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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Back when the Beatles were the biggest thing in the world, they made movies, starting with the brilliant A Hard Day's Night, and then Help!, which is amusing and has some great songs. Originally, Help! had a working title of Eight Arms to Hold You, with a statue of Durga, a goofy metaphor for the Fab Four.

Well, somehow this year I have found myself a player in eight separate Fantasy Football leagues, though I share management of one with Lord Z. Add in a couple of DFS leagues, and suddenly I am tracking ten or eleven rosters and sets of points on Sundays, a far cry from the five Fantasy Baseball leagues in which I compete.

Since I do tend to like certain players, I tend to draft to and around them as often as I can as I feel a good player is always a good thing to have. Thus, if I like Jarvis Landry in one league, I will probably like Jarvis Landry wherever I can play him, at least in season-long contests, and if I think Cam is the best signal caller, there is a good chance I will roster the Panther as often as I can.

All-in-all, that means 57 players spread over four sites and formats, with varying rosters, all of which makes me grateful that the teams only play once a week. For, over the past weeks, I have left Markus Wheaton active by mistake in two leagues, and Jonathan Stewart was on the roster last week, as was the Willie Snead gamble which failed even when I was able to make a last minute Mohamed Sanu substitution. 

But the big culprit over the past week was the Steelers defense, known for being a tough gaggle who are stingy with yards and rushes. Philadelphia and their rookie QB Carson Wentz were going up against the longtime cross-state rivals. Sure, Wentz had played admirably over the first two weeks, but this time the Steelers were a serious physical club. Or so I thought.

Just for grins, though, I did go through all my rosters, and here are the players who appear most on my rosters:

Player Total Teams
Riddick 7
Washington 7
Raiders 6
Crabtree 5
Walford 5
Carr 5
Landry 5
Sproles 4
Edelman 4
Snead 4
Wheaton 4

Objectively, I do see that my teams are indeed Raider heavy, which makes me feel like a homer. But the reality is the bulk of Oakland picks I have were fifth round or beyond, and their defense was generally the last selection I made in almost every league. Furthermore, I do think that squad will begin to gel and be quite good by mid-season, let alone down the stretch.

Additionally, I tried to go strong with Quarterback, but my support cast are full of potential receivers in PPR formats, and some of my players might be great freezes in the couple of dynasty formats in which I participate.

But, back to my management issue, it is hard to remember all my rosters, track all the injuries, make all my waiver moves, track the amount of FAAB I have left, manage bye weeks, and of course, remember to set a roster before kickoff on Thursdays.

The thing is, I prepped for football the most judiciously I ever have this past off-season, working a good 15 mocks, tracking pre-season stats, following the top draft picks, and contributing to a cluster of periodicals.

So, that, coupled with the fact that I really want to challenge the conventional WR-heavy strategies by exploiting running backs who can catch, but well, that is hardly a secret.

It is though a challenge, though one I likely would not swap. I mean, who doesn't love Football Sunday? On the other hand, per the Beatles, Help!

Let me know if you too have roster management issues @lawrmichaels.

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