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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

For some reason, I wound up in more football leagues than ever before this season: even more than those in which I play baseball. 

Football is a lot easier to manage than baseball in that there are games only once a week per team coupled with general roster limitations--such as size of roster, or max at a position one can even have on a roster, and this generally keeps things manageable. And in two leagues, things are oddly parallel, and yet nothing alike.

Both leagues--A SiriusXM Experts, and a SiriusXM Keeper--include pretty much the same humans, although my teams are as different in makeup and format as they are in record after two weeks. Both of these drafts were hosted by our good friends at Fantrax

In the Throwback league, ten players are active each week, including defense and a kicker, out of a 16-man roster, while in the Keeper league (just for the archivists, this too was a draft since this is the first year of the league), we start 11 a week with a 30-man roster.

It is interesting how similar my teams are in some ways yet different in others, but more to the point, my Throwback team is 2-0, while my Keeper team is 0-2.

Pos Throwback (2-0) Keeper (0-2)
 QB  Cam Newton/David Carr  David Carr/Tom Brady/Alex Smith
 RB  David Johnson/DeAndre Washington  David Johnson/Fozzy Whittaker
 RB Theo Riddick/Empty  Theo Riddick/Matt Asiata
 WR  Kelvin Benjamin/John Brown  Jermaine Kearse/Breshad Perriman/Gabriel Taylor
 WR Jarvis Landry /Pierre Garcon  Jarvis Landry/Seth Roberts/Eddie Royal
 WR Willie Snead/Markus Wheaton  Cameron Meredith/Andre Roberts/Cecil Shorts
 TE Richard Rodgers/Empty  Jason Witten/Jared Cook/Richard Rodgers
 FLX Bilal Powell/Empty  Bilal Powell/Marcel Reece
 PK  Steven Hauschka/Empty  Steven Hauschka/Mason Crosby
 DEF  Oakland Raiders/Pittsburgh Steelers  Oakland Raiders/Pittsburgh Steelers

I have to say the presence of Benjamin and Snead have made the major difference, but I am curious to see how the Keeper team evolves, where I had the prescience to draft both Whittaker and Asiata, who will now get some serious touches for a few weeks at least. But, more significant, my faith in Theo Riddick as a solid #2 in every league, for better or worse, has some real promise.

But, even though the squads are similar, where I drafted players varied a lot. In the Throwback league, Newton and Johnson were my first and second selections while in the Keeper league, Johnson and Landry were my top two picks. Further, I selected Carr in the fourth round in the Keeper set-up, and the seventh in the throwback, while the Raiders Defense was my last pick in both.

Naturally, the player pool in the Keeper league, where 12 teams each drafted 30, is pretty thin. The rule is we are each allowed to select five players in a draft following the NFL selections, and by Opening Day we will chop five names from the total of 35. And, we are allowed to trade the draft picks in advance of the next three years, which is a nice variable.

The thing, though, is I tried to go against the grain in the Throwback league, drafting Newton and Johnson, and then exploiting Wide Receiver, so the fact that I landed both Landry and Benjamin in a receiver dominated format is a little odd to me.

Then again, those players went that much sooner in the Keeper format where I did try to go young and draft to sort of win now, but more to build around a solid core, and maybe make trades depending upon the flow of this season and my success rate. And, surely I am thinking both Asiata and Whittaker will have some value to the teams that lost AP and Jonathan Stewart.

Additionally, I went three-deep at Quarterback, figuring someone in the Keeper league is going to need an arm due to a combo of bye weeks and injuries, so again, I have a serviceable signal caller and the potential to nab a couple of future draft selections as well.

Since this is the first Keeper league with this type of format in which I have played, I am trying to stay competitive, but also learn just how to rebuild in an Ultra Football league.

I will keep you posted.


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