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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

jonathan lucroy full



JLucroy, Tex Patrick Davitt 886 Mike Podhorzer 873 Jeff Erickson 872 Larry Schechter 801
    Jeff Erickson 90 Jason Collette 29  
GSanchez, NYY Mike Podhorzer 873 Larry Schechter 571 Patrick Davitt 135 Jason Collette 29
    Mike Podhorzer 12 Jeff Erickson 5  
MDuffy, TB Larry Schechter 571 Jeff Erickson 340 Jason Collette 301 Patrick Davitt 136
    Chris Liss 57 Patrick Davitt 10 Jason Collette 1
JMusgrove, Hou Ron Shandler 94 Mike Podhorzer 572 Larry Schechter 571 Chris Liss 94
    Jeff Erickson 24 Patrick Davitt 12  
JJeffress, Tex Ron Shandler 94 Chris Liss 94 Jeff Erickson 90 Mike Podhorzer 27
    Larry Schechter 17    
JPolanco, Min Ron Shandler 57 Chris Liss 57 Patrick Davitt 10 Jeff Erickson 7
FLiriano, Tor Larry Schechter 45 Mike Podhorzer 572 Jeff Erickson 207 Chris Liss 40
    Patrick Davitt 12    
NFranklin, TB Larry Schechter 32 Chris Liss 27 Patrick Davitt 10  
CMcGehee, Det Patrick Davitt 19 Patrick Davitt 0    
BHoladay, Bos Patrick Davitt 19      
TKemp, Hou Seth Trachtman 10 Patrick Davitt 10    
JCenteno, Min Jeff Erickson 5      
AMiranda, Sea Seth Trachtman 3 Patrick Davitt 3    
TClippard, NYY Chris Liss 0 Larry Schechter 6    
CGimenez, Cle Mike Podhorzer 0 Jeff Erickson 1    
KKela, Tex Patrick Davitt 0 Chris Liss 1    
XCedeno, TB Patrick Davitt 0      
DBarnes, Tor Mike Podhorzer 0      
JTazawa, Bos Mike Podhorzer 0      


MMuncy, Oak Chris Liss 11 Patrick Davitt 0
GHeredia, Sea Chris Liss 8 Patrick Davitt 0
WDavis, KC Larry Schechter 6  
DGuerra, LAA Chris Liss 1  
LHendriks, Oak Chris Liss 1  
PNeshek, Hou Chris Liss 1  
ARomine, Det Patrick Davitt 0  
BCecil, Tor Patrick Davitt 0  

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

The big spender was Patrick Davitt, who dropped $886 on Jonathan Lucroy, and another top team, owned by Larry Schechter spent $571 on new Rays third baseman turned shortstop Matt Duffy. But, this interesting big gambit was the $871 Mike Podhorzer spent on Yankees backstop Gary Sanchez.

All three of the spenders performed some tweaks at the lower end as well, with Davitt spending $19 on Casey McGehee and a like amount on catcher Bryan Holaday, while Schechter also bagged Francisco Liriano at a relatively cheap $45, and then added Nick Franklin for a couple of bucks. Podhorzer, clearly trying to fix issues behind the dish, also copped Chris Gimenez ($0) and Junichi Tazawa (also $0) while another top team, that of Seth Trachtman, added infielder Tony Kemp ($10) and Seattle hurler Ariel Miranda ($3) and the Jays Danny Barnes ($0).

Ron Shandler made three moves, first obtaining the services of Joe Musgrove ($94) to fill in for the injured Lance McCullers, Jorge Polanco ($57) to take over for injured Nick Castellanos, and Jim Jeffress ($94) to replace the ineffective Edinson Volquez.

That left the remaining moves Jeff Erickson obtaining Juan Centeno ($5) and Chris Liss picking up Tyler Clippard ($0).

Todd's Take

 How to approach the bidding the week after the deadline is intriguing. For example, it looks like Larry Schechter was willing to go all in with Lucroy, but if he didn't get the crossover catcher, he'd get help at multiple spots while still leaving a decent amount of FAAB in the kitty. Mission accomplished as Larry snagged three players here and has more FAAB that Patrick Davitt and Seth Trachtman -- as well as about half the league -- so there's still at least one more useful addition forthcoming.

It's understandable why Lucroy was worth several all-in bids, even if you have a couple decent catchers. He's also eligible at first plus Tout Wars has the equivalent of a second UT spot with the swingman that can be anyone - hitter or pitcher.

rich hill full



RHill, LAD Derek Carty 630 Mike Gianella 255 Grey Albright 225 Ray Guilfoyle 165
    Grey Albright 88 Phil Hertz 77  
JReddick, LAD Tristan H. Cockcroft 404 Grey Albright 404 Mike Gianella 255 Ray Guilfoyle 180
    Derek Carty 81    
MMoore, SF Brian Walton 382 Grey Albright 404 Mike Gianella 255 Ray Guilfoyle 150
    Derek Carty 81 Phil Hertz 77 Grey Albright 17
    Phil Hertz 3    
INova, Pit Tristan H. Cockcroft 185 Brian Walton 256 Grey Albright 185 Phil Hertz 77
    Derek Carty 76 Grey Albright 15 Derek Carty 0
    Grey Albright 0 Grey Albright 102  
SSchebler, Cin Ray Guilfoyle 20   Phil Hertz 3  
DHutchison, Pit Todd Zola 17 Phil Hertz 17 Derek Carty 1  
RVogelsong, Pit Brian Walton 15 Brian Walton 80    
JThompson, Phi Steve Gardner 14 Grey Albright 35 Brian Walton 15 Phil Hertz 1
    Derek Carty 0    
JBlash, SD Grey Albright 12 Mike Gianella 7 Phil Hertz 0  
LPerdomo, SD Derek Carty 11 Mike Gianella 10 Phil Hertz 3  
RSegedin, LAD Ray Guilfoyle 10 Phil Hertz 4    
RWhalen, Atl Mike Gianella 10      
HStrickland, SF Tristan H. Cockcroft 5 Grey Albright 5 Phil Hertz 0  
CRobinson, Was Phil Hertz 5      
KBarraclough, Mia Ray Guilfoyle 2 Phil Hertz 1 Derek Carty 0 Grey Albright 0
    Mike Gianella 0    
AOttavino, Col Phil Hertz 1 Grey Albright 0    
JNiese, NYM Phil Hertz 0      
EJackson, SD Phil Hertz 0      


MSzczur, ChC Grey Albright 5 Phil Hertz 1
RStripling, LAD Brian Walton 5 Phil Hertz 1
BHand, SD Phil Hertz 1  
MReynolds, NYM Grey Albright 0 Phil Hertz 0
CKnebel, Mil Phil Hertz 0  
TRenda, Cin Phil Hertz 0  
WDifo, Was Phil Hertz 0  

Brian Walton's Commentary

I find this time of year most interesting, with the dynamics of good new players coming into the league, but being unsure of how others assign relative value, coupled with the differences in FAAB balances and the variety of the potential resulting bidding strategies.
With the third-most money coming into the weekend, behind the ESPN duo of Derek Carty and Tristan H. Cockcroft, I had to hope they prioritized other players so I could get my man. As it worked out, that is exactly what happened.

Carty spent exactly enough, $630, to ensure he rostered new Dodgers lefty Rich Hill, currently sidelined with a blister. In turn, Cockcroft spent exactly enough to ensure he would secure the services of either Hill or new Dodgers outfielder Josh Reddick, who of course came over in the same trade from Oakland. Reddick joined Team Cockcroft for $404, not coincidentally, the same amount as my balance coming in.

That left new Giants right-hander Matt Moore for me. Initially, I bid $256, which would have been just enough to ace out the #5 FAAB owner. However, at the last minute, I got cold feet. Looking at the standings, the fourth team in the FAAB derby was dead last in wins. Sitting at $381, surely he would take a run at Moore, I decided. So at the last minute, I upped my ante to $382. As it turns out, my initial offer would have been enough. Now, I have just $7 to carry me through the remainder of the season.

By spending “just” $404 on Reddick, Cockcroft also ended up with new Pirates right-hander Ivan Nova for $185. One reason Tristan wins so many leagues is savvy moves like these, ending up with two of the top four free agents available. Though this year, the three-time champion is in a dogfight to avoid the standings cellar. Having been there in past years myself, I greatly admire his fight.

Todd's Take

This was a tough cycle for me as I enter the week tied for the league lead with the Clayton Kershaw-less Derek Carty. The main difference is he had a bunch of FAAB while I'm out of the running for the big guns. The tough part was deciding to go after Schebler and/or Blash or keep what I have and address needs as they arise. I'm leading in homers and really can't gain in runs. There's an RBI point or two in play but more importantly, I can lose a bunch. That's the issue that's causing the consternation and why I think I many have erred in not grabbing Schebler. I hopefully have A.J. Pollock coming back, which should help. I'm have four spots for Ryan Raburn, Jeremy Hazelbaker, Matt Joyce, Scott Van Slyke and Chris Coghlan so there's certainly room for Schelber - or he and Blash for that matter. Had I known it would take just 20 for Schebler, I gladly would have bid 21 but I assumed the new Reds left fielder would go for more than the 107 I had to spend. SHAME ON ME for not putting in a nominal bid. Dumb mistake.

I did, however, drop 17 on Drew Hutchison in the hopes the Pirates call him up for September, if not earlier. The reports suggest he can be called up the last week in August and save the Bucs a year of control. Taking the zero isn't a huge issue since I have a nice cushion is whiffs though am in a dogfight in wins, which includes Derek. That said, my ratios are in a tightly bunched spot so I'm in the difficult spot of protecting ratios while chasing wins. Ultimately, this is why I did not go after Schebler, preferring to keep all I had for pitching since that will likely decide the league.

Should be a fun stretch run.

gary sanchez full



GSanchez, NYY Fred Zinkie 150 Ray Flowers 96 Derek Van Riper 46  
JMusgrove, Hou Al Melchior 86 David Gonos 62 Joe Pisapia 8 Derek Van Riper 2
EDiaz, Sea Al Melchior 82 Joe Pisapia 57 Ray Flowers 41 Cory Schwartz 25
    Derek Van Riper 2    
ABenintendi, Bos Tim Heaney 62 David Gonos 62 Derek Van Riper 25  
AMiranda, Sea Joe Pisapia 24      
MAndriese, TB Ray Flowers 17 Cory Schwartz 6 Derek Van Riper 2  
DDescalso, Col Scott Pianowski 6 Ray Flowers 6    
MMuncy, Oak Gene McCaffrey 3      
SSchebler, Cin Derek Van Riper 3      
JHahn, Oak Cory Schwartz 2      
RStripling, LAD Derek Van Riper 2      
DPhelps, Mia Cory Schwartz 1 Perry Van Hook 3    
KNieuwenhuis, Mil Al Melchior 0      


POrlando, KC David Gonos 36
TThornburg, Mil Perry Van Hook 33
JBlash, SD David Gonos 26
INova, Pit Perry Van Hook 23
MJoyce, Pit Perry Van Hook 13
JPeavy, SF Joe Pisapia 12
AAlmonte, Cle Gene McCaffrey 3
NJones, CWS Perry Van Hook 3
SHathaway, Ari Perry Van Hook 3
MGonzalez, CWS Cory Schwartz 1
ADeAza, NYM Gene McCaffrey 0
BHand, SD Perry Van Hook 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Although it seems like we've been hearing about Gary Sanchez forever (well, at least in New York we have been), the reality is that he's still just 23 years of age. And finally, with the Yankees trying to get younger, Sanchez will be given an opportunity to play fairly regularly, either at DH or behind the plate. Judging from his first few games with the big club this season (he did appear in two games last year), Yankee fans and fantasy owners have every reason to be excited, and his catcher eligibility only adds to his fantasy appeal. I knew that Sanchez would be the most expensive FAAB purchase. The only question was how much?

Come to think of it, you really don't need to draft any closers to be competitive in the saves category. All you need to do is be active on the waiver wire throughout the season and at times simply guess right. It's a risky strategy but this week's Edwin Diaz pickup reminded me how many pitchers who are currently earning saves began the season on the waiver wire. I'll probably continue to draft two solid stoppers, but every season, I'm becoming more and more open to a different approach.

Todd's Take

Building on Zach's comment with respect to Sanchez, there's reports Brian McCann has cleared waivers and even if he stays in the Bronx. A-Rod's retirement means the DH spot remains open (keeping in mind Rodriguez hasn't played much lately anyway).

Edwin Diaz is fast becoming one of my favorite players to watch. He works with a composed swagger, which is perfect for a closer. The best way to judge him is checking out the looks on the faces of the hitters as they head back to the dugout. I haven't seen anything similar since Mariano Rivera used to dispatch hitters despite their knowing what was coming. I'm not comparing the two except for the reactions. 

 ken giles full



KGiles, Hou Craig Mish 219 Anthony Perri 167 Adam Ronis 92 Eno Sarris 88
TThornburg, Mil Rudy Gamble 167 Craig Mish 195 Anthony Perri 167 Adam Ronis 58
    Eno Sarris 50 Ray Murphy 36  
JMusgrove, Hou Craig Mish 131 Eno Sarris 88 Adam Ronis 82 Craig Mish 5
INova, Pit Charlie Wiegert 56 Eno Sarris 23 Ray Murphy 16  
MZunino, Sea Rudy Gamble 56 Anthony Perri 56 Adam Ronis 3  
LSeverino, NYY Eno Sarris 39 Adam Ronis 23 Craig Mish 4  
AAltherr, Phi Charlie Wiegert 37 Anthony Perri 36 Ray Murphy 26 Charlie Wiegert 18
    Adam Ronis 12    
MJoyce, Pit Perry Van Hook 13      
SGennett, Mil Rudy Gamble 6 Anthony Perri 6 Charlie Wiegert 5  
MMorin, LAA Eno Sarris 6      
DPhelps, Mia Perry Van Hook 3      
SHathaway, Ari Perry Van Hook 3      
RAMondesi, KC Adam Ronis 3      
GSanchez, NYY Adam Ronis 3 Anthony Perri 3    
JThompson, Phi Tim McLeod 2 Craig Mish 2    


BreAnderson, LAD Eno Sarris 37  
MAndriese, TB Eno Sarris 31  
HKendrick, LAD Anthony Perri 10  
AGarcia, Atl Charlie Wiegert 7 Charlie Wiegert 5
MClevinger, Cle Eno Sarris 6  
MMaldonado, Mil Anthony Perri 5  
CKnebel, Mil Eno Sarris 3  
JAxford, Oak Eno Sarris 3  
AMiranda, Sea Eno Sarris 2  
JPeterson, Atl Anthony Perri 2  
RPressly, Min Eno Sarris 2  
AOttavino, Col Eno Sarris 1  
DEspinosa, Was Anthony Perri 1  
MCain, SF Craig Mish 1  

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

It is hard to believe that Houston pitchers would be the bidding focus the first week in August, but that is where we are.

With Ken Giles regaining the closer's role (no matter how temporary), Craig Mish bid $219 for potenital saves and bid $131 to roster freshly promoted starter Joe Musgrove. There was one other player that went for a triple digit bid, with current league leader Rudy Gamble betting $167 that the Brewers will continue to use Tyler Thornburg to close games.

I had Thornburg on my list as well, but of course my $33 bid wasn't close. Even new Pirate starter Ivan Nova went for a lot more than my $23 bid as Charlie Wiegert rostered the former Yankees for $56.

I did manage to add new Marlins' starter David Phelps for a mere $3, the same amount I paid for new Diamondbacks reliever Steve Hathaway who I think might be in the mix to close as the season winds down. And, I did get the one hitter on whom I bid, Pirates fly chaser Matt Joyce who will hopefully face most of the four right-handed hurlers the Pirates will see this week.

Todd's Take

Back in January, we were discussing closers at the ESPN rankings summit. I said something like, "This time next season, Ken Giles will be in the conversation as a top-five closer." For the longest time, that could have been filed under "Stupid things Zola said." Not it could be prescient.

That said, Giles has serious competition for the best closer in his division. Diaz was discussed above. The Angels have turned to Cam Bedrosian. Oakland looks like they're transitioning to Ryan Dull. The division leading Rangers just fortified they 'pen with Jeremy Jeffress, who many think will supplant Sam Dyson down the stretch. That's some strong company.

cam bedrosian full



CBedrosian, LAA Jake Ciely 33  
EInciarte, Atl Jake Ciely 30  
JMusgrove, Hou Peter Kreutzer 19 Jake Ciely 27
HKendrick, LAD Stephania Bell 10  
RPorcello, Bos Jeff Zimmerman 1  
ZDavies, Mil Jeff Zimmerman 0  


HIwakuma, Sea Jeff Zimmerman 0
TBauer, Cle Jeff Zimmerman 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

Jake Ciely and I have been the most active FAABers in Tout Head 2 Head this year. Jake has made 42 FAAB acquisitions, I've made 33. Jeff Boggis is in third in this meaningless-out-of-context stat with 20.

I've tried to jigger and rejigger my lineup from week to week, roping in hot hands and potential upside, plus fill in for injured players. The relatively shallow pool of rostered players means that there is often help out there, though the Tout rule that an acquired player must be kept on the active roster all week has limited the most speculative plays.

This week Jake moved away from the mostly excellent but necessarily combustible Colorado starter Jon Gray to the safer relief of Cam Bedrosian. He also dumped the hot hand of Hernan Perez for Ender Inciarte.

I'm taking a risk, acquiring the newest pretty arm, Houston's Joe Musgrove, who has a start this week against Toronto in Toronto. Not the best, but Musgrove has all the skills to be an impact starter in the coming weeks.

Todd's Take

Fun with arbitrary end points. Let's take a look at how the possible 2017 AL West closers have fared since July 1:

Cam Bedrosian 26 1 0 1 1 24 12 1 8 33 0 0.38 0.83 12.38 3 0
Ken Giles 23 1 1 0 1 23 19 3 5 41 1 1.17 1.04 16.04 1.96 0.39
Ryan Dull 29 4 3 2 1 29 14 4 4 28 3 1.24 0.62 8.69 1.24 0.93
Edwin Diaz 28 0 2 4 0 29 27 6 8 56 3 1.86 1.21 17.38 2.48 0.93
Jeremy Jeffress 26 1 1 15 0 24 29 7 6 22 1 2.63 1.46 8.25 2.25 0.38

That's...pretty good.


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