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Thursday 18th Jan 2018

Welcome back to our DFS challenge with our pals at RealTime Sports, where you can match up against me and my Mastersball mates and prove to your friends that you are surely a better player than I!

Tune in here daily, as Pasko, Patrick, and I pick up the Mastersball gauntlet where you can play our daily 50/50 game ($5) or come right after me on Fridays in the $2 Beat the Experts contest. 

As we head into the first weekend of the season, the wind looks to be somewhat blustery in Baltimore, but oddly, the only rain in sight appears to be on the west coast with showers threatening in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

But the weather is very little compared to the selections we have for the mound tonight. So, ideally you can see logic in my rationalizations below.

Ubaldo Jimenez ($5500): Ubaldo is erratic, but he has had a good spring--and claims to have adjusted his grip--is pitching at home, with a wind, against a somewhat untested Yankees team. No way I would make a diet of Jimenez, but considering the options available today, well, you gotta take what you can get.

Kris Bryant ($6700): One of the advantages to crappy pitching is it allows for spending elsewhere, and Bryant, sitting on a big doughnut so far this year, has to bust out sometime. I am guessing he can handle Jimmy Nelson.

Don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels and also feel free to comment, flatter, cajole, ridicule, bewitch, bother, and bewilder in the comments section below. 

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