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Friday 19th Jan 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

kaleb cowart full



KCowart, LAA Jeff Erickson 58 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 26  
UJimenez, Bal Lawr Michaels 20 Seth Trachtman 0  
ERomero, TB Steve Moyer 18    
CPinder, Oak Jason Collette 9 Jeff Erickson 7  
WHarris, Hou Larry Schechter 7 Patrick Davitt 0  
ERamirez, TB Jason Collette 5 Steve Moyer 0 Larry Schechter 0
BShaw, Cle Larry Schechter 0    
MBush, Tex Patrick Davitt 0    
DOtero, Cle Patrick Davitt 0    


BEibner, Oak Jeff Erickson 58
PNeshek, Hou Patrick Davitt 0
TClippard, NYY Larry Schechter 0
ARomine, Det Jason Collette 0

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

The scramble atop the leaderboard in AL Tout continues this week. With my FAAB expenditure, I gambled $20 on one of the most erratic starting pitchers of the last decade, Ubaldo Jimenez. Coming off a solid start last week, with Sonny Gray and Nathan Eovaldi both out for the year I need some help to keep my strikeouts up (if nothing else), and being just 10 points off the lead (but in fifth), I need to stay on top of the numbers, hence the gamble that Jimenez and the Orioles stay hot and deliver some solid numbers over the final month of the season.

Top team holder Larry Schechter made a pair of moves, grabbing Will Harris for $7 along with Brian Shaw for a dollar, while Patrick Davitt went with a couple of relievers in Matt Bush ($0) and Dan Otero (also $0). The remaining leading teams, Seth Trachtman's second place team and Chris Liss' third place squad lay low this week.

However, the big spender was Jeff Erickson who dropped $58 on Kaleb Cowart, with Steve Moyer gambling $18 on Enny Romero, but my favorite pickup was that of Jason Collette, who went $9 on promising Athletics infielder Chad Pinder and then $5 on Erasmo Ramirez.

Todd's Take

Pinder is interesting though at least for now, he's relegated to the lesser side of a second base platoon with Max Muncy. However, it wouldn't be shocking to see the Athletics eschew the lefty-righty matchups and play Pinder against all pitchers. His long-term role with the club appears to be at second or utility with Franklin Barreto the future shortstop.

If Jimenez can make it through his start versus the Blue Jays relatively unscathed this week, he has a double-dip in store the following week, facing a couple of punch out prone lineups, the Rays and Tigers.

luis sardinas full



LSardinas, SD Brian Walton 35 Tristan H. Cockcroft 2 Steve Gardner 1  
ACole, Was Mike Gianella 26 Derek Carty 4 Tristan H. Cockcroft 1 Phil Hertz 0
MWisler, Atl Mike Gianella 26 Derek Carty 12 Tristan H. Cockcroft 3 Ray Guilfoyle 2
    Phil Hertz 2    
RGsellman, NYM Mike Gianella 26 Derek Carty 22 Phil Hertz 1  
RTapia, Col Ray Guilfoyle 5      
SLugo, NYM Phil Hertz 2 Steve Gardner 0    
RMontero, NYM Phil Hertz 1      
OArcia, SD Tristan H. Cockcroft 1 Andy Behrens 0    
RRivera, NYM Andy Behrens 0      
TCahill, ChC Steve Gardner 0 Phil Hertz 0    
THolt, Cin Andy Behrens 0      


JDeLaCruz, Atl Mike Gianella 26
RQuinn, Phi Ray Guilfoyle 5
JBradley, Atl Phil Hertz 1
RDelgado, Ari Phil Hertz 0
PCorbin, Ari Phil Hertz 0
JChavez, LAD Phil Hertz 0
GDayton, LAD Phil Hertz 0
CHeisey, Was Andy Behrens 0
AWood, LAD Ray Guilfoyle 0
ARecker, Atl Andy Behrens 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

$26 was the magic number for Mike Gianella, as the Baseball Prospectus writer had the same winning amount for three free agents this week in National League Tout Wars. Currently in sixth place, Gianella came into the weekend with the most FAAB in the league at $298, so had the financial leverage to get who he wanted. His new players are all starting pitchers – Robert Gsellman of the Mets, Matt Wisler of Atlanta and A.J. Cole from Washington. All have an opportunity to remain in their respective rotations for the final month.

The owner with the second-most cash is me. I used $35 to acquire former Mariners infielder Luis Sardinas, who has been playing out of his mind since joining San Diego six games ago, going 6-for-17 including two doubles, a home run, five walks, four RBI and a stolen base. Here is hoping it can last a while longer, since I get none of those impressive stats logged to date.

Todd's Take

Welcome back A.J. Pollock! My $31 draft day investment made his 2016 debut over the weekend - but not on my squad because I tried to get too cute. Recall the Tout Wars rule allowing mid-week activation so long as you release an active player. The release wasn't a big issue with Matt Joyce and Jeremy Hazelbaker currently active - if I had to cut one I'd be OK. The original plan was for Pollock to play two out of three games so I assumed he'd sit either Saturday or Sunday, especially since he was facing a decent RHP both times. On Saturday morning, I decided to wait to see if there was any early word if he was playing since I had to decide by 1 PM ET and the Snakes didn't play until the evening. I couldn't find anything but since Joyce and Hazelbaker were facing weak RHP, I opted to keep Pollock out until Sunday. The two platoon lefties went a combined 0-for-4 while Pollock played and went 0-for-3.

So it's Sunday and I incorrectly assumed Pollock would sit versus Homer Bailey. Oops. He went 3-for-5 with a pair of runs. I need RBI more than runs so that part doesn't sting but I'm .0004 away from another point in OBP and could have used those stats. The saving grace is now I don't have to release a hitter, I was able to release Dario Alvarez, with the decision being who to sit, not release between Joyce and Hazelbaker. 

seth lugo full



SLugo, NYM Cory Schwartz 24    
NMarkakis, Atl Ray Flowers 14 Fred Zinkie 4 Tim Heaney 0
NFranklin, TB Cory Schwartz 13 Tim Heaney 0  
MStrahm, KC Fred Zinkie 12 Scott Swanay 0  
EEscobar, Min Ray Flowers 11    
ATriggs, Oak Ray Flowers 9 Al Melchior 0  
CGreen, NYY Gene McCaffrey 4 Ray Flowers 7  
AGriffin, Tex Al Melchior 0 Gene McCaffrey 3  
AWood, LAD Ray Guilfoyle 0    
MWisler, Atl Al Melchior 0    
WHarris, Hou Scott Swanay 0    
RWeeks, Ari Tim Heaney 0    


AEscobar, KC Ray Flowers 8
TBeckham, TB Ray Flowers 8
LCessa, NYY Gene McCaffrey 3
ADeAza, NYM Tim Heaney 0
BGuyer, Cle Tim Heaney 0
JHazelbaker, StL Tim Heaney 0
KelJohnson, NYM Tim Heaney 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Although this week was a fairly quiet one on the FAAB front, it did feature a couple of noteworthy uncontested bids. The first happens to be the highest-priced player of the week, Seth Lugo. Since moving into the Mets starting rotation, Lugo has registered a stellar 2.32 ERA and 1.11 WHIP, and he's in line to make two starts this week. As a deep-league two-start pitcher option, there's a lot to like about the 26-year-old righty.

Matt Wisler is coming off a dominant performance against the Diamondbacks in which he limited Arizona to one run on two hits over eight innings. But after pitching to a 3.16 ERA through the season's first two months, the 23-year-old has recorded just five quality starts in 11 tries, and his pedestrian strikeout rate (6.6 K/9 this year) limits his fantasy appeal. That said, Wisler does have a favorable matchup against the Padres on tap for Tuesday, so if there ever was a time to take a chance on him, that time would be this week.

Todd's Take

Why the sudden interest in Nick Markakis? Sorting by AB for the week shows 6 hits, 5 RBI three runs - so he's hot, right? Maybe, but if that's the criteria, that production came early in the week against the Dbacks. Markakis closed out an empty 1-for-12 versus the Giants. On the other hand, you KNOW he's going to play so if you don't need upside, just regular playing time in the hopes he runs into more run production, that counts for something this time of the season.

adonis garcia full



AGarcia, Atl Anthony Perri 25      
MBoyd, Det Charlie Wiegert 23 Eno Sarris 6 Perry Van Hook 3 Tim McLeod 2
ACole, Was Anthony Perri 22 Eno Sarris 1    
JPeterson, Atl Charlie Wiegert 8      
FSalas, LAA Rudy Gamble 6 Perry Van Hook 3    
KGraveman, Oak Eno Sarris 5 Perry Van Hook 0    
CGreen, NYY Eno Sarris 3      
JBell, Pit Perry Van Hook 3 Anthony Perri 21    
RVogelsong, Pit Perry Van Hook 0      
TPlouffe, Min Tim McLeod 0 Charlie Wiegert 6 Perry Van Hook 2  
DNorris, Det Tim McLeod 0 Perry Van Hook 0    
SLugo, NYM Perry Van Hook 0 Eno Sarris 3 Rudy Gamble 3 Eno Sarris 1


AMiranda, Sea Eno Sarris 3  
JoseDeLeon, LAD Rudy Gamble 2  
CKnebel, Mil Eno Sarris 1  
BTreinen, Was Eno Sarris 1  
ACaminero, Sea Eno Sarris 1  
LCessa, NYY Perry Van Hook 0 Tim McLeod 0
RGsellman, NYM Perry Van Hook 0  
MWisler, Atl Perry Van Hook 0  
JGrilli, Tor Perry Van Hook 0  

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Not a lot of bidding occurred for the last week in August: Some teams, sadly appear to be disinterested, but several teams are low on FAAB units and may want to save the precious ducats to bid on potentially productive September call-ups.

Adonis Garcia drew the top bid, garnering $25 from Anthony Perri. The Braves third-baseman smacked a pair of homers this week and is in line for steady playing time down the stretch.

The high pitching bid for the night was $23 for the Tigers' Matt Boyd who has a nice two-start week ahead, convincing Charlie Wiegert to take a chance. That bid was just a dollar higher than the $22 Perri gambled on A.J. Cole who is taking his disabled Steve Strasburg's spot for the Nationals.

Boyd was certainly on my list as I tried to correct the "un-Godley" moves I made destroying my ERA and WHIP last week but of as I only had $29 left total, I was easily outbid. I did roster Ryan Vogelsong and Seth Lugo for $0 bids to conserve FAAB and try and get some new starting arms who will hopefully be more stat-friendly.

I was also concerned about David Freese's at-bats going forward with the Pirates giving top prospect Josh Bell a long look so I tried to roster Bell and was unexpectedly successful with a $3 bid.

Todd's Take

Periodically in this space I like to point out instances where playing DFS has aided seasonal game-play. With the attention Markakis, Garcia and Wisler garnered this week, it segues nicely into the following. For the season, the Braves are the lowest scoring team in the league, averaging a scant 3.7 runs a game. This hurts hitters in terms of runs and RBI along with pitchers with respect to run support. However, before the All-Star break, the club was scoring just 3.45 runs a contest. Since the hiatus, they're mid-pack at 4.2 tallies. This means Braves bats are better for run production while the hurlers have a slightly better chance at a win.

gary sanchez full 



GSanchez, NYY Stephania Bell 80 Andrea LaMont 31 Jake Ciely 0  
RPorcello, Bos Stephania Bell 12 Andrea LaMont 3 Jake Ciely 0 Jeff Zimmerman 0
JimJohnson, Atl Andrea LaMont 4      
RRay, Ari Peter Kreutzer 4 Jake Ciely 0    
CGreen, NYY Peter Kreutzer 4      
DStraily, Cin Andrea LaMont 2 Jeff Zimmerman 0    
HPerez, Mil Andrea LaMont 2      
JGyorko, StL Andrea LaMont 2      
BFinnegan, Cin Andrea LaMont 1      
ZDavies, Mil Jeff Zimmerman 0      
TBauer, Cle Jake Ciely 0 Peter Kreutzer 4    


LWeaver, StL Peter Kreutzer 4
ASanchez, Det Andrea LaMont 2
MUpton, Tor Andrea LaMont 2
MStrahm, KC Peter Kreutzer 1
RWeeks, Ari Andrea LaMont 1
HSantiago, Min Jeff Zimmerman 0

Todd's Take

Can Gary Sanchez really win the Rookie-of-the-Year? And if he does, can he win it again next year? Due to a quirk in the rules, the answer to the latter is yes. Come September 1 (when rosters expand), Sanchez will fall short of the 130 PA/45 game threshold necessary to maintain rookie of the year status. Keep in mind the clock stops ticking after rosters expand.

Let's use the benchmark of 20 homers for Sanchez for be considered with the likes of Michael Fulmer, Nomar Mazara and maybe Edwin Diaz if he has a huge stretch run. My latest rest-of-season projections suggest the top power hitters will smack around nine more dingers so the mark is certainly within reach. Some are saying the fact he's "been lucky" with HR/FB rate detracts from possibly getting the award.


Let me worry about the bloated mark when I do 2017 projections. The award should be based on performance, though I do believe the Cy Young should take fortune into consideration, but that's a story for another day.


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