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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

As seems to be well-known, Lord Z and I drafted at the 2017 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Draft as the organization held its annual winter conference in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Todd already has made some comments that are a pretty good assessment, accessible via our Platinum Package and you can view the results here. I suspect most of the motivation behind our selections has largely been covered, as in this post-draft discussion with Joe Pisapia and Dan Strafford on their FNTSY radio show.

But, instead of looking at my team, or shock/surprise picks, I want to simply look at my favorite selections: You know, the players when their name comes up you think to yourself, "that was a nice pick."

1.3 Nolan Arenado (Mastersball): I don't really mean this as #Humblebrag because this was our first pick, but it seems such a no-brainer, for as noted, take away steals--on which we can fade a bit--and Nolan is indeed the best hitter over the past two years. No disrespect to Mike Trout or Mookie Betts, or even Paul Goldschmidt. All we need is a repeat performance.

1.13/1.14 Josh Donaldson/Corey Seager (BBHQ): Ray Murphy and Brent Hershey picked at the fun and sometimes lean wheel, and got the perfect pairing of Donaldson and Seager, commanding some great potential numbers on the left side of their infield. With a first rounder, you are ostensibly hoping for roughly $35 of value, and this duo collectively should indeed return the $70 and maybe a little more.

13.8 Elvis Andrus (Sirius-XM): OK, so we are into a new golden age of shortstops, but Ray Flowers grabbing a guy who hit .302-8-69 with 24 steals, 75 runs, and a .362 OBP in the 13th round when the player is just into his prime years. Eeek.

15.1 Nomar Mazara (Fantistics): Mazara is a big (6'4") left-handed hitter that Anthony Perri wisely picked, for the rookie, not yet 22, dropped down 20 big flies in his first season, and though he only walked 39 times to 112 strikeouts, this is not a bad contrast for a player so young. He could be a 30-homer guy as soon as this year, and even if Mazara repeats last year, those are some nice numbers to get at this stage of the draft.

16.7 Stephen Vogt (RotoWire): We all know catcher sucks, so why does a guy who averages .255-17-68 fall so far down? Nice grab Jeff Erickson.

18.1 Devon Travis (BBHQ): Once again Brent and Ray make a fine pick with Travis, who has a career line of .301-19-85 with 46 doubles and 92 runs over 163 games. That is like a season, so theoretically Travis stays healthy and gives us something like those totals? Such a deal.

20.2 Didi Gregorius (Fantasy Scout): Mark Bloom, AKA Dr. Roto, made a nice grab with Didi, who is learning to become a good hitter, and in that sense reminds me a lot of the Ozzie Smith/Omar Vizquel smart slick fielding shortstop who becomes a fine hitter. But I doubt any of us expected the .276-20-70 mark with 32 doubles, as the shortstop delivered last year.

23.8 Kyle Barraclough (FNTSY): Andrew Miller went as the last selection of the 8th round, while team Cardano/Meaney grabbed the Marlins reliever 202 picks later. No doubt how good Miller is, but Barraclough did whiff 113 over 72.6 innings, or 14 per nine (14.9 for Miller), and while I am not sure how long Miller can continue, I suspect Barraclough can get better. Relative to their draft spot, that makes Barraclough a steal.

24.6 Greg Bird (NFBC): I thought Bird was the word in New York last year, but now the first baseman, who was injured last year, could come out of those ashes to be the new Mark Teixeira, and Greg Ambrosius knew it.

29.2 Jordan Zimmermann (Colton and the Wolfman): A great last crapshoot by Stacie, Glenn, and Rick on a guy forgotten and/or written off by the rest of us. At this point, nothing to lose in a shallow league by making such a sharp pick of a good arm.

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