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Monday 18th Dec 2017

During a great first half of the week at the Grapefruit League with my XFL mates, the best part came when after 20 years of working together, I finally met our football guru, Marc Meltzer, who lives in Jupiter, in the flesh. Good times.

OK, so, to reality and Tout Wars, for which I posted my wish list early Saturday, plenty of hours before the draft, which commenced at Rock 'N' Reilly's on Saturday morning. 

So, here are the bad boys for this year: 

Sandy Leon (C, $3): I paid $2 more in LABR, so this works fine for me as part of a quasi-platoon of receivers. 

Caleb Joseph (C, $1): Targeted for a buck on my wish list, I like Joseph like I like Leon like I like Josh Phegley. For a dollar, .255-5-35 is just fine. If we're into May and Joseph sucks, I can drop him without impugnity (of course that means he will get red-hot elsewhere, right?).

Carlos Santanta (1B, $26): I wanted him in LABR and here, and spent a few bucks more than the $24, but the money saved on Leon evened things out. If anyone can bang 30 homers on my team, this is the guy.

Devon Travis (2B, $15): I love this guy. I want him to stay healthy, of course, and even that is in question to start the season, but if Travis plays 145-plus games, he will put up a fine line. He cost $3 less than I figured.

Trevor Plouffe (3B, $10): It is not so much that I am sold on Plouffe, whom I own in LABR for the same amount, but he plays every day, and I do like him over Ryon Healy, despite popular convention. I had wanted Nick Castellanos, but I anticipated spending $18-19 on Castellanos, and when Plouffe was nominated, and the bidding slowed at $8, I jumped to $10 figuring this will fill the spot with a full- timer with double-digit homer power who averaged 83 RBI as a full-timer from 2014-15.

Alcides Escobar (SS, $11): Escobar played all 162 games last year and in 2014, with 148 in between. Over a 162-game average, the shortstop has hit .262-4-61 with 23 swipes. OBP is an issue, but I can deal.

Rob Refsnyder (CI, $2): Cost me a buck more than LABR, but with issues surrounding Didi Gregorius, he is primed to get extra opportunities. Some nice position flexibility potential as well.

Eduardo Escobar (MI, $1): Kind of like the other Escobar, though not a starter at this point, so much cheaper. Escobar is one season removed from a pair of solid ones, is enjoying a great spring, and he helps me lead the league in Escobars.

Khris Davis (OF, $23): Same price as LABR: project same output. .269-28-80 is fine.

Kevin Kiermaier (OF, $19): This spot would belong to Kole Calhoun, but I like Kiermaier as a 20/20 candidate and speed is something Kole cannot do.

Tyler Naquin (OF, $10): I was sitting on Eddie Rosario, but it was getting late in the draft and Naquin is another full-timer who could contribute across the board. Again, I had the bucks so I went for a little more power potential and more of a sure thing on a better team.

Max Kepler (OF, $17): So, Naquin/Kepler represents a shift from LABR, and I like the Twins flychaser, who has pop, an eye, and some speed. He just needs to settle his contact rate to be really good.

Yonder Alonso (SW, $4): He will start versus right-handers and is a good OBP guy on a team that values said skill. His glove guarantees playing time, but Alonso can indeed hit and get on base and is steady and cheap.

Brad Miller (UT, $19): Banking that Miller can keep the power up and drive in some runs. He does give me some position flexibility and with him I have eight players with 20-plus home run capability, and that spreads the risk and power around pretty well.

Chris Archer (SP, $24): I really wanted him in LABR, but a solid spring and fine WBC performance bumped the cost. I was prepared here to up the ante, pay $24 and give Archer the ace role. Now, if he can indeed step into it, we are set.

Ervin Santana (SP, $5): Steady Erv is just fine with me.

Aaron Sanchez (SP, $14): Building off a strong season, I am looking at Sanchez as my #2 guy who can maybe provide 200 whiffs.

Alex Cobb (SP, $7): Just stay heathy. Please.

Kendall Graveman (SP, $3): Oakland's Opening Day guy doesn't whiff a lot. But when he is on, he keeps the ball down and can work innings. Building off a strong second half, I am hoping Graveman steps it up.

Jordan Zimmermann (SP, $3): See Alex Cobb.

Robeto Osuna (RP, $19): A solid closer on a solid team at a reasonable price.

Andrew Miller (RP, $14): Along with Osuna, Miller and Betances as a relief corps will provide innings, and should be good for at least 50 saves, and maybe more, along with the potential for 10-15 cumulative wins.

Dellin Betances (RP, $13): If Betances and Miller can come close to repeating last season, it will make my starting pitching that much better and similarly bring all my pitching totals up as well. This was my pitching strategy this time through.

Don't forget you can tweet me @lawrmichaels.


0 #2 Lawrence Michaels 2017-03-31 16:38

sorry for the slow response, and yeah, i do see Graveman picking it up, but, not necessarily kicking up the whiffs. hence Betances/Miller: to help with that. Do like Liriano, btw, and Gray and Ray.
0 #1 Brendan L. 2017-03-27 15:31
Love the squad. I'm in a keeper league and already have rostered B.Miller, Santana, K. Davis, Sanchez, and Travis heading into draft....hence my positive outlook -- that and I'm a fan of the Keirmaier, Plouffe, Miller, and Betances acquisitions.

My question is - do you (like I do) see even a remote possibility that Graveman breaks out a bit and ups his K's to maybe 150 this year? I'm not much for spring stats, but from what I can see and read he seems to be missing more bats as of late. While I have Sale on my roster (AL-only 5x5 12 team) so my worry is rostering two sinkerballers (Sanchez/Graveman) on the same squad and forcing me to spend on someone like Liriano to balance things out. I don't have a closer, so I'm not sure if I can afford to roster Miller and Betances along with some like Chapman, Kimbrel, Allen, etc.

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