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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

The final weeks of the regular season--and throes of our post-season--are whizzing past and getting more intense, and exhilarating/depressing as can be. Happily, I am still alive in a couple of leagues, and hope you are too as we turn up the holiday season heat.

Being a Bay Area guy, I gotta start with Matt Moore, and I don't mean the one the Giants swapped for at the trade deadline, but rather the Dolphins QB who in subbing for the injured Ryan Tannehill, just like a bunch of other subs, like Dak Prescott and Bryce Petty, took the reigns and ran with them. And the jaunt could result in the infamous "controvery." Moore did put up some pretty good numbers, with four TDs over just 12 completions of 18 tries to seven receivers. That is pretty good productivity. And, Tannehill still likely gets the reigns back, but, well, never take anything for granted in fantasy, right?

And, I have written previously about Ty Montgomery, but he was indeed a brilliant play as a $4800 Wide Receiver, giving old time Fantasy Baseball players thoughts of Kirby Puckett playing second base in the late 80's. Montgomery caught just one pass on two targets but ran for 162 yards and a couple of TDs. I love this kind of stuff man. 

While we "Ty" one on, Tyler Lockett is a guy I have just loved to watch from the first time I saw him. So, Lockett bagged his first start of the year on Thursday and in return gave 130 yards on seven catches and a score. If you are making trades for the future, he is a guy I like a lot. And, because he returns punts on a good Special Teams unit, he makes for an intriguing play as the Seahawks move to the post-season.

And, I have grown used to seeing "A. Robinson" on the ticker below the games, as being a WR who has a big day, but not the one on the Falcons. Aldrick Robinson had a pretty good day during the Atlantans dismemberment of the Niners, scrambling for 111 yards on four catches of five targets. Matty Ice does indeed spread it around, so Robinson is a guy to watch these final weeks, and maybe take a flier upon.

Tom Savage has such a great name, though it seems more appropriate as a moniker of an enemy of the Super Friends. Still, coming in for Brock Osweiler on the troubled Texans, Savage completed 23 of 36 for 260 yards and unfortunately nothing else. Still, that is pretty good for a guy who had not yet thrown a ball during a game. This will be interesting to watch, as Osweiler might be tied to a big contract, but his effectiveness is apparently not part of the deal. Stay tuned, but Savage is probably just a journeyman, so don't be too enamored as of yet.

Much the same should be said about the Colts' Erik Swoope, who has been primarily a Special Teams guy, but the Tight End did nab three passes for 50 yards and a score, giving him 13 receptions for the year. Maybe enough to raise an eyebrow, but not much more.

On defense, I'm looking at two guys. First off is Aaron Donald of the Rams. The third-year player copped his seventh sack on Thursday to go with 42 tackles and a pair of forced fumbles. Donald has been coming on very strong and maybe he will bring the Rams defense in his slip stream.

Player two is Khalil Mack's counterpart, Bruce Irvin. Mack might get the big ink, but Irvin also collected his seventh sack of the year to go with 51 tackles and five forced fumbles. As Mack improves, Irvin should simply get to be that much better. 

You can follow me @lawrmichaels. 

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