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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

With the bulk of the post-season assignments made, Week 17 turned into a sort of hodge podge among teams looking for momentum (Atlanta), pretending to care (Pittsburgh, first half), and probably gearing up for next year (Oakland).  But, largely among the games I tracked--Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Baltimore and Cincy, and Oakland and Denver--there seemed a lack of ugency among all involved.

Of coiurse, there were those end-of-season names to pique us as we review our rosters to finish 2016, and likely stick in the back of our heads until drafts begin again come August. So, to finish the regular season, let's look at one more batch of players to make us think "hmmm," maybe in some DFS as the season winds down, and maybe for our drafts next year.

Of course I wrote about Zach Zenner on Wednesday as a DFS play for yesterday, and Zenner did indeed rush for a score and 69 yards and caught four passes on route to 21 points, a steal at the $3200 he fetched on Draft Kings. Detroit has some nice choices next year when Ameer Abdullah, returns, and Theo Riddick heals. I see Zenner fitting in the goal-line Fullback role, with Abdullah grabbing the main yardage points, and Riddick returning to his reciever in the backfield role.

How about fourth-year undrafted RB Rex Burkhead and his 119 yards on 27 carries coupled with a pair of receptions banging out 25 points while Jeremy Hill sat out the final week of play. Burkhead, a Nebraska graduate, has actually had a fair amount of work  week-to-week, but nothing like his game against the Ravens as he had 47 carries over the previous 16 weeks. A nice finale, but Hill is still the guy.

On the other side of the ball, Ravens rookie Kenneth Dixon continued to play an increasing role with ten carries for 44 yards and a score, giving him 88 carries, largely since Week 12, suggesting the RB has some potential increased playing time in 2017.

Jacksonville's Corey Grant similarly had a big day Sunday, with 18 carries for 122 yards and a score plus a couple of catches, good for 20 points in spelling T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory. But, the Auburn collegiate might have made an impression for next year and is one guy i would put on my late round wish list, at least as the season ends.

OTOh, I might try to trade for the Steelers Eli Rogers every chance I can. Selected from Louisville two years back, Rogers has had an increasing role, catching six for 61 yards Sunday, bringing his season totals to 48 catches for the season for 498 yards. Rogers is fast, and dangerous after the catch, and I see him converting the dividends of playing off Antonio Brown next year.

I had a bad feeling about Matt McGloin even watching him last week. Maybe the guy is a competent workman, but he doesn't seem to inspire much. OTOH, I liked what in Connor Cook subbing for McGloin nabbing 150 yards and a TD. The Raiders might get by Houston, but I am not holding my breath, and next year, David Carr is the man, but I like Cook as the back-up.

Finally, a nod to Terrel Pryor, Jr., who finished the year with 77 catches for 1004 yards in his first season as a Wideout (up until this year, Pryor was a QB). The guy is indeed both an athlete and professional.

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0 #1 Polka 2017-01-03 20:31
McGloin nearly got fish hooked by Amsterdam-

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