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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

I am back hardcore with The Mock Draft Army, hosted by our friends at Fantrax, and my bud Howard Bender's (@rotobuzzguy) push to improve our drafts, after a week of vacation playing golf and sitting in the Maui sun. 

Three weeks ago, I began my latest drafting experiment, drafting in 12-team and 15-team formats, grabbing hitters with at least four of my first five selections. This week, I repeated the process, going with four pitchers out of my first five selections in both formats. In all drafts, I selected from the #9 slot, and that position was simply based upon the random spot I was assigned over the first of the four drafts.

The question obviously was could I go hitter heavy and still assemble a pitching staff, both in 12-team and 15-team formats. Note that each team held a standard 23-man roster plus two reserve selections.

12-Team Hitting 12-Team Pitching 15-Team Hitting 15-Team Pitching
Rizzo, Anthony Syndergaard, Noah Harper, Bryce Syndergaard, Noah
Syndergaard, Noah Bumgarner, Madison Freeman, Freddie Scherzer, Max
Freeman, Freddie Cueto, Johnny Cespedes, Yoenis Cueto, Johnny
Cespedes, Yoenis Archer, Chris Carpenter, Matt Cespedes, Yoenis
Carpenter, Matt Cespedes, Yoenis Kipnis, Jason Chapman, Aroldis
Davis, Khris Carpenter, Matt Hendricks, Kyle Davis, Khris
Duffy, Danny Kipnis, Jason Duffy, Danny Santana, Carlos
Miller, Brad Miller, Brad Miller, Brad Miller, Brad
Gausman, Kevin Eaton, Adam Gausman, Kevin Herrera, Odubel
Travis, Devon Herrera, Odubel Herrera, Odubel Travis, Devon
Piscotty, Stephen Piscotty, Stephen Calhoun, Kole Ottavino, Adam
Vogt, Stephen Santana, Carlos Ozuna, Marcell Vogt, Stephen
Calhoun, Kole Belt, Brandon Gray, Jon Gray, Jon
Ray, Robbie Gray, Jon Neris, Hector Kiermaier, Kevin
Ozuna, Marcell Pence, Hunter Cervelli, Francisco Crawford, Brandon
Ottavino, Adam Ray, Robbie Ottavino, Adam Gyorko, Jedd
Neris, Hector Inciarte, Ender Santana, Ervin Finnegan, Brandon
Finnegan, Brandon Vogt, Stephen Bandy, Jett Cervelli, Francisco
Gray, Jon Ottavino, Adam Cabrera, Asdrubal Devenski, Chris
Cervelli, Francisco Neris, Hector Finnegan, Brandon Prado, Martin
Crawford, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Prado, Martin Santana, Ervin
Inciarte, Ender Bandy, Jett Choo, Shin-soo Pillar, Kevin
Pederson, Joc Madson, Ryan Pillar, Kevin Conforto, Michael
Foltynewicz, Mike Dull, Ryan Barraclough, Kyle Souza Jr., Steven
Barraclough, Kyle Reddick, Josh Conforto, Michael Dull, Ryan

The big question, of course, is did I manage enough hitting on the teams favoring pitching, and vice versa, to be competitive? Well, let's take a look.

Of course there were considerations with each draft even if I was selecting specifically towards hitting or pitching, as in with the 15-team format I had to think about closers around the sixth round, while in a 12-team format, I did not worry about saves till nearly the end of the draft. Similarly, I tried to milk strikeouts and power, and obviously that was tougher in the deeper leagues.

But, how exactly do the numbers project? Well, loosely, which is what projections kind of are, here is the shakeout.

12-team hitter heavy 12-team pitcher heavy 15-team hitter heavy 15-team pitcher heavy
.272-343-1083-1124-141 .271-274-1165-1072 168 .267-303-1240-1306-130 .263-273-1107-1085-143
81W 1385K 61Sv 3.53 1.28 96W 1720K 80Sv 3.43 1.24 71W 1055K 61Sv  3.56 1,29 92W 1595K 70Sv 3.37 1.24

I do think these numbers, however iffy they might be during the pre-season, look like they have enough pop and arms to at least compete. Of course, the number totals do include all 25 players, so that must be accounted for. But, if you draft carefully, there are indeed veins of players each round who can be successfully statistically mined.

Don't forget you can find me @lawrmichaels.


0 #2 Todd Zola 2017-02-26 17:12
Quoting funkyjoe:
Good looking site. Doesn't look like it covers old school 4x4 single league

Especially early, most of what's out there to discuss is Mixed. However, I definitely cover single league 4x4 in the Platinum subscription package.
0 #1 funkyjoe 2017-02-26 04:59
Good looking site. Doesn't look like it covers old school 4x4 single league

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