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Friday 15th Dec 2017

DFS is such a cruel beast, and golf, it seems, is just like baseball and football for me. As in once again, I can nail a top pick, and a couple of lower selections in a contest, but the mainstream participants who should be solid do well until they are on my roster. Then, kaput.

After a week spent south of the border, the Tour moves to The Sea Island Resort in Sea Island, Georgia for the RSM Classic. The top tour players are still chilling for the start of the season, but the likes of Matt Kuchar and Jim Furyk are ready to hit. So, let's see who I think can do it this time around. (And don't forget you can duke it out against me and cut your chops playing $3 DraftKings Weekly Hybrid PGA).

Brandt Snedeker ($10,900): The high-priced spread this week, which does not fill me with confidence since picking the big guys is not a strength. That said, Snedeker is solid playing the weekend (20/28) and averages 62.6 points a week.

Zach Johnson ($9700): A big fan of both Johnsons, and with Zach averaging 62 points per tourney, coupled with 20 of 23 cuts, well, I am game.

Cody Gribble ($8400): I seem to do well with newer successes on the tour, and Gribble is four-for-four making the cut thus far and averages 97.6 points. Prove me wrong, Cody.

Ryan Blaum ($7900): Five-for-five with 84.5 points on average for the rookie. Again, give me a reason to not pick you, Ryan. I don't see one yet.

Martin Flores ($6600): Back with a card after a year on the Web.cam tour, Flores has been strong, playing all weekend five of six times while averaging 63.8 points.

Ryan Brehm ($6500): Brehm did it for me last week, tying for 18th, and making his fourth consecutive cut. He's averaging 76.4 points over those tourneys.

Do remember to keep fantasy open and regulated and fair for all by writing your local lawmakers and tell them of your love of playing and desire to keep on playing. Visit the FSTA site for more information (and thanks).

Feel free to comment with your thoughts, and remember you can also hit me up @lawrmichaels

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