 1, I wanted a stick so I took a chance on potential Swiss Army knife Nick Franklin. Franklin won't play every day, he won't even be in a platoon. However, since he can dabble at several positions, the Brewers will get him some at bats, which is all you can ask for as your last hitter in a league like this. By rule, I need to play him this week. There's a chance I opt to go back to a 10th pitcher next week since I'm carrying three closers (Oh, Iglesias and Maurer). I may look to move one for a decent stick so I can afford to use the swing spot with an arm, making up for the lost hitting stats later.

santiago casilla



SCasilla, Oak Bret Sayre 184 Tim Heaney 76    
WPeralta, Mil Al Melchior 56 Tim Heaney 36 Derek Van Riper 31 Tim Heaney 6
FGalvis, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 55 Tim Heaney 36    
EVolquez, Mia Bret Sayre 52 Bret Sayre 57    
JBenoit, Phi Fred Zinkie 40 Scott Swanay 28    
BreAnderson, ChC Tim Heaney 36 Scott Swanay 34 Derek Van Riper 31 Fred Zinkie 10
    Gene McCaffrey 7 Tim Heaney 6  
GeoSoto, CWS Al Melchior 32 Derek Van Riper 11 Scott Engel 3  
JNelson, Mil Derek Van Riper 31 Tim Heaney 11    
JHahn, Oak Scott Swanay 28      
JTomlin, Cle Scott Swanay 28 Derek Van Riper 5    
JJeffress, Tex Tim Heaney 26 Ray Flowers 19 Tim Heaney 16  
BMcCarthy, LAD Gene McCaffrey 17 Bret Sayre 34 Joe Pisapia 12 Tim Heaney 11
ABailey, LAA Tim Heaney 16      
JBandy, Mil Derek Van Riper 11 Al Melchior 21    
YAlonso, Oak Tim Heaney 11      
JVargas, KC Fred Zinkie 10      
JLowrie, Oak Joe Pisapia 3 Tim Heaney 4    


AGarrett, Cin Jeff Zimmerman 76 Tim Heaney 11 Fred Zinkie 10
  Tim Heaney 6    
JChavez, LAA Bret Sayre 34    
KSuzuki, Atl Al Melchior 21    
AMiranda, Sea Tim Heaney 11    
AGarcia, CWS Tim Heaney 11    
WFlores, NYM Tim Heaney 11    
ABradley, Ari Gene McCaffrey 7    
DHudson, Pit Tim Heaney 6    
BZiegler, Mia Tim Heaney 6    
DHolland, CWS Gene McCaffrey 5 Tim Heaney 4  
GoHernandez, SF Tim Heaney 4    
JMontgomery, NYY Tim Heaney 4    
LMorrison, TB Tim Heaney 4    
MGonzalez, Hou Tim Heaney 4    
MUpton, FA Tim Heaney 4    
ASenzatela, Col Tim Heaney 4    
CHeadley, NYY Tim Heaney 4    
DPhelps, Mia Derek Van Riper 1    
AFrazier, Pit Tim Heaney 1    

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

The biggest FAAB prize this week, at a hefty cost of $184, was a guy who may or may not be Oakland's primary closer. After tossing a scoreless ninth inning to pick up a save on Monday, Santiago Casilla pitched in the eighth inning on both Thursday and Saturday. I still say that Ryan Madson leads the team in saves by season's end, but good luck figuring this one out. So, maybe the fact that Casilla received only two bids isn't all that surprising, as these Touts are tired of playing the expensive closer guessing game.

Sticking to the closer theme, perhaps the more noteworthy additions were a trio of relievers who are not closing right now but make for interesting speculative pickups, and they came at a fraction of the cost of Casilla. While Hector Neris gets all the buzz when it comes to potential ninth inning replacements for the struggling Jeanmar Gomez, Joaquin Benoit has quietly pitched three scoreless innings so far this season and has 51 career saves to his name. Maybe the Phillies will go with the more experienced option if they do indeed choose to make a change.

In Texas, Sam Dyson pitched a scoreless inning on Sunday but his hold on the closer job seems shaky at best after he allowed a combined eight runs over his first two appearances. Jeremy Jeffress hasn't been great thus far but he did pitch very well as the Brewers closer last year prior to getting traded to the Rangers.

Like Joaquin Benoit, Andrew Bailey carries ninth inning experience. If the Angels decide to use Cam Bedrosian similar to the way the Indians used Andrew Miller down the stretch last season and Huston Street remains sidelined, maybe there will be an opportunity for Bailey (three perfect innings so far) to earn a few saves.

Todd's Take

It's interesting to note Jesse Hahn only drew one bid, despite there being a lot of interest in starting pitching this week. For those wondering how to use these reports in your own league, that suggests you may be able to get Hahn on the cheap, and quite honestly, he's as good a bet as Wily Peralta, Edinson Volquez, Jimmy Nelson, Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson, some of the other starting pitchers acquired in this cycle.

 amir garrett



AGarrett, Cin Corey Parson 113 D.J. Short 18 Charlie Wiegert 18 Scott White 16
MSmith, TB David Gonos 63      
MReynolds, Col Corey Parson 59      
ASenzatela, Col Perry Van Hook 31 Tim McLeod 17    
WPeralta, Mil Anthony Perri 28 Charlie Wiegert 2    
KFreeland, Col Perry Van Hook 27      
MJoyce, Oak Ray Murphy 25 Jeff Boggis 12    
JJones, Det Corey Parson 23      
DEspinosa, LAA David Gonos 22      
DStoren, Cin Corey Parson 19      
GeoSoto, CWS Corey Parson 18 Scott White 14 Perry Van Hook 11  
CHeadley, NYY Anthony Perri 16      
JBenoit, Phi Scott White 16 Rudy Gamble 1    
BreAnderson, ChC Jeff Boggis 12 Perry Van Hook 23    
YEscobar, LAA Adam Ronis 9      
ARomine, NYY Perry Van Hook 7      
RBuchter, SD Tom Kessenich 7      
JNelson, Mil Charlie Wiegert 2 Greg Ambrosius 0    
EFedde, Was Tim McLeod 2      
TCollins, Det Perry Van Hook 0      
JVargas, KC Greg Ambrosius 0      


YAlonso, Oak David Gonos 39 Adam Ronis 8  
JHahn, Oak Corey Parson 33    
ASimmons, LAA Ray Murphy 25    
MAdams, StL Corey Parson 23    
TChatwood, Col Perry Van Hook 17    
CSabathia, NYY Corey Parson 15 Tom Kessenich 3 Greg Ambrosius 0
FGalvis, Phi Anthony Perri 12    
CRichard, SD Anthony Perri 6 Charlie Wiegert 1 Greg Ambrosius 0
NAoki, Hou Ray Murphy 5    
AWarren, NYY Perry Van Hook 1    
YPetit, LAA Perry Van Hook 1    
AAltherr, Phi Perry Van Hook 0    
DNava, Phi Perry Van Hook 0    
JHazelbaker, Ari Perry Van Hook 0    
MGonzalez, Hou Perry Van Hook 0    
RGrossman, Min Perry Van Hook 0    
ABradley, Ari Greg Ambrosius 0    
JNicasio, Pit Greg Ambrosius 0    
PHughes, Min Greg Ambrosius 0    
RDickey, Atl Greg Ambrosius 0    

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

A veteran hitter and a rookie pitcher received the high bids in the Mixed Draft League with 14 of 15 owners trying to improve their rosters for Week 2 and beyond.

Mark Reynolds, Rockies first baseman is getting the at bats with Ian Desmond on the DL and contributing power that all fantasy owners covet. Corey Parsons landed Reynolds for $59. The Reds Amir Garrett, in their opening day rotation less than a year after being drafted, had a good first start, drawing another Parsons' winning bid of $113.

At the low end of the spectrum, two teams used $0 bids on lists of candidates to help their teams. Greg Ambrosius, needing an extra hurler, secured his first choice of Royal Jason Vargas while I received the top player in my outfielder queue, deploying Tigers fly chaser Tyler Collins this week.

I was also looking for more pitchers and added not one, but two Colorado rookie starters. The first is Antonio Senzatela for $31. The 22-year old righty fanned six in five scoreless innings in his debut. Senzatela has a playable two start week, home against the Padres and Jeff Weaver, then in AT&T Park, facing the Giants against Jeff Samardzija. I also added Kyle Freeland for $27, slated to face the Padres at home.

The Gary Sanchez owner had a third catcher on his squad which may have helped me win Austin Romine for just $7. Romine doesn't hit for average but did have good RBI numbers in his brief stint last year and is better with OBP than batting average. Remember, Tout Wars in an OBP league.

Todd's Take

One of my favorite things to do is compare the bids of like players in the Auction and Draft leagues, since that is the only difference. Otherwise, the rules are identical. As an example, Amir Garrett was the top draw in Mixed Tout Draft, as opposed to Mixed Tout Auction where he wasn't even acquired, though he garnered several contingency bids.

The message here is everyone has different expectations. This is especially applicable in trade negotiations. Don't assume everyone ranks players as you. Often, you're pleasantly surprised to learn someone is more interested in one of your players you consider of less quality than someone else on your roster. There are ways to take advantage, we'll save that for another time, another place.

ryan zimmerman



RZimmerman, Was Michael Beller 194 Paul Sporer 122  
KGraveman, Oak Howard Bender 131 Clay Link 51  
YEscobar, LAA Paul Sporer 94    
BFinnegan, Cin Clay Link 72 Howard Bender 121 Vlad Sedler 56
JMcCann, Det Clay Link 61 Peter Kreutzer 3  
CMorton, Hou Vlad Sedler 56    
JWerth, Was Michael Beller 38 Peter Kreutzer 3  
AGarcia, CWS Michael Beller 38 Jake Ciely 6 Peter Kreutzer 2
DAltavilla, Sea Paul Sporer 24    
MMaldonado, LAA Peter Kreutzer 15    
SSouza, TB Peter Kreutzer 12    
JBenoit, Phi Jake Ciely 10    
MAdams, StL Stephania Bell 7    
JMcGee, Col Peter Kreutzer 7    
KPillar, Tor Peter Kreutzer 6 Peter Kreutzer 7  


KFreeland, Col Howard Bender 88    
YAlonso, Oak Paul Sporer 78    
AGarrett, Cin Howard Bender 68    
JJones, Det Paul Sporer 66    
GeoSoto, CWS Clay Link 41    
BColon, Atl Howard Bender 32    
CDevenski, Hou Clay Link 31 Paul Sporer 18 Peter Kreutzer 3
  Jake Ciely 1    
TBarnhart, Cin Peter Kreutzer 6    
GGonzalez, Was Jake Ciely 5    
MBelisle, Min Peter Kreutzer 5    
TChatwood, Col Vlad Sedler 3    
JBandy, Mil Peter Kreutzer 0    

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

The Head to Head schedule includes four two-week tilts. These come at the least concentrated times of the year, and the first of these includes the first two weeks of the season.

I mention this because I'm facing off against Michael Beller right now, and instead of our contest ending with us deadlocked, 5-5, we have another week to go. And Beller made the most dramatic purchase of the week, adding Ryan Zimmerman for 194 (of a total FAAB off 1,000). This concerns me because I'm currently and surprisingly leading Beller in homers and RBI, and Zimmerman is coming off a resurgent week, in which it appears his health and power are back.

Beller also added Jason Werth and Avisail Garcia, who showed productive power the season's first week. Beller is gunning for me.

I made some moves but was far less dramatic. I added Steven Souza, Kevin Pillar and Martin Maldonado, trying to add at bats, plus Jake McGee. So take that.

The other big adds for the week included Howard Bender bidding aggressively for his hometown boy, Kendall Graveman, who had two sterling starts in the season's first week, and Paul Sporer ditching Eric Thames and Darren O'Day for Yunel Escobar and Dan Altavilla.

Todd's Take




0 #1 Kelly Leak 2017-04-11 02:42
Next time you talk to Jason tell him thanks. That was a cool nugget thrown into the AL write up

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