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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

This past week, I participated in three of Howard Bender's (@rotobuzzguy) #MockDraftArmy, and this week my experiment was to test a draft spot against league depth. So, I signed up for three--10, 12, and 15-team drafts of 25 rounds. Since I drew the middle of the first draft, I chose to draft in the middle of all three, though I must confess, that is among my least favorite drafting slots.

And of course, before you review the list, some observations:

1) I do tend to grab the same players because, well, I think they will perform well.

2) It seemed logical to load up on more pitching earlier in the 10-team format, figuring there were less good and dominant starters out there than hitters.

3) Even in the 12 and 15-team formats, I did grab a starter early, but in the 12-teamer, I then went for hitting for a long run.

4) I waited until just about the end of the 12-team, and to the end of the 10-team draft to grab saves. Since there are indeed 30 teams, if each league member grabs two, in those leagues there should be some saves to play with now, and some out there when the season begins that no one anticipated.

5) Though I do indeed draft players I like, i was also more willing to take some chances in the shallower formats, figuring with a phat reserve pool, it would be much easier to fix a production problem. 

Round Player (overall) 15-Team Player (overall) 12-Team Player (overall) 10-Team
1 Arenado, Nolan (7) Kershaw, Clayton (7) Arenado, Nolan (6)
2 Cespedes, Yoenis (24) Freeman, Freddie (18) Syndergaard, Noah (15)
3 Springer, George (37) Cespedes, Yoenis (31) Kluber, Corey (26)
4 Kipnis, Jason (54) Davis, Khris (42) Cespedes, Yoenis (35)
5 Carrasco, Carlos (67) Carpenter, Matt (55) Carpenter, Matt (46)
6 Melancon, Mark (84) Miller, Brad (66) Archer, Chris (55)
7 Herrera, Kelvin (97) Piscotty, Stephen (79) Davis, Khris (66)
8 Duffy, Danny (114) Duffy, Danny (99) Miller, Brad (75)
9 Miller, Brad (127) Hendricks, Kyle (103) Kipnis, Jason (86)
10 Ray, Robbie (144) Herrera, Odubel (114) Santana, Carlos (99)
11 Belt, Brandon (157) Travis, Devon (127) Piscotty, Stephen (106)
12 Vogt, Stephen (174) Gausman, Kevin (138) Ray, Robbie (115)
13 Margot, Manuel (187) Andrus, Elvis (151) Kiermaier, Kevin (126)
14 Gray, Jon (204) Ray, Robbie (162) Gattis, Evan (135)
15 Travis, Devon (217) Neris, Hector (175) Ozuna, Marcell (146)
16 Estrada, Marco (234) Crawford, Brandon (186) Jankowski, Travis (155)
17 Devenski, Chris (247) Vogt, Stephen (199) Crawford, Brandon (166)
18 Gyorko, Jedd (264) Ottavino, Adam (210) Vogt, Stephen (175)
19 Bandy, Jett (277) Cervelli, Francisco (223) Manaea, Sean (186)
20 Pillar, Kevin (294) Jankowski, Travis (234) Ottavino, Adam (195)
21 Souza Jr., Steven (307) Devenski, Chris (247) Maurer, Brandon 206)
22 Cobb, Alex (324) Finnegan, Brandon (258) Bedrosian, Cam (215)
23 Rosario, Eddie (337) Santana, Domingo (271) Devenski, Chris (226)
24 Finnegan, Brandon (354) Cabrera, Asdrubal (282) Madson, Ryan (235)
25 Altherr, Aaron (367) Santana, Ervin (295) Inciarte, Ender (246)

You can follow me @lawrmichaels. And, you can check with @rotobuzzguy about future mocks.


0 #2 Todd Zola 2017-02-10 15:44
Quoting dhouse42:
interesting, taking two catchers - what is your thought process behind that?

These are all two-catcher leagues. Some sites (ESPN, Yahoo) and some private leagues use one catcher. The industry leagues (Tout Wars, LABR) and the high stakes contests are all two catcher formats.
0 #1 dhouse42 2017-02-10 15:35
interesting, taking two catchers - what is your thought process behind that?

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