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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Justice is served with this simple line that appeared in the transactions on Thursday:

Cleveland Indians - Jamey Wright - Released

 Now, I need not wax poetic on this, or any of Wright's mates who made the grade this week (like Mark Grudzielanek or Claudio Vargas).

Let's just say I am glad baseball is moving towards dumping these bench bloating vets who not only are past whatever prime they might have had, but who impede the progress of young players deserving of a chance to show what they can do at The Show.

While I am at it, time to kiss the career of Eric Chavez goodbye.

Chavez, relegated to the DL with neck and back difficulties several weeks back, is in the final year of a huge contract made by Oakland when they had a tough decision to make.

They could keep one of their two young left-side infielders, Chavez, or shortstop Miguel Tejada. They opted for Chavez, with Bobby Crosby in the wings. And, as we know, that proved to be a multi-faceted mistake. It also should reaffirm to fantasy owners, that no matter how much information we have, making a decision of who to keep and who to trade is ultimately guesswork and finger crossing.

I actually made the same mistake in my Strat-O-Matic league, taking Chavez, along with Joey Mauer, as my first picks when we were first creating the leagues five years ago.

Chavez, however, will not really be back in an Oakland uniform ever again, I believe, unless he hangs on the DL until September call-ups and gets a last hurrah with roster expansion.

I remember writing in the STATS Scouting Notebook, way back when, that Chavez was a batting title waiting to happen. And, maybe, sans injuries, he would have been. But, sadly, all he turned out to be was an expensive disappointment all the way around.

Even to himself, I suppose.

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