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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

jason grilli



JGrilli, Tor Nando DiFino 181 Chris Liss 93 Jeff Erickson 77 Wolf/Colton 66
    Steve Moyer 52 Mike Podhorzer 27 Lawr Michaels 9
    Larry Schechter 8    
FMontas, Oak Chris Liss 55 Rob Leibowitz 3    
TGore, KC Steve Moyer 51      
WMiley, Bal Seth Trachtman 38      
AJackson, Cle Chris Liss 25 Steve Moyer 1    
JBiagini, Tor Wolf/Colton 21 Larry Schechter 8    
    Mike Podhorzer 7 Lawr Michaels 3 Steve Moyer 0
    PatDavitt 0    
TCollins, Det Seth Trachtman 15      
UJimenez, Bal Seth Trachtman 12      
RFlaherty, Bal Seth Trachtman 10      
DAltavilla, Sea Rob Leibowitz 8 PatDavitt 0 Wolf/Colton 0  
DRobertson, TB Rob Leibowitz 4 Mike Podhorzer 1    
CBYoung, Bos Steve Moyer 1      
DFarquhar, TB Lawr Michaels 1      
XCedeno, TB PatDavitt 0      
JPhegley, Oak Wolf/Colton 0      
CSanchez, CWS Mike Podhorzer 0 Rob Leibowitz 3 Seth Trachtman 0 Larry Schechter 0
JSmith, Tor Steve Moyer 0      
CPennington, LAA Larry Schechter 0 Rob Leibowitz 0    
JJeffress, Tex Larry Schechter 0 Chris Liss 29 Rob Leibowitz 3 Seth Trachtman 0
    PatDavitt 0    
BShaw, Cle PatDavitt 0      
JSoria, KC PatDavitt 0 Chris Liss 17    


RAlcantara, Oak Rob Leibowitz 7 Seth Trachtman 3  
ERamirez, TB Chris Liss 5 PatDavitt 0 Steve Moyer 0
PHughes, Min Seth Trachtman 5    
JMay, CWS Seth Trachtman 4    
JRickard, Bal Seth Trachtman 4 Steve Moyer 1  
ASanchez, Det Nando DiFino 3    
DSantana, Min Steve Moyer 1    
MMartinez, Cle Larry Schechter 0 Mike Podhorzer 0  
RGoins, Tor Larry Schechter 0 Rob Leibowitz 0  
NVincent, Sea PatDavitt 0    
ARomine, NYY Wolf/Colton 0    
CPerez, LAA Wolf/Colton 0    
CRuiz, Sea Wolf/Colton 0    
JAxford, Oak Wolf/Colton 0    
JWilson, Det Wolf/Colton 0    
TClippard, NYY Wolf/Colton 0 Seth Trachtman 0  
DMachado, Det Rob Leibowitz 0    
PKozma, NYY Rob Leibowitz 0    
SOMalley, Sea Rob Leibowitz 0    
HAlberto, Tex Seth Trachtman 0    
JHolder, NYY Seth Trachtman 0    
CGentry, Bal Steve Moyer 0    

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

A spirited first Tout transaction session took place after just one game is in the books, but that did not stop Nando di Fino from dropping $181 on Jason Grilli, hoping to add some saves to his team and repertoire.

Chris Liss of RotoWire spent $25 for the rights to Austin Jackson, but he also went $55 for Athletics pitcher Frankie Montas. Defending champ Seth Trachtman made four purchases--Ryan Flaherty ($10), Tyler Collins ($15), Wade Miley ($38), and Ubaldo Jimenez ($12)--making him the most active owner of the week as Seth spent $75 of his $1000 FAAB budget hoping to fill the gabps.

Steve Moyer made a troika of moves acquiring outfielder Terrence Gore ($51) and hurlers Joe Smith and Curt Young ($1), while Rob Leibowitz sought relief from Dan Altavilla ($8) along with Rays utility infielder Daniel Robertson ($4), who made the club after Nick Franlin was released. Patrick Davitt went to Xavier Cedeno, Bryan Shaw, and Joakim Soria, all for nothing.

The remaining bids were largely negligible, save one of three purchases made by Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton, who shrewdly snapped up the Jays Joe Biagini for just $21.

As a Roberto Osuna owner, I was more than concerned with the closer's last minute move to the DL, and while I would like to be optimistic, I am not, and while Grilli is the top of the "who closes next heap," but Biagini could emerge with some saves (he earned one last year) if Osuna spasms and Grilli fails. As it was, I made bids on both Grilli and Biagini, but would up with Danny Farquhar for a buck to try and fill the hole.

Todd's Take

I don't know, maybe no one in the league needs more steals but how can Jacob May garner a single back-up bid when he's going to be starting in center for the While Sox for the forseeable future? Perhaps it's his low batting average and limited power, but I still see an argument for May over Terence Gore, Tyler Collins, Austin Jackson and even Chris Young, depending on needs. At minimum, he should have been a contingency bid for more than one team.

It's interesting to note Jeremy Jeffress drew five bids, and that was before Sam Dyson imploded on the Rangers opening day. Larry Schechter's free pick-up is looking a bit prophetic.

jeremy hazelbaker



JHazelbaker, Ari Scott Wilderman 23 Andy Behrens 0    
CMarrero, SF Brian Walton 23 Steve Gardner 5 Craig Mish 1 Phil Hertz 0
AKnapp, Phi Steve Gardner 20 Phil Hertz 1 Grey Albright 1  
KSiegrist, StL Mike Gianella 11 Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0  
DGarneau, Col Grey Albright 11      
SCardullo, Col Grey Albright 11 Brian Walton 22 Steve Gardner 3  
AEthier, LAD Phil Hertz 2 Derek Carty 0    
HRobles, NYM Grey Albright 1 Mike Gianella 6 Phil Hertz 0  
JBlanton, Was Grey Albright 1 Mike Gianella 11    
JTazawa, Mia Craig Mish 0      
DNava, Phi Andy Behrens 0      
JHoover, Ari Phil Hertz 0      
TWilhelmsen, Ari Craig Mish 0 Grey Albright 1    
NAhmed, Ari Derek Carty 0      
EBonifacio, Atl Steve Gardner 0      


TRivera, NYM Brian Walton 3 Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0
SVanSlyke, LAD Brian Walton 2    
EFryer, StL Grey Albright 1 Steve Gardner 0  
BStassi, Phi Grey Albright 1 Phil Hertz 0  
JBarrett, Ari Grey Albright 1    
JMathis, Ari Grey Albright 1    
RDelgado, Ari Grey Albright 1    
AAmarista, Col Phil Hertz 0 Steve Gardner 0  
PGosselin, Pit Derek Carty 0 Steve Gardner 0  
MSzczur, ChC Andy Behrens 0    
CDArnaud, Atl Derek Carty 0    
CTaylor, LAD Derek Carty 0    
LSardinas, SD Derek Carty 0    
CRichard, SD Phil Hertz 0    
CTorres, Mil Phil Hertz 0    
ERomero, Was Phil Hertz 0    
FSalas, NYM Phil Hertz 0    
JDeLaRosa, Ari Phil Hertz 0    
JGrimm, ChC Phil Hertz 0    
JUrena, Mia Phil Hertz 0    
MBowman, StL Phil Hertz 0    
MCain, SF Phil Hertz 0    
NRamirez, SF Phil Hertz 0    
PBaez, LAD Phil Hertz 0    
RDavis, Cin Phil Hertz 0    
RMontero, NYM Phil Hertz 0    
TMoore, Mia Phil Hertz 0    
CAdames, Col Steve Gardner 0    
SDrew, Was Steve Gardner 0    

 Brian Walton's Commentary

Sometimes we can know too much.

Two factors caused me to up my initial bids substantially before the deadline. Having participated in the NL LABR initial waiver period the night before plus a look back at first-week bidding from NL Tout the year before convinced me that single-digit bids would not be enough to win. That was faulty logic. Though I got my man, reserve first baseman/outfielder Chris Marrero of the Giants, it cost me $23 of my $1000 stipend, when $6 would have been enough.

Part of my Marrero interest was rooted in San Francisco putting Mac Williamson on the disabled list. His NL Tout owner, Scott Wilderman of onRoto, moved the outfielder to his DL, as well, but spent his $23 for Jeremy Hazelbaker, instead. The reserve outfielder made the Diamondbacks despite a rough spring.

Needing a catcher, Steve Gardner of USA TODAY grabbed Andrew Knapp of the Phillies for $20. In an oddity, both Philadelphia backstops’ last names end in double-P, with Knapp playing behind Cameron Rupp. The things you learn here!

Razzball’s Gray Albright chose Dustin Garneau of the Rockies as his catching addition, for $11. With Tom Murphy out, Garneau could enjoy the bad half of a platoon arrangement with Tony Wolters. Still, they are at-bats that can deliver counting stats.

The final double-digit price acquisition was St. Louis set up man Kevin Siegrist, for $11 by Baseball Prospectus’ Mike Gianella. It was not a good sign when manager Mike Matheny ignored Siegrist and the others in his fully-rested bullpen in favor of asking Seung-hwan Oh to get five outs Sunday night, a move that backfired. With former closer Trevor Rosenthal coming back soon, I don’t see Siegrist getting more than a few stray save opportunities, though his ratios should be solid – if asked to pitch, that is.

Todd's Take

Quiet week for me as the only player I needed to replace was Ketel Marter, and I opted to move Erick Aybar from the swingman spot into shortstop then use a pitcher, Amir Garrett, at swingman. The primary reason is I'm carrying three closers so this lets me use all three without sacrificing an extra pitching spot. I'll find a hitter (or use Ichiro, who is on my reserve) but with Raisel Iglesias not a sure thing to close in Week 1, I want to have Michael Lorenzen active as well.

Speaking of Marte, I had the opening nomination and threw out the since-demoted Diamondbacks infielder. It's well known within the industry that I believe in his skills more than my colleagues. I also prefer a light room so the master plan was opening with a bit of a ruse as it's also well known Derek Carty values Kershaw highly, owning him last season in both NL LABR and NL Tout then buying him for $44 in NL LABR this season. I set up the bid by saying something like, "Everyone wants to know, so let's get it out of the way right away, I nominate Special K, Ketel Marte for a buck."

After he was sent down, I received a couple of tweet chastizing the wasted nomination. Obviously I'm not happy he was demoted, but Marte will be up at some point and should steal enough bags to cover the $6 I paid. As for wasting the nomination, perhaps it wasn't the wisest opening salvo, but as mentioned, I like a light room and thought this may set a tone. However, we were situated in a rather loud restaurant bar so the conditions really weren't conducive to the witty repartee I was seeking.

Carty followed with the real Special K. I jumped the Kershaw bid to 44 then was slow counted before Derek chimed in with 45. Coming into the auction, I set up a plan if I bought Kershaw for $45 and thought I was OK with it. Everything was status quo through "going twice." At that point I got goosebumps and felt a little nervous, indicating maybe I wasn't so good with the purchase. It's not so much Kershaw isn't worth 44 or 45, he is. It's what you can do with $215 versus $235, assuming the first starter costs $25. As it turned out, I bought another stud, Madison Bumgarner for $29. I wasn't planning on it but he came in under my number so I jumped on it, fearing the next level may be inflated, which they were. For what it's worth, I bought Kershaw for $41 at the NFBC NL only auction, feeling giddy at going twice.

blake treinen



BTreinen, Was Jeff Zimmerman 359 Bret Sayre 357 Scott Pianowski 239 Fred Zinkie 200
    Tim Heaney 167 Ron Shandler 123 Zach Steinhorn 108
    Al Melchior 96 Scott Swanay 77 Ray Flowers 39
DDeShields, Tex Fred Zinkie 210 Zach Steinhorn 152 Scott Swanay 86 Scott Engel 77
    Scott Pianowski 77 Jeff Zimmerman 76 Tim Heaney 67
    Ron Shandler 65 Ray Flowers 57 Brent Hershey 53
TCahill, SD Ron Shandler 57      
JGrilli, Tor Zach Steinhorn 52 Tim Heaney 46 Ray Flowers 29 Zach Steinhorn 28
    Scott Swanay 24 Fred Zinkie 12 Jeff Zimmerman 1
SDoolittle, Oak Scott Swanay 47 Scott Pianowski 1    
SSchebler, Cin Scott Swanay 44 Fred Zinkie 2    
NAoki, Hou Ron Shandler 37 Ray Flowers 9    
MReynolds, Col Ray Flowers 36      
JMay, CWS Scott Engel 33      
TBeckham, TB Ray Flowers 32 Ray Flowers 19    
JBiagini, Tor Ray Flowers 29      
AAltherr, Phi Ray Flowers 27 Ray Flowers 19 Scott Swanay 15 Scott Engel 11
HKim, Bal Scott Swanay 25 Scott Engel 11 Ray Flowers 9  
BRondon, Det Scott Swanay 24      
DStoren, Cin Al Melchior 22      
TKoehler, Mia Al Melchior 21      
CRichard, SD Al Melchior 21      
TBarnhart, Cin Tim Heaney 6      
AVizcaino, Atl Jeff Zimmerman 1      
BHand, SD Fred Zinkie 0      


BreAnderson, ChC Ron Shandler 37    
DHudson, Pit Ray Flowers 21    
AGarcia, CWS Ray Flowers 19    
RGrossman, Min Ray Flowers 19 Scott Engel 11 Fred Zinkie 0
MUpton, Tor Ray Flowers 19    
YEscobar, LAA Ray Flowers 17    
MFiers, Hou Scott Swanay 13    
POrlando, KC Scott Engel 11    
MGonzalez, Hou Ray Flowers 11    
JVargas, KC Al Melchior 10    
RAlcantara, Oak Al Melchior 10    
AFrazier, Pit Ray Flowers 9    
JJay, ChC Ray Flowers 9    
AHicks, NYY Ron Shandler 5    
JTomlin, Cle Ron Shandler 5    
DPhelps, Mia Ray Flowers 1 Jeff Zimmerman 0  
AAlcantara, Cin Ron Shandler 1    
CBuchholz, Phi Ron Shandler 1    
PBaez, LAD Ray Flowers 1    
CPerez, LAA Tim Heaney 0    
CRuiz, Sea Tim Heaney 0    
DGarneau, Col Tim Heaney 0    
JBandy, Mil Tim Heaney 0    
MMaldonado, LAA Tim Heaney 0    
MPina, Mil Tim Heaney 0    
FRivero, Pit Jeff Zimmerman 0    
RDull, Oak Jeff Zimmerman 0    

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

The Mixed Auction Touts certainly weren't afraid to open up their wallets in this first FAAB run of the season, and for good reason, as there has been no shortage of fantasy-relevant developments in the week since our auction.

Would the Nationals closer be Shawn Kelley or Koda Glover? That was the question on draft day. As it turns out, the answer is none of the above. Blake Treinen's command can be shaky at times but he does have the stuff, most notably a highly effective sinker that induces a lot of ground balls, to succeed in the ninth inning. I'm a strong supporter of spending FAAB early on potential impact players while there is still so much time for them to make an impact, but $359 seems to me like a bit too much for a guy on a team with viable closer alternatives and an unpredictable manager.

I was hoping to land Delino DeShields for his speed/OBP potential as a candidate to bat leadoff for the Rangers, and figured that my aggressive $152 bid could be enough to get him. Well, I guess Fred Zinkie needed the speed more than I did, as he shelled out more than one-fifth of his season FAAB budget to acquire DeShields' services. This might prove to be a wise move if DeShields, who is fresh off an outstanding spring training, reverts to his 2015 form.

Jason Grilli is the Blue Jays closer, at least for the next couple weeks while Roberto Osuna is sidelined due to injury. Grilli, the owner of 78 career saves, pitched well for Toronto last year following his midseason trade from the Braves. At worst, he provides me with a few saves in exchange for the 52 FAAB bucks. At best, Osuna remains out for much longer than two weeks.

Todd's Take

I don't want to keep harping on Jacob May, maybe I'm all wet here but why not back up a DeShields bid with one on May? I guess it could be a low OBP expectation.

On the other hand, if the league is indeed tuned into OBP, they should have been all over Robbie Grossman, who emerged from Twins camp with the DH gig. Perhaps the league is fearful Byungho Park is called up, or Kenys Vargas assumes the spot, but for now, Grossman will bat near the top of the Minnesota lineup, with a career 0.347 OBP.

delino deshields



BTreinen, Was Scott White 263 Tim McLeod 247 Rudy Gamble 223 Ray Murphy 151
    Charlie Wiegert 148 Perry Van Hook 123 Adam Ronis 76
    Anthony Perri 56 Greg Ambrosius 27  
DDeShields, Tex Charlie Wiegert 188 Scott White 117 Greg Ambrosius 68 Tim McLeod 22
    Adam Ronis 13 Rudy Gamble 5  
JPolanco, Min Tim McLeod 75      
AFrazier, Pit Jeff Boggis 52      
DHudson, Pit Tim McLeod 45      
JGrilli, Tor Anthony Perri 45 Scott White 53 Adam Ronis 36 Rudy Gamble 17
    Greg Ambrosius 16    
AGarcia, CWS Tim McLeod 43      
CMorton, Hou Adam Ronis 23 Charlie Wiegert 17 Scott White 6  
LMorrison, TB Jeff Boggis 16 Rudy Gamble 4    
KGraveman, Oak Charlie Wiegert 15 Perry Van Hook 3 Greg Ambrosius 2  
SDoolittle, Oak Adam Ronis 12 Tim McLeod 5 Rudy Gamble 2  
KSiegrist, StL Tim McLeod 11      
MPerez, Tex Tim McLeod 9      
CPerez, LAA Perry Van Hook 7      
HStreet, LAA Perry Van Hook 3      
LPerdomo, SD Rudy Gamble 3 Perry Van Hook 3    
HSantiago, Min Charlie Wiegert 3 Perry Van Hook 3    
JBiagini, Tor Rudy Gamble 2 Adam Ronis 2    
DDietrich, Mia Scott White 1      
JShields, CWS Greg Ambrosius 0      


JMay, CWS Charlie Wiegert 34
ASimmons, LAA Tim McLeod 17
MReynolds, Col Charlie Wiegert 15
ZCozart, Cin Tim McLeod 9
DPhelps, Mia Charlie Wiegert 6
RBuchter, SD Tim McLeod 4
JChacin, SD Rudy Gamble 3
DGarneau, Col Perry Van Hook 3
CSabathia, NYY Perry Van Hook 2
CBethancourt, SD Perry Van Hook 2
TCahill, SD Charlie Wiegert 2
ONarvaez, CWS Perry Van Hook 2
GeoSoto, CWS Perry Van Hook 2
FRivero, Pit Rudy Gamble 2
TONeill, Sea Tim McLeod 1
AMejia, Min Charlie Wiegert 1
DFreese, Pit Scott White 1
YPetit, LAA Perry Van Hook 0
TKoehler, Mia Perry Van Hook 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The Touts were given an early FAAB opportunity Sunday night, but maybe a few missed the e-mail as only nine of the 15 teams participated. Still, there were some high dollar bids as new Nationals closer Blake Treinen went for $263 to Scott White beating out seven other bidders, including other triple-digit tries, ranging from 247 down to my own 123.

Rangers outfielder Delino DeShields had a great spring but will have to fight for at bats in Texas. He went to Charlie Wiegert for $188 ahead of four other teams.

Greg Ambrosius used a zero dollar bid to get James Shields - time will tell if that was too much.

Falling well short on Treinen, I settled for a gamble on Houston Street for just three units. While he won't produce any stats this week, if the veteran Angel closer gets close to half the available saves in Anaheim, it will be well worth the wait.

My team also had to replace Tom Murphy, lost to a broken arm, and received my first choice - another Halo, starting backstop Carlos Perez. The options were not great, but even if I overpaid slightly at $7, I have regular at bats for a while.

Todd's Take

Not only was this an early FAAB run, Sunday was a cheat day since acquisitions would accrue Sunday stats. Jeff Boggis took advantage by securing Logan Morrison and his opening day homer. The Rays have a quietly decent string of lefties (Corey Dickerson, Kevin Kiermaier and Brad Miller), able to give right-handed pitching some fits.

I find it fascinating that every unawarded bid had only one owner. I didn't check to see if anyone attempting bids was shut out, but why not spend a few extra minutes adding a couple more contingencies, just in case?

 aaron judge



BTreinen, Was Michael Beller 193 Jake Ciely 164 Clay Link 62 Andrea LaMont 59
    Dr. Roto 20    
DDeShields, Tex Peter Kreutzer 161 Jake Ciely 154    
AJudge, NYY Jake Ciely 33      
HKim, Bal Peter Kreutzer 26      
LSeverino, NYY Dr. Roto 25 Michael Beller 14    
ZWheeler, NYM Jake Ciely 14      
MMontero, ChC Peter Kreutzer 11      
JGrilli, Tor Jake Ciely 7      


CMorton, Hou Dr. Roto 15
CDevenski, Hou Dr. Roto 15
MStrahm, KC Dr. Roto 10
MEstrada, Tor Dr. Roto 10
DPhelps, Mia Dr. Roto 10
DSpan, SF Peter Kreutzer 8
JMay, CWS Peter Kreutzer 3
TWolters, Col Peter Kreutzer 3
RSchimpf, SD Jake Ciely 3
SSchebler, Cin Jake Ciely 3
MConforto, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

Let me start with me.

In the auction I bought Jason Kipnis and David Dahl, who were DL'd, so I knew coming out that I needed replacements. If I had been savvier I would have taken Delino DeShields the Son and Hyun-soo Kim because of the former's stolen base prowess and the later's on base skills. But I didn't.

So going into the bidding, I wanted to make a big enough bid on DeShields to win, he was a good fit for my speedy team of leadoff hitters, and another player who would at least contribute counting stats and on base percentage.

I somewhat arbitrarily decided that 161 units was a good bid for DeShields, playing by sense of smell, and that 26 was a good on for Kim.

My DeShields bid topped Jake Ciely's bid for the Rangers leadoff man by a measly seven units! And nobody else bid on Kim, so I got my top two choices (plus I replaced my DL'ed catcher Wilson Ramos with Miguel Montero).

That's a burn for Ciely, who then suffered more. He put in a nice big bet on the surprise Nationals closer Blake Treinen, a 164 unit bid that was beaten by Michael Beller's bid of 193. Ouch!

But don't cry too much for Jake. He added Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Zack Wheeler, and closer flavor du jour Jason Grilli, for much less money.

I think, all around, it was a good first week.

Todd's Take

Wow, what a difference three teams makes with respect to the player pool. Trust me, we'll see more activity later, but the mindset is mostly wanting to give the guys drafted a chance. History shows that's a wise choice.


0 #1 Larry Schechter 2017-04-04 21:43
It was reported before the FAAB deadline that Biagini was being considered for saves along with Grilli. I actually forgot Tout Wars had changed to a $1000 budget, so when I bid $8 I thought I was bidding 8% of my budget. Would have won the bid if I hadn't made that mistake. Hopefully I'll get lucky and Biagini won't get any saves.
Totally agree with Todd about Jacob May. Much more worthwhile than those other guys that were taken.

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