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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I plead guilty to wanting to write this piece for several days, but I am on the road, so getting the time squeezed in among all other work, and driving 300 miles a day can be tough.

Starting, though, last Wednesday, Dean Peterson, Al Koman, Pete Santucci, and Mike Dudek and I trekked from side-to-side in Chicago, travering the city and attending a game at Cellular Field. This was my first trip to the Cell, and the night was perfect, although the trip to the yard was a nightmare.

I have heard what a pain it can be to go from the North Side to the South Side, but, I left Diane's house at just before 4:00 PM, and got to Northbrook, where the STATS, Inc offices are and hooked with Dean at around 5. We got to the Cumberland Stop on the EL at 6:30, normally a 15 minute ride, and bagged the idea of driving because traffic was so bad. So, we took the EL, and met Pete and Mike at 7:20.

That makes three hours and twenty minutes to watch an efficient game that took all of two hours and twenty-six minutes.

And, to tell the truth, I did not pay too much attention to the game, because I was not working, but rather hanging with my friends. So we talked and caught up and oohed and ahhed when there were good plays. The final was 3-2 in favor of the Angels, but Paul Konerko hit a 9th inning tater to get within a run and make it tight.

But, ultimately, it was lovely evening Perfect weather, and fun at the yard with my friends. And, I made it back home in 90 minutes!

Changing the subject, I was struck by the passing of Jose Lima on Sunday, for no other reason than Jason Grey had met him a couple of times, and told hysterical stories of Lima, which worked around Lima impressing women by saying, "My name is Jose Lima, and I play baseball professional."

He was, by all accounts a character, and well, 37 is too young for anyone to pass.

Thanks Jose. We will miss your presence.

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