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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

If you have been paying attention the last month, you will have noticed the latest wave of the next big thing.

This has been occurring for the past few years, actually, but let's face it, in the face of a tough economy, and teams like the Twins keep coming up with good young players and competitive teams without the bankroll of the Yankees or Red Sox, well, Carlos Santana is in, and Jermaine Dye is definitely out.

Truly, I cannot remember a week like this past, however, when in addtion to Santana, Stephen Strasburg, Jake Arietta, Keith Lincoln, Jose Tabata, and Mike Stanton all made their major league debuts since Monday.

Now, we need only look at the same transaction cycle and see names like Mike Carp and Homer Bailey to recognize that some of the prospects above will need to go back to Class-AAA to really get it down, but, another look, at those same transactions suggest that.

Because names like Mark Grudzielanek and Jamie Walker (who will again be the source of a Zen Zone) were jettisoned, and teams realized for a minimum salary, they can indeed advance the youngin's, even on a solid team, and build some confidence.

Not like this has not been, as noted, occurring. Ryan Braun and Evan Longoria and Tim Lincecum were all advanced as the past few seasons were in progress.

To be sure, it is not that prospects have not been promoted during the season before this wave the last few years, but it is true the jobs of most vets were a lot more stable. In the past, Dye would have been resigned, and Grudz and Walker would have eeked out another season's worth of meaningless stats.

The thing is, I think this trend is going to get wider and wider, at least for a few years, and then the pendulum will swing back in favor of the vets again.

But, as veteran salaries have skyrocketed--and I think locally names like Aaron Rowand and Barry Zito exemplify the bad economic decisions teams can make--and teams have investments in prospects like Strasburg, as long as the prospects are performing, the teams may as well try to take advantage of those investments and put them to use.

The times, my friends, are a changing, and we should watch because, if nothing else, it is interesting.

As long as your name is not Adam Everett, that is.

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