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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

billy butler full



BButler, NYY Larry Schechter 87      
BPeacock, Hou Ron Shandler 56 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 23 Steve Moyer 0 Chris Liss 0
JChacin, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6      
RAlcantara, Oak Seth Trachtman 3 Steve Moyer 0 Chris Liss 0  
MBarnes, Bos Steve Moyer 0      
MClevinger, Cle Chris Liss 0 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6 Seth Trachtman 3  
TClippard, NYY Larry Schechter 0 Steve Moyer 0    


TGore, KC Larry Schechter 33
MTonkin, Min Steve Moyer 0
BShaw, Cle Larry Schechter 0
DODay, Bal Larry Schechter 0
KUehara, Bos Larry Schechter 0

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

With two weeks to go, Seth Trachtman has a solid, but not insurmountable lead in AL Tout with 86.5 points, while five wannabe winners are playing a continuous game of leap frog, trying to cliimb past one another and catch Seth.

Truth is the points are there for those five squads to gain and Trachtman to lose; however there is so much churn with those five teams gaining and losing that the who task of moving up grows more daunting daily.

Among the top teams, Trachtman let go of the injured Carlos Carrasco in lieu of Oakland's Raul Alcantara for $3. Second placer Chris Liss grabbed Mike Clevinger for $0, third place Larry Schechter made a pair of buys with Billy Butler ($87) and Tyler Clippard ($0), while the sixth place team of Wolf/Colton went after Jhoulys Chacin for $6.

The last move of the week was Steve Moyer acquiring Matt Barnes for a $0 bid.

As for me, I am indeed in the thick of things, but with a team full of players already starting, and a full complement of pitchers, I sat tight and just hope my players would do the talking instead of my wallet

Todd's Take

So it looks like Seth could plausibly lose ten or so points, bringing him anywhere from three to six points ahead of the quintent tracking him down. It would take the perfect storm for this to manifest but it's within the realm of possible outcomes. Of course, Seth can also gain a handful of points. Someone from the chasers will likely emerge as the chief contender. We'll revisit this with a week to go and detail what needs to happen, sort of like they do at the end of the NFL season with playoff berths on the line.

archie bradley full



ABradley, Ari Mike Gianella 107 Derek Carty 40 Phil Hertz 0 Scott Wilderman 0
KSampson, Cin Derek Carty 40      
TRivera, NYM Steve Gardner 31 Derek Carty 15 Scott Wilderman 1 Phil Hertz 0
THolt, Cin Derek Carty 15 Derek Carty 0    
GDayton, LAD Todd Zola 12 Phil Hertz 0    
AHedges, SD Brian Walton 3      
JNicasio, Pit Brian Walton 2      
AAlmora, ChC Scott Wilderman 1 Derek Carty 0    
ABlair, Atl Phil Hertz 0      
MReed, Mil Phil Hertz 0      
AAmarista, SD Derek Carty 0      


HRondon, ChC Derek Carty 2
CRoe, Atl Brian Walton 1
SSelsky, Cin Derek Carty 0
BRevere, Was Phil Hertz 0
EGoeddel, NYM Phil Hertz 0
ERamos, Phi Phil Hertz 0
FSalas, NYM Phil Hertz 0
HRobles, NYM Phil Hertz 0
JBlevins, NYM Phil Hertz 0
JChavez, LAD Phil Hertz 0
JEdgin, NYM Phil Hertz 0
JHoffman, Col Phil Hertz 0
JOsich, SF Phil Hertz 0
JSmoker, NYM Phil Hertz 0
PCorbin, Ari Phil Hertz 0
TKelly, NYM Phil Hertz 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

As Todd Zola and Derek Carty continue to flip-flop in the top spot in NL Tout, both added free agents this week. Zola picked up lefty specialist Grant Dayton of the Dodgers for $12.

Carty acquired up a trio, including two Reds – Keyvius Sampson ($40) and Tyler Holt ($15) plus Swiss army knife Alexi Amarista ($0). In a spot start this week, Sampson tossed 4 1/3 shutout innings, but has allowed too many baserunners all season long (1.578 WHIP). Holt has been seeing semi-regular time in the outfield and has been performing well.

The top acquisition in terms of dollars was a player I had held all season but finally gave up on, Archie Bradley of Arizona. Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus plopped down $107 to become Bradley’s new owner. The right-hander has a 5.07 ERA for the season and a 6.00 mark with a 1.9 WHIP over the last two weeks. Good luck to Mike as Bradley makes his next start against San Diego this week.

Steve Gardner of USA TODAY acquired another one of my earlier drops, T.J. Rivera, for $37. Since his September return, the Mets infielder is hitting a cool .381. I should have been more patient, then again, I did not know at the time that Neil Walker would miss the rest of the season.

Todd's Take

The week begins with a precarious .5 point lead over Derek, after having spent most of the week a point or two in his rear-view mirror. Derek has Kerhsaw back which along with Sampson helps his quest for a couple of strikeout points in play. Derek can also pick up points in runs and steals, explaining the Amarista and Holt grabs.

I see Dayton as a Kenley Jensen handcuff along with a guy that can get whiffs and maybe a vulture win. Jansen is working through a sore wrist so Dayton helps cover the chance the Dodgers cut back on Jensen's use once the NL West is secured.

There aren't many points I can still add with a lot more I can lose, especially on offense. That said, with things so close even a half point is huge and currently I'm tied with a colleague in both steals and homers. With Jose Peraza playing regularly, I'm hoping he secures the half point in bags while I use power bats in the fungible roster spots. Losing AJ Pollock (again) really hurt and this time I won't be able to activate him mid-week if he comes back. I'll likely have a decision next Monday.

robert gsellman full



RGsellman, NYM Zach Steinhorn 31 Fred Zinkie 0  
FGalvis, Phi Cory Schwartz 14 Ray Flowers 4 Fred Zinkie 0
MGonzalez, CWS Ray Flowers 5    
JThompson, Phi Cory Schwartz 5 Zach Steinhorn 28 Ray Flowers 4
SRodriguez, Pit Ray Flowers 4 Scott Swanay 1  
GStanton, Mia Scott Swanay 1    
ASimmons, LAA Fred Zinkie 1 Ray Flowers 4  
NAoki, Sea Al Melchior 0 Fred Zinkie 0  
BMaxwell, Oak Scott Swanay 0    
BHand, SD Fred Zinkie 0    
CDevenski, Hou Fred Zinkie 0    


WPeralta, Mil Zach Steinhorn 28  
CBettis, Col Zach Steinhorn 28  
BPeacock, Hou Zach Steinhorn 28  
CAnderson, Mil Cory Schwartz 5 Fred Zinkie 0
RNolasco, LAA Ray Flowers 5  
LPerdomo, SD Ray Flowers 5  
JHardy, Bal Ray Flowers 4 Scott Swanay 1
JWendle, Oak Ray Flowers 4 Fred Zinkie 0
AEscobar, KC Fred Zinkie 1  
RZimmerman, Was Scott Swanay 1  
KVargas, Min Scott Swanay 1  
CUtley, LAD Scott Swanay 1  
BGuyer, Cle Scott Swanay 1  
BButler, NYY Scott Swanay 1  
HDozier, KC Al Melchior 0  
RQuinn, Phi Fred Zinkie 0  
RBuchter, SD Fred Zinkie 0  
JTomlin, Cle Fred Zinkie 0  
TFlowers, Atl Scott Swanay 0  
MMontero, ChC Scott Swanay 0  
JAlfaro, Phi Scott Swanay 0  

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Trying to maximize strikeouts and wins, I turned to the two-start pitcher list for this week where Robert Gsellman was the most appealing waiver wire option. Through five big league appearances (four starts), the 23-year-old righty has registered a solid 3.08 ERA to go along with 21 strikeouts across 26 1/3 innings. But more importantly, he will be facing the Braves and Phillies, two teams that rank among the bottom three clubs in the Majors in both runs scored and OPS. And looking beyond this week, his final start of the season would also come against the Phillies, so the opportunity is there for Gsellman to finish strong. I'm surprised that there wasn't more interest in him.

Jake Thompson, who has pitched to a 2.49 ERA and 1.22 WHIP over his last four starts after a rough beginning to his big league career, was also on my radar, and he could prove to be a fine pickup for Cory Schwartz. But Thompson's matchups (vs. CHW, @NYM) aren't quite as favorable.

Todd's Take

First a warning to Zach: the Braves are in the upper half in terms of runs scored since the mid-season hiatus. hey, you try to think of different ways to say "All-Star break".

In keeping with the theme of the LABR and Tout Wars reports this week, and not believing in jinxes, young Mr. Steinhorn sits a top the standings with a five point lead over his mlb.com colleague Fred Zinkie with a seven point gap over their colleague, Cory Schwartz. You can cut the tension in their Chelsea Park office with a knife. That said, we sponsor Zach which of course means we buy the Yoo Hoo.

Fred is one OBP point and 4.5 points in steals of running the table on the hitting side while Zach dominates the pitching ledger. This is another race that's going down to the wire. We'll handicap it next week.

miguel montero full



MMontero, ChC Charlie Wiegert 33 Tim McLeod 0  
BPeacock, Hou Adam Ronis 33 Ray Murphy 12 Tim McLeod 1
WMerrifield, KC Ray Murphy 12    
BEibner, Oak Ray Murphy 12    
FLiriano, Tor Adam Ronis 12 Perry Van Hook 4  
CRichard, SD Ray Murphy 12    
JTomlin, Cle Ray Murphy 12    
SRodriguez, Pit Adam Ronis 6 Adam Ronis 4  
CAsche, Phi Perry Van Hook 5    
JChacin, LAA Perry Van Hook 5    
BMaxwell, Oak Tim McLeod 0    
HSantiago, Min Tim McLeod 0    


TFlowers, Atl Charlie Wiegert 33  
JWendle, Oak Ray Murphy 12  
KVargas, Min Ray Murphy 12  
MHaniger, Ari Ray Murphy 12  
RQuinn, Phi Ray Murphy 12  
CKuhl, Pit Adam Ronis 7 Tim McLeod 0
AAsher, Phi Perry Van Hook 4  
BButler, NYY Perry Van Hook 4  
DDietrich, Mia Perry Van Hook 4  
AGriffin, Tex Tim McLeod 0  
AMiranda, Sea Tim McLeod 0  
RoPerez, Cle Tim McLeod 0  

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The penultimate FAAB bidding for the Tout Mixed Draft League saw five of the participants looking for either two-start pitchers or replacements who might get enough at bats to help.

The top price paid was $33 as Houston starter Brad Peacock went to Adam Ronis while Cubs catcher Miguel Montero was purchased by Charlie Wiegert for the like amount.

My choice for the two-start pitcher was Angels hurler Jhoulys Chacin, and on the hitting side I paid the same five dollars for Cody Asche, now back in the Phillies outfield.

Todd's Take

Former champ Adam Ronis is in the driver's seat for another title. enjoying a five point cushion over Rudy Gamble and eight points over Tom Kessenich. Tom closed the gap with a strong Week 24. This league looks like it will come down to the wins category as nine teams sit between 74 and 82 wins. Tom and Adam are in the thick of that, with points to gain or lose in both directions. Rudy is in an intriguing spot as he controls the strikeout category with several ERA and WHIP points in play. It will be interesting to see how he attacks that.

brandon drury full



BDrury, Ari Peter Kreutzer 0
ACole, Was Jake Ciely 0
BLogan, Col Jeff Zimmerman 0


RHealy, Oak Jake Ciely 0
JDyson, KC Jake Ciely 0
BCecil, Tor Jeff Zimmerman 0
JGrilli, Tor Jeff Zimmerman 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

I finished the year with the second most free agent acquisitions, with 44, behind Jake Ciely's 47. Jeff Zimmerman, our very likely champion, made the fourth most, with 25. These three teams are likely to finish in the Top 5, though I'm not sure there is a lesson to be drawn based on how active teams were. Andrea LaMont made the third most moves and is currently in last place, while Brent Hershey and Stephania Bell made fewer than half as many moves as Zimmerman, and are our other Top 5 likely finishers.

It is par for the course then that Zimmerman, Ciely and Kreutzer made this week's three buys.

Zimmerman ditches the low K-rate starter Ivan Nova, after his bad start, to roster Colorado setup man cum closer Boone Logan.

Jake Ciely has picked up starter AJ Cole, who has been throwing strikeouts and home runs for Washington in recent weeks.

Alarmed by Yuliesky Gurriel's OBP last week, I went to the exceedingly hot Brandon Drury down the stretch.

The wild card in the H2H race are the 36 games to be awarded based on first half, second half, and whole season roto standings. In the first half, the top three teams were Hershey, Zimmerman and Kreutzer.

In the second half, it looks like the top three will be Zimmerman, Hershey and Kreutzer, though that is of course subject to change.

We haven't calculated the full season standings, in part because it's hard to see how there will be a surprise that will upend Zimmerman's road to the championship.

Todd's Take

As usual, Peter didn't leave much for me. Keep in mind the rules of this experimental league are mostly typical head to head seasoned with some rotisserie flavor. Part of that was minimizing the impact of niche strategies favoring the focus of one category, hence type of player, over another category. It was also just to add a mind-bending twist, which is always a good thing as conventional drafting schemes can become stagnant or stale.

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