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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

It is summer here at Mastersball, and that means vacations, even if it means we watch every possible sport on earth while on vacation.

I was traveling with my band (The Biletones) for shows in Madison and Naperville the early part of the week, so Marc covered Wednesday football for me, and Patrick is off camping, and though he sent me his Iceholes column, I could not get to the file, so as a special Friday piece, I can report on the #MockDraftArmy #22 that Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy) held Wednesday night.

Note that I have not really particpated in a mock the last few weeks as Diane and I were traveling, first to NYC, then Yosemite, and now the Chicago/Milwaukee area, so I felt a bit on the rusty side.

Anyway, I will present my picks and thoughts, plus a few things I noticed during the virtual soiree. The draft was supported by our mates at Fantrax, 15-round, 12-team, and PPR, and I picked in the #5 slot. Note too that in the draft, neither Matt Ryan nor Matthew Stafford were selected.

1.5 Lamar Miller (Hou, RB): Suddenly having an RB who gets points has become a bit more first-round fashionable. Gurley, Johnson and AP were already gone, and I feel this is too high for rookie Elliott.

2.8 Julian Edelman (NE, WR): Was hoping for Landry to fall, but nada. I was asked what I knew about Edelman, and the answer is he is Brady's fave and he is an animal, with 80 catches last year when he was hurt more than once.

3.5 Golden Tate (Det, WR): Always liked Tate, and I think he will have a big year as the #1 guy.

4.8 Allen Hurns (Jax, WR): Half of a great young tandem of receivers supported by a good QB.

5.5 Theo Riddick (Det, RB): It was suggested this was early, but I have seen Riddick go in the fourth in PPR leagues. With his 80 receptions last year, the reason is clear. And, maybe it was too early, but I don't believe in ADP anyway.

6.8 Russell Wilson (Sea, QB): Newton, Rodgers and Luck were all snatched up in the third, again proving owners are giving way to points over WR preference and speculation. That is a good thing. As for Wilson, he can indeed produce with the troika mentioned which makes him a sixth round steal.

7.5 Tyler Lockett (Sea, WR): Breakout candidate who can also pop it on a punt.

8.8 DeAndre Washington (Oak, RB): Pass catching complement to Murray that by now everyone in the world knows I love.

9.5 Martellus Bennett (NE, TE): I might have waited too long for this spot but I love Bennett on a team that loves the double Tight End sets.

10.8 Stefon Diggs (Min, WR): Since the basics are covered, Diggs makes a solid bye play, and perhaps more.

11.5 Darren Sproles (Phi, RB): Another pass catching back. I really wanted Bilal Powell here but was sniped.

12.8 Tyrod Taylor (Buf, QB): Talented and up-and-coming. 

13.5 Richard Rodgers (GB, TE): Another up-and-comer everyone knows I dig. I think he will kick it up this year as well, so as a backup, woo hoo.

14.8 Raiders (Def): My go-to late-round sleeper defense who will surprise all.

15.5 Mason Crosby (GB, PK): Solid enough. I know there are those who want to eliminate kickers and defenses, but I like the spots. They can make or break. They are football's version of saves and steals.


0 #1 brooklyn49 2016-08-01 00:53
How can I view the results of the draft? Going to Fantrax site doesn't let me view the round by round results.

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