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Friday 15th Dec 2017

With the Ryder Cup this weekend, DFS is on hold till the start of the 2016-17 season in a couple of weeks when the Tour kicks off in my backyard of Northern California, at the Silverado course and the Safeway Championships.

Last week was rugged for the PGA Championships, and really, no column was due, but then the great Arnold Palmer passed away on Sunday.

When I played golf when I was younger, Palmer, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, were the cream of the golf world crop. And, Arnie, and his Army--for he was known as The King--ruled everywhere.

I had a pretty typical set of clubs for a kid in the mid-60's, sticks that are completely different than the clubs that are built now, I do remember when I needed (or wanted) a new putter, I bought an Arnold Palmer signature one, and I loved it.

In fact, I still regret that I gave the putter away when I got rid of my clubs 40 years ago, and still sort of miss it (I did see said clubs are out there on eBay, but I am now hesitant).

But Arnie was such a presence, like Nicklaus, or Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan or Willie Mays or any other athlete at the top of not just his game, but sport for its entirety. And Palmer won an amazing 62 tournaments on the PGA tour (fifth, all time) and winning 10 Majors including The Masters four times, the U.S. Open once, The Open Championship twice and the PGA four times.

Arnie was also just a gentleman, it seems, and I still got a kick seeing him in those silly Xaralto commercials that featured Brian Vickers and Kevin Nealon. And well, Palmer is the man behind the brilliant combination of iced tea and lemonade.

Once again, the earth loses a legend and is indeed a sadder place.

I will be back with the Safeway Open which begins October 10.

Do remember to keep fantasy open and regulated and fair for all by writing your local lawmakers and tell them of your love of playing and desire to keep on playing. Visit the FSTA site for more information (and thanks).

Feel free to comment with your thoughts, and remember you can also hit me up @lawrmichaels.


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