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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

Rick Wolf, the "Wolfman" end of Colton and the Wolfman, romped Week 4 of Fout Wars, where the Tout Warriors are going head-to-head playing DFS Football. Well, for Week 5, Glenn Colton, rhetorical former of the dynamic duo, mopped the floor with his 14 league mates.

Colton wrangled no fewer than 30-plus points from three of his starters--Ben Roethlisberger (33.2), Ezekiel Elliott (35.1) and Cameron Meredith (30.6), the steal of the week at $3000, all contributing to a massive point total of 182.6 points.

Finishing second was Tim Heaney with 176.98 points, fueled by T.Y. Hilton (36.1), Amari Cooper (30.8) and Cooper's passing mate Derek Carr (25.98), and amazingly I finished third with Roethlisberger, along with Sammy Coates (34.9) and Theo Riddick (26.2), building a total of 166.5.

However, a few weeks ago I wrote a column about getting lost in the miasma of teams and DFS contests, and in my haste to build my roster, I mistakenly grabbed Dwayne Washington of the Lions instead of DeAndre Washington of the Raiders. I had the bucks for the latter, whose 10.2 points would have pushed me past my buddy Tim, but not far enough to catch Glenn.

You can follow along with our progress--or lack thereof-right here: Fout Wars Google Docs Standings. And the big question of the week is "Where are you Jeff Boggis?"

Week 6 DFS Bargain Picks

John Kuhn ($3100): OK, Kuhn is a blocking back who maybe gets a couple of touches a game, but they are generally red zone touches, inside the two, and thus far Kuhn has converted seven total carries into three TDs. I'm not saying to build an offense around him, but as a second RB Kuhn makes it so there are still a lot of bucks in your budget for higher priced guys.

Brandon LaFell ($3200): Eight catches and a pair of scores off 11 targets last week bumped LaFell's season totals to 21 catches for 271 yards on a team with a good passer facing a team with a questionable pass defense.

Andre Johnson ($3400): Sure, like Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith Sr., Johnson is no longer an up-and-coming star, but these wiley vets know how to play, and despite some age, Johnson has been targeted 21 times, although he has only caught nine. But, he has a pair of scores out of that and his team faces the pathetic Browns at home this coming week.

Browns ($2600): OK, so I badmouthed the Browns, but they are playing the Titans with the #31 defense at home, and as bad as Cleveland has been, they have seven sacks, five picks, and turned a fumble into a score. 

Jalen Richard ($3800): With Latavius Murray still out, the heavy workload falls to Richard and Washington, and the rookie Richard, with 175 rushing yards and 11 receptions for another 105 yards, should get to grind out some points and yards facing the Chiefs at home.

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