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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

As Fout Wars pushes off from its penultimate contest, Fantasy Alarm's Glenn Colton rocked the Fout World, blasting through to first for the week with 175.10 points, far outdistancing second place for the week. Howard Bender, who sits at first overall, clocked in second with 148.76 points.

Colton charged to the top on the strength of Blake Bortles (29.7), LeSean McCoy (28.5), Allen Robinson (26.7) and Mike Evans (22.7) en route to his romp. In finishing second, the @Rotobuzzguy's squad was led by Cameron Meredith (31.5) along with Robinson, while Colton's partner in FA crime, the Wolfman (Rick Wolf), finished third with 142.66 fueled by Doug Baldwin and his 39.7 points.

What is amazing too is that Colton missed submitting a roster during Week 2, and still sits in seventh place overall, while Wolf missed Weeks 2, 3, and 6 and is still in 11th place out of the 18 Touts who have submitted teams during the season. 

Jeff Boggis finished fourth with 141.46 while I finished a dismal and distant 12th with just 87.06 points, worst of the week.

For the season-long standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings

Week 17 DFS Plays

Joe Flacco ($5500): Pretty much a must win for Flacco, the other game on the line being the Colts. I will take Flacco facing the lesser defense.

Zach Zenner ($3200): The flavor of the week, but hard to ignore after Monday's performance and the price. Certainly, successful or not, Detroit will be giving the touches to Zenner this final week of the season to get him primed and ready for the post-season.

DeAndre Washington ($3700)/Jalen Richard ($3800): I would exploit one of these moderately priced Raiders RBs. Aside from the fact the Oakland running game ran roughshod over Denver last game, with Derek Carr gone, the running game will become more important. And, both of these rookies have suddenly established themselves as potential breakaway guys who can catch.

Steelers ($3600): A bit of a pricey defensive investment, but the Steelers are priming for the playoffs while playing a terrible offense at home. I think they will play very aggressively on D. 

Kyle Rudolph ($4600): I liked playing Jason Witten here initially, but again, I suspect the front row troops will get mostly a break this week, hence the money saved on moving from Roethlisberger to Flacco gets reinvested in a good Tight End who probably will play the whole game against a rival. It is a pride thing.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

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