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Sunday 24th Sep 2017

In light of the EPL break this past weekend due to the international games and the fact that we covered our suggested fantasy lineup for match-day 4 last week, let’s take this opportunity to preview UEFA Championship League stage group games.

It’s never too early to get the excitement going. The first stage group match-day is scheduled for September 13 and 14. On Tuesday morning, September 13, we will offer our suggestions and include individual player names for your fantasy soccer lineup. Note that DraftKings will feature UEFA Championship League contests on both days.

The official club rankings have Real Madrid on the top of the table. Not a big surprise, since Real won last year. Bayern Munchen is second, followed by Barcelona and then Atletico Madrid. Juventus is fifth, likely due to the club’s summer market’s high expenditure. There is nothing unexpected here until you search for Manchester City and find it in the 13th slot. I would rank City a bit higher.

Surprises will come on match-days because this is soccer and that’s why we love the game. There are few sure things in soccer. We are certain that Bayern will beat Rostov and that Barcelona will prevail over Celtic. Unfortunately, saying it does not help our fantasy team. Since we know that the Bayern and Barcelona forward will score, the salary of their strikers will be extremely high.

In order to overcome the limitations of the salary cap, we use our own criteria to select players for a fantasy lineup. Let’s go over it briefly, although I must say there is no magic in it.

Our rankings show that Barcelona forwards are the top rated, that the PSG midfield is highly regarded and that the Juventus defense, including its goalkeeper, is very good. We will do our best to include at least one player for each position from these teams.

Additionally, we look at the odds and then we roster players based on the probability of the outcome of each game. For example, Club Brugge and Leicester City are evenly matched according to the odds. This would be a good game from which either to select midfielders or to stay away from. On the other hand, Borussia Dortmund is odds-on favorite over Legia Warszawa. Borussia forwards are reasonably priced and as such they are likely to be included on our fantasy team for match-day 1. Borussia players are certainly less expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo. Incidentally, let’s keep an eye on Cristiano. He should play next weekend, but then he may be kept out due to his current injury. I would not put him on my fantasy roster as of yet.

32 clubs, 16 games. Does your DVR have sufficient empty room to record all 16 games?

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