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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Today is the last day of the regular season for the Tout Wars Challenge, and I sit in tenth place with 154.32 points, way off the leader (Brian Walton with 193.33) and roughly 20 points behind the cluster of players between second and fifth, bunched with a group who sit with about the same total as me.

That means it is make or break time for those of us who want to have a chance at the September Championships (you can follow along with the Touts here). At the same time, you can match up against me and 199 other regular guys at RealTime's Friday "Beat the Experts" contest (note that both contests are held at Real Time Sports) where you can play for free and should you beat me--which these days is not the big deal it seems--you can net a tidy $2 profit.

What makes today extra goofy for me is my long-time partner, Diane Walsh and I will be in the midst of our rehearsal dinner while batters are duking it out trying to score points for me. What should make it dicey is we will be in lovely Stinson Beach, California, which has great beaches and vistas, but iffy internet service. 

So, I will make my picks, check to ensure that my roster is full, and then largely cast my fate to the winds. 

As for my selections for the day, I tried hard to select solid players, but ideally ones on the road less travelled by my league mates. So, for pitchers, let's go with Kyle Hendricks ($7600) trying to quell the Rockies in Denver, along with Tanner Roark ($6600) grappling with the Braves.

When I looked at hitters, I did indeed favor the Cubs' Kris Bryant ($6200) and Ben Zobrist ($4500) facing lefty Tim Anderson.

Hopefully, my team will rock while we celebrate, and I will do nothing silly that hits the legend of fantasy players disrupting nuptials or childbirth or other life milestones because our team needs us!

Don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels and also feel free to comment, flatter, cajole, ridicule, bewitch, bother, and bewilder in the comments section below. 

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