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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

brad ziegler full



BZiegler, Bos Lawr Michaels 250 Seth Trachtman 43 Jason Collette 29 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6
AHill, Bos Larry Schechter 76 Lawr Michaels 250 Jason Collette 72 Mike Podhorzer 8
KVargas, Min Jason Collette 72 Larry Schechter 76 Lawr Michaels 50 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 21
    Mike Podhorzer 14 Seth Trachtman 1  
CCasali, TB Mike Podhorzer 16 Ron Shandler 11    
JChoi, LAA Mike Podhorzer 11 Larry Schechter 6 Seth Trachtman 1  
TBarnette, Tex Jason Collette 6      
ZDuke, CWS Ron Shandler 5      
JCenteno, Min Lawr Michaels 1 Mike Podhorzer 0    
HDozier, KC Patrick Davitt 1      
NSmith, LAA Seth Trachtman 1      
MMcBride, Oak Mike Podhorzer 0      
JDiekman, Tex Patrick Davitt 0      


JSmolinksi, Oak Larry Schechter 32  
JMarisnick, Hou Larry Schechter 22  
AAlmonte, Cle Larry Schechter 21  
BBrentz, Bos Larry Schechter 20  
DOtero, Cle Jason Collette 6 Ron Shandler 3
SOMalley, Sea Larry Schechter 2  
JSchultz, TB Seth Trachtman 1  
MTonkin, Min Ron Shandler 1  
TRogers, Min Ron Shandler 1  
DButera, KC Mike Podhorzer 0  
JBiagini, Tor Ron Shandler 0  
JThole, Tor Mike Podhorzer 0  
MBarnes, Bos Ron Shandler 0  

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

We get $1000 of FAAB this year. That means in theory the bid price of players should jump by 10x, right?

After dropping $65 on potential closer Brad Ziegler in LABR (that extrapolates to $650 with $1000 line, right?), and basically going unchallenged, I toned the bid down a lot for Tout, offering up $250 which won. The problem is a $44 bid would have won rights to the Boston reliever.

That was indeed the high bid of the week, followed by the $76 Larry Schechter spent on Aaron Hill, followed by Jason Collette who dropped $72 for the Twins Kennys Vargas. Thus went the top three players in the pool (note Drew Pomeranz is not available until next week) to start the second half.

Mike Podhorzer tried to improve his prospects with Rays catcher Curt Casali for $16 then paired one new catcher with another in the A's Matt McBride for nothing. Podhorzer also nabbed Ji-Man Choi for $11. Collette also added a second player with the purchase of Tony Barnette.

Ron Shandler acquired Zach Duke for $5, leaving a host of $1 and $0 bids, although Patrick Davit's grabbing prospect Hunter Dozier for a buck looks like it could have some promise.

Todd's Take

Let's try to make some sense of the league's saves situation. Below is a table with the number of saves, the roto-points and the FAAB remaining coming into this run for each Tout. Keep in mind Tout Wars offers FAAB rebates for players on the DL equivalent to their auction price x 10 so these amounts could change, plus trading of FAAB is allowed and there's usually a deal or two the week previous to the trade deadline involving FAAB to better position a team for a cross-over player.

  SV     PT     FAAB
Ron Shandler 51   Larry Schechter 90   Mike Podhorzer $918
Jeff Erickson 38   Seth Trachtman 82   Larry Schechter $870
Lawr Michaels 36   Patrick Davitt 72   Rob Leibowitz $793
Chris Liss 34   Ron Shandler 69   Patrick Davitt $790
Rob Leibowitz 30   Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 69   Jeff Erickson $641
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 28   Lawr Michaels 67.5   Jason Collette $629
Seth Trachtman 27   Chris Liss 61   Ron Shandler $575
Jason Collette 22   Jason Collette 60.5   Steve Moyer $511
Larry Schechter 21   Steve Moyer 59.5   Lawr Michaels $460
Steve Moyer 18   Rob Leibowitz 59   Seth Trachtman $382
Mike Podhorzer 12   Jeff Erickson 48   Chris Liss $69
Patrick Davitt 5   Mike Podhorzer 42.5   Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton $32

Starting with Steve and going to Lawr, everyone has the opportunity to gain points in the category. Let's see who might benefit the most.

Steve - really bunched in the standings, a couple points could move him up a couple places. The catch is he only has two save points in play and he needs three saves just to tie for one point (ignoring what else happens) and Ziegler may not even get three saves. He may get more, but with Koji Uehara also in the mix and Craig Kimbrel the man when he returns, Ziegler's potential for saves isn't clear. Steve has the FAAB to spend so when doing the pre-bid analysis, he's in play for a bid.

Larry - looking to maintain a decent but not insurmountable lead. Reaistically one point in play that he could get organically. Probably not worth giving up the present second most amount of FAAB for Ziegler, though he did bid 76 to win Aaron Hill.

Jason - fighting to get in the top half but he needs five saves before he begins to make up ground. Mid-pack in FAAB so likely out of the running for the cross-over studs. Maybe a nominal bid for Ziegler but big risk he gets the five saves just to be in position to move up.

Seth - trying to catch Larry so every point counts. Two saves points in play, Ziegler could certainly help. Not much FAAB left but still in the mix for a decent bid.

Rick and Glenn - as much as they need points, not much they can do with so little FAAB.

Rob - sort of like Jason, there are points within reach but the threshold to overcome to get them could be more than what Ziegler alone will provide. Is it worth giving up the third spot in FAAB? Probably not.

Chris - similar boat as Rick and Glenn, low on funds.

There are a couple of teams in play so a healthy bid is justified. It comes down to how each feels Ziegler will contribute in terms of saves along with balancing their remaining assets to squeeze out the most points. The other factor is three teams (Ron, Steve and Mike) all have full time closers they may deem expendable so depending how things flesh out, a trade for saves is possible. Not to mention, MLB trades could influence who closes after the trade deadline.

Saves may be a frustrating category but they sure add an element of intrigue to a league.

daniel hudson full



DHudson, Ari Grey Albright 66 Lenny Melnick  59 Todd Zola 17 Tristan H. Cockcroft 14
WMiddlebrooks, Mil Phil Hertz 57      
LDuda, NYM Lenny Melnick  40 Mike Gianella 8 Andy Behrens 0  
AHedges, SD Brian Walton 23      
HPerez, Mil Phil Hertz 22 Andy Behrens 21 Grey Albright 3  
MLorenzen, Cin Tristan H. Cockcroft 16 Lenny Melnick  12    
LVerrett, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 14      
DAlvarez, Atl Todd Zola 13      
CBettis, Col Derek Carty 12      
HNeris, Phi Ray Guilfoyle 5      
EFryer, Pit Brian Walton 3      
HRobles, NYM Derek Carty 3      
CRobinson, Was Grey Albright 3 Phil Hertz 37 Brian Walton 1  
DKelly, Mia Brian Walton 1      
GGreen, SF Brian Walton 1 Phil Hertz 8    
DLaw, SF Todd Zola 0      


ERamos, Phi Ray Guilfoyle 4  
JBarrett, Ari Grey Albright 2  
TJenkins, Atl Tristan H. Cockcroft 2  
AWarren, ChC Grey Albright 1  
DDahl, Col Phil Hertz 1  
PGosselin, Ari Brian Walton 1 Phil Hertz 0
RTejada, SF Brian Walton 1  
NWittgren, Mia Todd Zola 0  
TWood, ChC Todd Zola 0  

Brian Walton's Commentary

The possibility that Daniel Hudson could emerge ahead of Tyler Clippard to collect the majority of last-place Arizona’s saves led to several bids, including the winning $66 offer from Grey Albright.

Phil Hertz of BaseballHQ picked up a couple of already-known quantities in Will Middlebrooks ($57) and Hernan Perez ($22), both of the rebuilding Milwaukee Brewers.

Speaking of known players, Lenny Melnick made a savvy move, grabbing Mets first baseman Lucas Duda, who had been cashed in for FAAB reclaim. Even though Duda’s return timing and effectiveness from his back injury is uncertain, he can be stashed on the unlimited Tout DL until up to two weeks following his activation.

Speaking of the DL, I am not whining, but I lost three players to injury last week alone, bringing my total on the shelf to an even 10. That led to a couple of (barely) warm bodies added for $1 each, infielders Grant Green and Don Kelly.

My third newly-injured player led me to make a speculative bid on one minor leaguer in recognition of the trade deadline nearing and the short week for one to take zero stats for active Tout players who are not active in the majors. I would have made more such bids, except many top prospects are already rostered, including several by me (Lucas Giolito, Alex Reyes, and J.P. Crawford, specifically).

My gambit was for San Diego catcher Austin Hedges. With the 23-year-old hurt to open the season, Christian Bethancourt took his expected role behind Derek Norris, but once active, Hedges has torn up Triple-A, with 16 home runs and 53 RBI in just 38 games and an eye-popping slash line of .397/.438/.809/1.246. Could the .212-hitting Norris be on the move or be pushed aside? I don’t see why not.

Todd's Take

The strategy most enact with the short week is to stash minor league or injured players since you're only taking three days of goose-eggs, as opposed to a full week. The lesser utilized ploy over this short week is to replace starting pitchers that aren't scheduled to work with assumed safe relievers. It may not be much, but sometimes an extra handful of whiffs, a vulture win or a couple decimal points shaven from a ratio can equate to valuable points. I had two starters off this weekend (Jon Lester and Carlos Martinez) so they're hitting the pine. I also had two free pickups (empty reserve spots unfilled from players on the DL) so I put in for some high strikeout relievers hoping to get lucky. It will likely amount to nothing but in what I hope is a race down to the wire, every little bit helps.

travis jankowski full



KUehara, Bos Scott Pianowski 201 Joe Pisapia 128 Ray Flowers 87 Zach Steinhorn 52
    Bret Sayre 41 Cory Schwartz 32 Ray Flowers 21
    Fred Zinkie 0 Al Melchior 0  
TJankowski, SD Zach Steinhorn 152      
TClippard, Ari Joe Pisapia 148 Ray Flowers 97 Cory Schwartz 82 Zach Steinhorn 67
    Scott Swanay 54 Bret Sayre 14 Al Melchior 0
    Fred Zinkie 0    
RGrichuk, StL Fred Zinkie 75 Scott Pianowski 119 Zach Steinhorn 88 Bret Sayre 47
    Zach Steinhorn 38 Tim Heaney 26 Nando DiFino 4
KVargas, Min Scott Swanay 74 Bret Sayre 11 Nando DiFino 1  
LValbuena, Hou Scott Swanay 44 Bret Sayre 29    
HRenfroe, SD Scott Swanay 34 Zach Steinhorn 12    
JBell, Pit Scott Swanay 34 Zach Steinhorn 11    
APollock, Ari Scott Swanay 34 Cory Schwartz 12 Nando DiFino 4 Tim Heaney 1
RDull, Oak Scott Pianowski 24 Ray Flowers 13 Tim Heaney 6 Fred Zinkie 0
MCabrera, Atl Cory Schwartz 22      
KGibson, Min Ray Flowers 19      
TDuffey, Min Tim Heaney 16 Fred Zinkie 0    
ASimmons, LAA Ray Flowers 13      
DFreese, Pit Zach Steinhorn 12      
RStephenson, Cin Nando DiFino 7      
ZEflin, Phi Zach Steinhorn 6 Ray Flowers 14 Tim Heaney 6  
CRobinson, Was Bret Sayre 5      
AOttavino, Col Bret Sayre 5 Zach Steinhorn 1    
CBethancourt, SD Scott Swanay 4      
KGiles, Hou Nando DiFino 3 Cory Schwartz 6 Bret Sayre 3  
FRodney, Mia Zach Steinhorn 2      
YGurriel, FA Bret Sayre 2      
NFranklin, TB Nando DiFino 2      
CBettis, Col Cory Schwartz 1      
JMorneau, CWS Nando DiFino 1      
ABenintendi, Bos Tim Heaney 1      
JBlanton, LAD Fred Zinkie 0      
JFrancoeur, Atl Fred Zinkie 0      
AReed, NYM Fred Zinkie 0      


AAltherr, Phi Scott Swanay 34 Nando DiFino 19
DDahl, Col Scott Swanay 34  
CDArnaud, Atl Scott Swanay 34  
JoseDeLeon, LAD Joe Pisapia 24  
MMontero, ChC Scott Swanay 13  
CHernandez, Phi Ray Flowers 13  
ARomine, NYY Scott Swanay 13  
DBundy, Bal Tim Heaney 6 Nando DiFino 2
LHarrell, Atl Tim Heaney 6  
JimJohnson, Atl Tim Heaney 6  
KGraveman, Oak Nando DiFino 4  
YAlonso, Oak Nando DiFino 1  
RRefsnyder, NYY Nando DiFino 1  
GGreen, SF Nando DiFino 1  
NFeliz, Pit Fred Zinkie 0  
MMcKenry, StL Scott Swanay 0  
EDiaz, Sea Bret Sayre 0  
DAlvarez, Atl Fred Zinkie 0  
CRuiz, Phi Scott Swanay 0  
APierzynski, Atl Scott Swanay 0  

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

The FAAB period following the All-Star break tends to be a busy one, as due to the short week, added players are only required to be in active lineups for three days as opposed to the standard seven days. So, prospect stashing and speculative closer additions are common.

But speculative closers were not the only closers added this week, as two relievers who will likely be earning saves immediately were available for bidding, and unsurprisingly, both went for triple-digit dollars. However, I am somewhat surprised that Koji Uehara received a higher bid than Tyler Clippard being that Uehara's stint as a closer will be temporary (until Craig Kimbrel returns) while Clippard could very well remain a closer through the end of the season.

Although I did enter in bids for Uehara and Clippard, I determined that stolen bases, not saves, was the area where I can gain/lose the most points, so Travis Jankowski was my top target. The 25-year-old has been a fine source of steals and OBP, especially of late. His playing time has steadily increased and he's batting mostly in the leadoff spot. For all of these reasons, I figured that there would be a high demand for his services and that an aggressive bid was necessary. Apparently not! Still, I got the player, and that's really all that matters, right?

Todd's Take

Yes Zach, that's right. The way I look at it, you didn't overbid, everyone else underbid. Right?

The player I thought warranted more attention was Josh Bell. Granted, he's not playing regularly but chances are he will before too long and like Zach mentions, you only need him active for this weekend - and he's likely to play at least one game anyway. On Monday, he goes to reserve and stays there until Pittsburgh decides Bell is better than some combo of John Jaso and David Freese. And if they don't, cut bait and grab someone else. There will be decent reinforcements available from now through the end of the season.




KUehara, Bos Rudy Gamble 178 Tom Kessenich 134 Charlie Wiegert 123 Ray Murphy 81
    Adam Ronis 63 Craig Mish 45  
KHerrera, KC Adam Ronis 42 Rudy Gamble 37    
KVargas, Min Charlie Wiegert 41 Tim McLeod 7    
MCabrera, Atl Rudy Gamble 27 Tim McLeod 7    
JDeLaRosa, Col Charlie Wiegert 27      
ARussell, ChC Perry Van Hook 27 Adam Ronis 42 Charlie Wiegert 7 Eno Sarris 6
TDuffey, Min Charlie Wiegert 15 Adam Ronis 12 Rudy Gamble 2  
RDull, Oak Ray Murphy 11 Rudy Gamble 2    
DHutchison, Tor Ray Murphy 8      
LHarrell, Atl Perry Van Hook 7      
ERosario, Min Charlie Wiegert 7      
ESantana, Min Craig Mish 3 Adam Ronis 11    
ABenintendi, Bos Tim McLeod 2      
HRenfroe, SD Perry Van Hook 1 Tim McLeod 1    
JHader, Mil Perry Van Hook 1      
DRoss, ChC Craig Mish 1      
YGurriel, FA Craig Mish 1      
AHedges, SD Tim McLeod 1      
SRomo, SF Tim McLeod 1      


CHeadley, NYY Charlie Wiegert 13
NJones, CWS Adam Ronis 12
CBedrosian, LAA Ray Murphy 11
ECarrera, Tor Charlie Wiegert 7
MMontgomery, Sea Perry Van Hook 4
CCuthbert, KC Charlie Wiegert 3
GGarcia, StL Charlie Wiegert 3
DDahl, Col Tim McLeod 1
AOttavino, Col Perry Van Hook 0
JMorneau, CWS Perry Van Hook 0
RRefsnyder, NYY Perry Van Hook 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

With just a three game week, this is a favorite time for many Touts to purchase a minor leaguer not yet up because said prospect have a short week rather than the full complement of games usually crunched with the stats.

That meant the mixed draft league players bought Padre outfielder Hunter Renfroe, Brewers hurler Josh Hader, Cuban infielder Yulieski Gurriel, and Padres backstop Austin Hedges all for one dollar. Meanwhile Ray Murphy spent $8 for Blue Jay hurler Drew Hutchison.

The top bid for the major leaguers was a whopping $178 by Rudy Gamble for Koji Uehara of the Red Sox. Rudy is betting that Uehara will get more of the Boston saves than new team member Brad Ziegler.

Another potential closer, Mauricio Cabrera of the Braves, drew a $27 bid (also from Gamble) while Charlie Wiegert won Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa for the same bid. Three on the match as I won Cubs SS Addison Russell for the magic $27 as well.

Todd's Take

Kudos to Perry for snagging Russell. I'm a little perplexed why he didn't garner more attention. Granted, .237 with 11 homers isn't great, but for a league of this size it's playable, especially since six of those dingers came in the last month when the young shortstop has been hitting much higher in the order. Coming into the season, Russell was off my radar since last year he hit NINTH on an NL team. While I didn't expect that to continue, he's hit higher, more often this season than originally anticipated which is embellished considering the loaded lineup. I was off Nick Castellanos for the same reason - lower in the order. Come next year, I'm going to rethink how I rank players of that ilk. Making a knee-jerk change because of two players isn't wise, but it's worth considering and perhaps making adjustments on a player-by-player basis.

 tyler clippard full



TClippard, Ari Jake Ciely 55 Andrea LaMont 17 Peter Kreutzer 16
KUehara, Bos Jeff Zimmerman 28 Andrea LaMont 17 Peter Kreutzer 17
JuGuerra, Mil Andrea LaMont 23 Jake Ciely 0  
BMiller, TB Jake Ciely 15    
RIglesias, Cin Jake Ciely 5    
JPeraza, Cin Jake Ciely 5    
BMaurer, SD Peter Kreutzer 5    
SWright, Bos Andrea LaMont 4    
MFoltynewicz, Atl Peter Kreutzer 3    


JHapp, Tor Andrea LaMont 21
RRay, Ari Andrea LaMont 9
BBrach, Bal Jeff Zimmerman 1
RDull, Oak Jeff Zimmerman 1
DPhelps, Mia Jeff Zimmerman 0
JWilson, Det Jeff Zimmerman 0
NFeliz, Pit Jeff Zimmerman 0
NJones, CWS Jake Ciely 0

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

Four teams bid on players.

Andrea LaMont went for starters, mostly, she won two (Junior Guerra and Steven Wright) though if she'd lost on Steven Wright she did have bids on Tyler Clippard and Koji Uehara.

Jake Ciely went hard on the Diamondback's new closer Tyler Clippard, added the power hitting shortstop Brad Miller, sneaked Reisel Iglesias onto his team for cheap, and added Jose Peraza, who has real potential he hasn't really expressed so far in his young career.

Jeff Zimmerman rostered the other top Saves guy, Koji Uehara, Both Uehara and Clippard strike out 11 or 12 per nine, which makes them fine adds even if they aren't netting saves. Zimmerman is clearly onto the notion that the only starters worth playing are High K guys.

I put in for Uehara and Clippard, then raised their bids, but still lost both. So I ended up with Brandon Maurer, who seems to be the saves guy in San Diego, for peanuts. I also own Ryan Buchter, the other saves guy in SD. I also picked up Mike Foltynewicz, who is showing signs of ML maturity. That is, he is walking fewer guys and getting just as many out. The Braves offense is an issue, but in the short week it seemed worthwhile to add a potentially useful 11K per 9 starter.

That's it. Otherwise our H2H teams were perfect.

Todd's Take

With only four reserve spots it's hard but this short week affords an opportunity in head to head leagues with more flexibility to load up on extra starters working this weekend or solid relievers as was discussed in the NL section. Every little bit helps and it pays to find ways to squeeze out extra stats.

EDIT - Peter informed me (or reminded me, getting older has it's disadvantages) that all the mixed leagues, including H2H use six reserves. As such, the sentiment of my original comment (left in so you can see it) is a little different. It's still hard to outright release a player so you can squeeze in another pitcher or two but teams needing every edge to get in the playoff hunt could at least consider it. With six reserves, there's a better chance someone is fungible.


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