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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Somehow, I wound up with more football squads for the coming season than baseball teams I tried to manage this season. I guess that is ok, as though winning or losing in fantasy football is just as exhilarating or depressing as baseball, there is less strain since games are weekly.

As part of my new leagues, my mates at Sirius/XM invited me (along with Lord Z) to join their dynasty league that has some fun variations. The league is actually set up as two leagues, an American Conference and a National Conference, each with 14 teams. Each league holds a separate draft, meaning Todd Gurley will be taken in each, but there is no inter-league trading allowed. We are drafting teams of 30, and all are keepers,with a six-player expansion draft following the NFL draft each year. From then to Opening Day, we cut back down to 30.

The league will be PPR, and a starting roster is:

1 QB
1 RB (max 3)
3 WR (max 5)
3 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 Kicker
1 Team Defense

That gives us a 19-man bench with the playoffs eventually ending in a Super Bowl between conferences. Should you want to follow along, you can check out the respective conferences thusly: American Conference and National Conference. The Draft was hosted by our mates at Fantrax.

In drafting, I certainly tried to draft young, with an eye on the future, but also with thoughts of having a solid and competitive team this year. Here we are through Round 9. I am suspecting Todd will also write, and I have some definite strategies for the draft, but I am going to wait till next week to reveal what my next plans were, and if they worked.

1.5) David Johnson (RB, Ari): I wanted--and hoped for Gurley, but my mate Howard Bender sniped me, so Johnson became the next best option. I do understand Wide Receivers are vogue, but a runner who can catch is worth more to me.

2.8) Jarvis Landry (WR, Mia): Julian Edelman was there, tempting me, but this is a dynasty league and Landry will be running routes when Edelman is lying on the beach during kickoff in a couple of years.

3.5) Allen Hurns (WR, Jax): Another hot young commodity on a team that should be pretty good in the coming year.

4.8) Markus Wheaton (WR, Pit): He is the #2 guy behind Antonio Brown, and that means he should get a lot of looks and less coverage. Wheaton has serious speed, and serious upside, by the way.

5.5) DeAndre Washington (RB, Oak): Kind of a homer pick, but Washington is getting great reviews and aside from the fact that he can catch, the thought is he could wind up the #1 back in Oakland by the end of the season.

6.8) David Carr (QB, Oak): Another local selection, but I just think Carr has a ton of talent, is on a team on the move, has a young supporting cast that will improve with him and nowhere to go but up.

7.5) Theo Riddick (RB, Det): 80 receptions last year, and no more Megatron makes me think Riddick could be the new Danny Woodhead, but with a greater opportunity to contribute.

8.8) Breshad Perriman (WR, Bal): The 2015 first round pick of the Ravens blew out his knee and missed the entirety of his rookie year, but he looks to be ready to step into prime time.

9.5) Bilal Powell (RB, NYJ): Johnson is the horse, but I have a bunch of pass catching backfield support, with Powell being one of many, and all three with the chance of becoming #1 depending upon gridiron factors like injury, effectiveness and ability to hang onto the ball.

More next week with the next batch of rounds.


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