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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Zach Steinhorn might have taken Week 17 with a robust 169.4 points--and this would mark the fourth time Zach led the pack--but Howard Bender took the top spot overall, going fifth for the final week of the regular season with 150.9 points, while posting 2436.13 seasonal points. That was roughly 30 better than second placer Brian Walton (2406.7) with Zach holding third with 2384.08.

The @Rotobuzzguy did average a whopping 143.30 per week over the season, followed by Walton who averaged 141.57, but Rick Wolf, who finished 11th overall, averaged a terrific third-best 140.52 points in registering his 1967.32 total. Rick missed the cut three times, hence his total was divided by 14, and not 17, explaining why the Wolfman had such a fine average while his total score suffered a tad. 

It was fitting indeed that Jeff Boggis and I duke it out in several DFS leagues tweeting back and forth, for in the end, he finished eighth in Fout Wars with 2107 points while I finished ninth with a somewhat anemic 2077.98.

For the final standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings. Surely we will be back next year for football, and of course all baseball season.

Note: I will post DFS picks towards the end of the week, under RealTime and DraftKings.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

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