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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

The PGA Tour really kicks into gear this week with the World Golf Championships, HSBC, as the players move from one exotic location--that of Maylasia--to another, that being the Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai, China.

I do have to say that following last week, where all four of my guys made the cut, and where three finished -13, and one -11, and yet I still did not finish in the money making it tough to understand just what I have to do to make the money cut.

Still, there is something so engaging about all fantasy games, that well, just playing is indeed fun, and this week a large complement of stars will be hitting the greens along with downing a lot of Szechuan Prawns and Hot and Sour Soup.

Since there is rain in the Bay Area forecast this weekend, sitting home, watching the Series, the NFL, the Warriors, and the PGA with a bowl of Hot and Sour and another bowl of noodles sounds like a winner to me.

Don't forget you can duke it out against me and cut your chops playing $3 DraftKings Weekly Hybrid PGA

Dustin Johnson ($11,900): Dustin and Rory are indeed the top choices, and I went with Dustin, even though these kinds of picks never seem to work out for me. Still, with 20 of 21 cuts made and a spectacular 89.5 points per week average, well, too good to pass up.

Adam Scott ($9400): Scott is equally steady, playing all weekend in all 21 tourneys he entered the last cycle, averaging 83.5. He was one of my -13 guys last week, so I am back for more.

Roberto Castro ($7900): Things drop a bit with Castro, who averages a still solid 64.8 per week, and has 23 of 28 cuts made, and who has played well when I selected him.

Si Woo Kim ($7700): The South Korean golfers are an amazingly disciplined bunch it seems, and Kim, who has hit paydirt 23 of 24 times has a 60.9 point average..

Kevin Kisner ($6900): Kisner finished -11 last week, bagging 84.6 points, and this week, at $7000 less than last week, he is a good bet.

Younghan Song ($6500): I picked Song last week, after he had made four of four cuts, and I was rewarded with a 21st place finish and 81 points for at the time, $7300. Seems like a bargain, and until he misses a cut, I am playing the kid.

Do remember to keep fantasy open and regulated and fair for all by writing your local lawmakers and tell them of your love of playing and desire to keep on playing. Visit the FSTA site for more information (and thanks).

Feel free to comment with your thoughts, and remember you can also hit me up @lawrmichaels


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