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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I can pretty much define my 2010 NFBC team I share with Todd in two words: Javy Vasquez.

Specific words that come to mind include frustrating, aggravating, disappointing, and not over yet.

As we round the first real goal of the baseball season, Memorial Day, which tells us a third of the season is over, I find our team in 12th place, not exactly languishing, while not necessarily picking up steam either.

For the bulk of the season we have indeed been hanging at the bottom, with decent offense and offensive pitching. Too be sure, at present we have 48.5 hitting points, and there are a chunk of points we could pick up meaning our hitters are holding their own, and need a couple of hot periods to push us up among the leaders in batting.

As for pitching, we are second to last, with 14.5 points.

It was not supposed to be this way. When I zeroed in on Vasquez and Jake Peavy as our sixth and seventh selections, I felt great that between them and our No. 4 pick, CC Sabathia, we had a solid core, not to mention 600 strikeouts and three good teams capable of scoring runs.

As we know, Vasquez is iffy as the Yankees No. 5 starter thanks to his 3-6 record and 6.86 ERA. Peavy has pitched adequately of late, but at 4-4, 6.28, a shadow of his San Diego self.

So, the first question is would I have done anything differently were I in the same situation?

Well, barring having the genius to grab Ubaldo Jimenez or Jose Bautista instead, no. And, that is a point: I picked good players, each with a good track record of solid contribution. So, no, I think I picked well, and correctly. It is just this time it did not work.

More important, since our team is more than competitive at the dish, drafting the players I did, in the order, was just fine. It was just that, as noted, in this case I would have been better served to have selected other hurlers.

But, as stated in the beginning, this is the first milepost. Our hitters are getting their at-bats, so as long as they keep it up, it is up to our pitchers.

Who similarly are getting their starts and their innings. As I noted to Todd the other day, we just need to improve our pitching. He replied, "We have the horses." And he is correct. There is still two-thirds of the season to go, and if CC, Jake, and Javier wind up with numbers close to their norm, we should have some good months ahead.

Nothing to do but wait.

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