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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

It is one thing to mock draft to gain great knowledge of the player pool, and another to understand the perceived player value your leaguemates might have.

And, it is another thing to simply try things: drafting wide receivers, or all outfielders the first five rounds of a mock to see what the resulting roster looks like.

That is sort of what I did last Thursday when @rotobuzzguy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. #mockdraftarmy convened for our 13th exercise of the 2016 NFL mock season, when I decided after six drafts thus far this year to draft a team with no repeats. That is, I have had my favorite players this year--Theo Riddick and Julian Edelman and Michael Crabtree--but for this mock none of the players I selected in any previous mock was available for me to draft.

I will tell you this was a very tough exercise simply because at certain moments of the process, players like Willie Snead, DeAndre Washington and Derek Carr were still on the board, but none of them would grace my team for #mockdraftarmy #13. Note the #mockdraftarmy is mocking at Fantrax this season, a great little site for both mocks and commissioner service. In fact, Fantrax is also playing a monthly DFS game based upon Ron Shandler's monthly game that ran last season. It is fun. Check out the site for information.

I drafted out of the six hole in a 15-team, PPR format. So, here are my picks, what I thought, and who I might have liked to take.

Round  Mock 13 Comment
 1.6  Rob Gronkowski (TE) No better way than to step into the pool of a different approach than with a great player at a different slot. So, I grabbed the best tight end and let it go from there.
 2.10  Brandin Cooks (WR)  #1 receiver on a team with a great passer in a PPR league.
 3.6  Carlos Hyde (RB) I needed a running back, and Hyde surely has talent. The problem is two-fold: Hyde does get hurt and his team is suspect.
 4.10  Eric Decker (WR) No question Decker can nab 80 passes and be a high scoring threat. Question is who is throwing to him.
 5.6  Jordan Matthews (WR)  Pretty good value to grab a receiver with 85 catches and almost 1000 yards last year at this point.
 6.10 Jeremy Hill (RB) Hill stepped it up last year, grabbing starting work, and should do well as the established #1 RB on a team that can score.
 7.6  Chris Ivory (RB) Not sure if I have a dominant #1 RB, but I have a load of good #2 guys who can indeed cover during bye weeks and provide injury insurance.
 8.10  Arian Foster (RB) Maybe this shows how sort of rudderless I felt drafting, even though Foster will likely sign somewhere and have two or three big weeks before he breaks something and his season ends.
 9.6  Teddy Bridgewater (QB) Kind of under-rated, Bridgewater is not only improving, but he can run and throw and has some pretty good weapons.
 10.10  Tyrod Taylor (QB)  Up-and-coming, and oozing with talent, if Teddy stumbles, Tyrod will be there.
 11.6  Darren McFadden (RB) Finally had a full and healthy year last year, but still playing second fiddle to rookie Ezekiel Elliott. But, rookie struggles suggest McFadden will get his touches, too.
 12.10 Phillip Dorsett (WR) Lots of talent, a good year by Luck might see it realized.
 13.6  Brandon LaFell (WR) Coming off a down year, LaFell is just a year removed from 74 grabs and 973 yards.
 14.10  Adam Vinatieri (PK) I need a kicker: he is as good as any. (These words are kicker interchangable.)
 15.6  Pittsburgh Steelers (DEF) The Steelers always seem to come up with a solid defense, good at stopping the run, with a solid secondary.

So, there you have it. Do I like this team? Not really, which makes the team logical to play out and see how the results differ from a team I do like.

Please feel free to comment below, and don't forget you can hit me up @lawrmichaels.

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