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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Diane and I live in a house with dogs (2) and cats (also 2); although, at one point, we had three dogs and five cats. Had Diane's iguana, Dan, survived, you could throw her into the mix. But dogs and cats, living together? Or as Bill Murray noted in "Ghostbusters," “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

Well, though Tout Wars, founded by our dear mate Ron Shandler over 20 years ago, has been a fantasy league that focused on baseball, most of us in the industry who play in Tout, and cover and play fantasy baseball, have a tendency to play a lot of other games for a bunch of reasons.

As in, we like sports, we like games, and well, we sort of enjoy playing sports games against one another. So, under the initiative of Lord Zola, the first annual Tout foray into a weekly football DFS contest played at DraftKings will be kicking off this coming Sunday, and we shall be playing the standard Sunday-only games, with a $50,000 Salary Cap, building a roster that consists of:

  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
  • FLEX
  • DEF

That means, for many of you who despise the storied glory of George Blanda, Garo Yepremian, and Lou Groza, a league sans Kicker, a play set-up that does indeed seem to be gaining momentum in fantasy circles.

And, the names of the Touts who are participating are indeed familiar: Rick Wolf, Steve Gardner, Stephania Bell, Jeff Erickson, Howard Bender, Peter Kreutzer and more, and we will be playing, and I will be documenting how and what we do, as usual, trying to unlock any keys to DFS success.

And, as of now, I am favoring Russell Wilson ($7700) running wild over the fairly weak Miami defense, while favoring Ryan Mathews ($5700) matching up against the Browns, and a Raiders stack of Michael Crabtree ($5500), Clive Walford ($3300) and the Oakland Defense ($2400), who should have fun against a poorly ranked defense, while Khalil Mack and company puts the pressure on Drew Brees. 


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