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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

We are in the midst of the mock draft season, full on. But for the most part, that means football. However, last Monday, Tim McLeod, who among other things writes for our friends at Pattonandco, invited me to do a 2017 baseball mock, which was curated by yet more of our mates at Couch Manager.

It might seem like drafting a 23-man team for next year mid-season prior to the next Opening Day would be a piece of cake, but we were all surprised by how really hard the decision process for picks was. And, the exercise was fun and interesting and you can see the draft and results here.

As for me, I drafted in the 13-hole in a 15-team, 5x5 setup, and here are the results.

1.13  Starling Marte: Power and speed and getting better.

2.3  Chris Sale: Best pitcher in the American League.

3.13  Christian Yelich: Not unlike Marte, but younger.

4.3  Yoenis Cespedes: I think he is as good and productive as Giancarlo Stanton, so a fourth-round pick is a steal.

5.13  Jason Kipnis: More power and speed up the middle.

6.3  Nick Castellanos: At .295-17-52, I think the 24-year-old slugger has arrived.

7.13  Brandon Crawford: 61 RBI to date means Crawford's hitting prowess is real.

8.3  Kole Calhoun: Cannot believe Calhoun, who at worst is proving himself to be consistent, was still out there. 

9.13  Steven Wright: OK, who saw this coming? But, the guy seems to be good, and knuckleballers get whiffs and rarely hurt their arms.

10.3  Kenta Maeda: Another guy who I could not imagine in my rotation, but the numbers are good. (The fact is all my hurlers after Sale are kind of like that.)

11.13  Tanner Roark: More of the same, but I have always liked Roark and hoped last year was a bump. Ideally, this year proves that so.

12.3  Stephen Vogt: Dude can hit, and he is more than likeable as a person, too.

13.13  Jeff Samardzija: If the Shark can replicate his 2016, that will be fine.

14.3  CJ Cron: I think Cron was just getting into his "I belong here" groove when he got hurt (he was hitting .364-5-17 for the month when he got hurt).

15.13  Danny Valencia: Nice steady hitter who seems to have found a home.

16.3  Hector Santiago: Another strikeout arm who I think is mastering his craft and will get better.

17.13  Alcides Escobar: Just fine with ok average and swipes up the middle.

18.3  Yordano Ventura: Last starter, again one I am hoping takes a step up.

19.13  Joc Pederson: What the? OK, I can crapshoot on Pederson this late.

20.3  Yadier Molina: I worry about durability, but Yady can indeed hit and I do have a pair of starting catchers.

21.13  Kevin Pillar: My Utility spot gets filled by Pillar? OK with moi.

22.3  Hunter Strickland: I am gambling the next Giants closer is Hunter.

23.13  Ryan Dull: And the next Athletics closer as well.

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? It was a weird draft, so feel free. And, don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels.


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