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Friday 20th Oct 2017

So, last week, #mockdraftarmy 38 went through its paces under the tutelage of Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy), hosted by our mates at Fantrax.

This draft was a breath of fresh air after spending mocks drafting literally to bye weeks, and focusing on wide receivers. For, though I know the arguments that point to getting the most point differentials from the wideouts, I just wanted to see my team based upon drafting around the receiver slot.

Mock #38 is a PPR league with 12 teams selecting 15 players, and I picked in the 11th slot, and was thinking at that point I would grab the duo of Rob Gronkowski and Cam Newton as my top two targeted players, figuring the depth at Wide Receiver would give me a shot at fleshing that spot out with enough good receivers that I would be ok.

However, the Rotobuzzguy sniped my first pick, grabbing Gronk #4, and forcing me to adjust before I even began picking. Still, I did shy from the WR slot with my first two picks, and for sure that spot got awful thin after 20 more picks and the choice returned to me. However, I did get some interesting pass catchers and augmented my Running Back slot with guys who have good hands. 

The results are a team I really like, at least before the season begins.

Pick Player Comment
1. Cam Newton (QB) Screw conventional thinking: Cam gets the most points.
2. Adrian Peterson (RB)  Pretty solid top runner.
3. Allen Hurns (WR) I do like the #2 guys on teams, especially when the #1 guy merits double teaming. 
4. Kelvin Benjamin (WR) Like I said, the slot got thin, but I liked Benjamin last year before he got hurt, so I like him now, too.
5. Theo Riddick (RB) Caught 80 passes last year, so that helps the PPR game.
6. Michael Crabtree (WR) Another #2 WR, but one who bagged 83 passes last year.
7. Bilal Powell (RB) Like Riddick, big time pass catching potential out of the backfield.
8. Markus Wheaton (WR) He plays behind the best receiver on earth, and will get chances accordingly.
9. Mohamed Sanu (WR) Had moments in Cincy, and will get Matty Ice's attention now.
10. DeAndre Washington (RB) Another RB with hands.
11. Breshad Perriman (WR) Like Benjamin, if healthy, could be a breakout guy.
12. Steven Hauschka (PK) I drafted differently atop my roster, so went for a high-scoring kicker early.
13. Seattle (DEF) As with kicker, I picked a team with a history of scoring some points and picked early to try and make sure my point total is as proactive as permits.
14. Richard Rodgers (TE) Big upside as the #1 guy.
15. Tyrod Taylor (QB) Bye week coverage and insurance just in case Cam throws a rod. Plus, Taylor is really good!

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